The Wrap up

Title: The Wrap up

Summary: Eight sentence-styled stories surrounding the Dubois' day-to-day lives.

Prompts: 21 - 30

Author: Sakura123 (weber_dubois22)

Rating: K+

Characters: Ariel; Bridgette; Marie; Joe; Michael; Allison

Chapters: 28/28

Word Count: 261

Written: 11/24/2010

Completed: 11/24/2010

Disclaimer: Medium and all things related are property of Glenn Gordon Caron, CBS Paramount Television, Picturemaker Productions, and Grammnet Productions. Original storyline and characters are property of me, the author.

Authors Note: Welcome to the end of "Goodnight and Go". Honestly, this is not how I wanted to end this story, but I really don't have the inspiration nor the stamina to continue on writing these short stories like I've been doing since last year. And with Medium coming to an actual end (it's been officially cancelled by CBS with only 13 episodes in it's roster for Season Seven), I suspect this section of the universe will be become a hellva lot more vacant than it already is. The style of writing is lifted from the popular "1character" or "1sentence" challenge communities that can be found livejournal. Prompt 30 serves as no. 28 as I did prompt 28 separately in the story, "Memory (Blue States)".

21 - Draw: Ariel, Bridgette and Marie attempt to draw a diagram of the human body, without much success; Marie colors all the organs the wrong color, Bridgette frequently forgets where what belongs and Ariel is trying not to strangle either of them.

22 - Title of a TV Show: Joe watches Journeyman with great enthusiasm when no one is around and frequently wishes he could time travel sporadically to the past like Dan Vasser.

23 - A Profession: Michael Benoit was looking to put his skills to good use, why not work for a physic hotline - it worked for Miss Cleo.

24 - Doll: When Marie meet Mr. Snookie, it was love at first sight; he did everything, went everywhere with her, even into the bathtub.

25 - Slide: As their junior year ends, Allison struggles to come to terms with Izzy's growing distance after the death of Stephen Campbell; she wishes she hadn't said anything about their non-existent relationship in the future.

26 - New Beginnings: Joe is trying not to cry as his mom and sisters see him off at the airport; He reminds himself that going to collage in Phoenix, Arizona was a big opportunity, well worth the price of leaving behind his family - still, he'll miss them like hell.

27 - An Academy Award-Winning Film: Ariel adores The Sound of Music; she'll play the soundtrack every hour of everyday, much to her parent's dismay.

30 - Alarm Clock: Allison is Joe's alarm clock, he's totally forgotten about the digital clock sitting on her beside table.