Tactical scans indicated that the subtle alterations in the quantum signature of all matter were due to a subtle alteration of temporal events. The hive dedicated its full resources to discovering the location of the disturbance, and eventually located it in a place designated the Alpha Quadrant by it's inhabitants. A previously unexplored sector of space. The hive decided to change all of that. A single vessel was dispatched to garner tactical information on the sector – Cube 224534/12342. The vessel began its journey on timeframe 335446.34. Sixty three units later, it received a subspace transmission that came from units that identified as future drones – telling the collective to attack this sector. Cube 224534/12342 relayed this message to the hive, and continued its mission. Then it came upon a vessel, approximately 2200 metres in length, 6600 metric tons. The vessel hailed, and its commander, a humanoid, appeared. Several sub processing units registered his physical appearance; Silver Hair, gold shirt, black trousers. Apparently some form of military, since in the transmission, there were several similarly dressed individuals, in three distinct colours; possible representation of station/function/rank was considered.

The transmission the humanoid sent was as follows.

"This is Captain Ronald Tracey, USS Exeter, representing the United Federation of Planets. We seek peaceful contact. To whom am I…?"

Cube 224534/12342 activated audio matrix and sent a response; "We are the Borg. Life as you know it has ended. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours. Resistance is futile."

The vessel immediately raised its shields. The Borg vessel scanned them, then beamed multiple drones through them. It sent an additional message.

"Your defensive capabilities are unable to withstand us. Resistance is futile."

The vessels crew were all assimilated, and the vessel was ordered to assist in the mission to discover all possible tactical weaknesses of this 'Federation'. The former unit 'Tracey' was to be an invaluable asset. References to the destruction of a planet known as Vulcan and a Captain called James Tiberius Kirk were noted, and the cube, with its new complement of drones (1100 in total) set a course for the home territory, to relay what it had learned.