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Chap 14.

"Where's my sweet Mollie?" I saw my girlfriend? I'm not sure what she is, but even when I am drunk she looks beautiful. She looked at me in horror, I was late and drunk, great combination. "Come here babe. What is it you wanted to tell me?" I remembered her asking me to speak to her before I left, a little while ago. I walked slowly towards her.

"What took you so long?! Twenty minutes my ass!" she shouted at me, jumping from her spot on the couch.

"Mollie… I was with the guys…"

"You're drunk." she crossed her arms over her chest and scoffed.

"What did you want to tell me Moll?! You fucking pregnant or something?" I grumbled loudly at her.

"With who's baby Pat?!" she yelled. Oh yeah, she hasn't gotten any action in a long time.

"Sorry. But what's your fucking problem?!"

"You know what Patrick?" I shook my head at the sound of my real name. "Before you left, I was working up the courage to tell you that I LOVE you!" my jaw dropped at her words. "That I never STOPPED! That I missed you too! But no! Patrick fucking Martin--" Mollie started crying. I wanted more than anything to hug her and tell her that I was an idiot.

"Moll…" I tried to touch her but she pulled back.

"NO! Now I fucking HATE you!" she moved toward me and began punching my chest. I struggled to wrap my arms around her but I did and I held her tight.

"I know. I hate me too." and that's the truth.


The next time I saw Mollie was at impact, she looked horrible, upset, no matter how much she tried to hide it.

"Alex…" she touched my arm softly. I turned around and stared at her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it…" she tried to apologise.

"Mollie. Stop please." my voice strained, I didn't know how to say what I wanted to. Here goes nothing… "Moll, all I ever do is upset you! I hate seeing you sad! I think it's best, for your emotional good, if we don't hang around each other anymore." I stated before abruptly turning to walk away from her.

"Alex!" she called after me when I was not too far away. I turned hesitantly, almost knowing exactly what she was about to say. She shook her head at me, "I take back what I said. I'm not sorry. You're an ass Alex. I hate you!" she squealed at me and stormed off. It was for her. I did this for her.

Chap 15.

"Mollie! Alex! Asses up there now!" I heard people shout as Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, this was our favourite song.

"You'll never make me stay, So take your weight off of me, I know your every move, so won't you just let me be?" I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was dancing like normal. "This time you won't seduce me, She's saying…" I stopped singing allowing her to start.

"That's ok, Hey baby do what you please, I have the stuff the you want, I am the thing that you need." All our moves were perfect.

"She said…"

"He's not coming back…Because he's sleeping with me." Mollie walked over to my microphone and screamed the last line. She did a curtsy in her Mad-Hatter costume and walked began to walk off the stage. My brain remembered the most important part. I grabbed her wrist, put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her…


"Alex… Alex…" I heard groaning from my room. "Alex." now they are cries.. "No. Alex. Please. No! Alex…" the last one was a cry of pain, sadness and anger. I rushed into the room and saw the bed messed up, presumably her thrashing.

"Shh, Moll, it's okay. I'm here." I sat on the bed and pulled her into my arms. She was still in her sexy costume. I stroked the back of her head and let her cry into my chest.

"No. You can't. No. Alex…"

"Moll. It's alright, I'm here…" I laid the two of us down and pulled up the covers. I was still holding onto her, hoping she wouldn't be scared anymore.

I was talking to Jeremy when everybody returned from Trick or Treating. Mollie put down her stuff and walked over to me.


"Wha? Oh, uh hi."

"I need to talk to you." she grabbed hold of my hand and I never wanted her to let go. I picked up Jeremy and passed him off to Brittany when we walked past her. We ended up in my bedroom. She closed the door behind us.

"Okay. Speak." I nodded at her.

"Alex! You fucking broke up with me! We weren't even going out! You say you don't want to hurt me Pat, but what do you do? That hurt me more than anything ever has. I love you." she told me how she felt, and it broke my heart knowing I had broken hers.


"No. Not yet. You know I don't beg. But here I am!" she dropped to her knees, putting her hands out in front of her. "Please!" I smiled at her and lifted her to feet. I kissed her lips and hugged her.

"I love you too Moll." I told her. I kissed the top of her head and we just stood there until we were interrupted.


I love her, I want to marry her one day. Maybe I should make sure I don't hurt her again, but I will ask her eventually.