TMNT: Lost in New York

A distressed Splinter loses the five year old turtles to the Purple Dragons, with hideous plots of "expermintation..."

.....But the turtles have a shocking ally as both Splinter AND the Shredder are forced to fight SIDE BY SIDE to save their little ones!

This one will be a difficult craft....but I shall try. Once a short story author...always a short story author. ^^ I'm not particulary skilled...but I will

give it my all, my friends.

I'm not particulary tell me if I should go on...

Also...the turtles got irrated with me....They were arguing over who got the fiction the turtles, (and Splinter,) to be fair-have their own

quote to begin with. ^^

Dedicated to: Rhoda J, for good humor and awesome fanfiction....also for the great saying, 'Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is I could never of written this without your support. Your character comes in part two. ^^

knowing not to put that fruit in a fruit salad.'

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"I MISSED him when the sun began to bend;

"A little child, scared and lost
Wanders through the night.
Many moonbeams light her path
Tears roll down the cherub face.
She sits on a stump to rest.

A tiny, white rabbit
With fur soft as silk, hops
To the toe of her shoe.
He blinks his big, brown eyes
As she holds him to her chest.
It calms her fears a bit.

An Angel of the night
Kneels gently to her side
He carries the sleepy child
Still clutching her new friend
To a nest of leaves to rest
By a babbling stream.
He holds her while she sleeps.

Lights searched, into the night
Looking for my Annie.
Where are you, my darling child?
Will I ever see you again?

We stumbled onto a path
Long forgotten, deep in the woods.
We followed the trail and our hearts,
Hoping all would be well.

Beside a stream, asleep in the leaves
Lay my little Annie.
She was smiling and holding
A little baby bunny.

The angels helped us find her that night.
And when she awoke she told
Of the man with silver wings
Who sang her Lullabies
And told her not to fear.
If she would wait, among the leaves
Her Mommy would soon be here."

"In what has been lost, So much has been found."

So thought Splinter has he dashed across the empty allies of New York, somewhere far off, a siren shrieking for some unknown incident.

Not pausing to catch his breath, he dashed through a puddle, a loud splash resonating in the empty chill.

A scent....

He needed to pick up a scent....

A sight....

A sound...


Splinter's heart panged with loneliness as he pricked up his head in surprise.

There was someone coming....

Silently, he rushed down an alley and crouched, dark eyes wary.

Two figures passed, laughing and arguing happily. When their shadows faded away from view, Splinter let out a silent sigh and sank down to the

ground, clutching his face.

His sons....Splinter bit his lip to stop himself from making a noise.

His sons....

It had been such a beautiful day.

One that had ended in nightfall...


"AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!" Don shrieked with laughter as Raph chased after him on stubby little legs, giggling. Leo and Mikey soon joined in

the chase, giggling wildly. Splinter simply smiled as he stitched the hem of his cloak-Summer was fading quickly to Autumn.

It had been such a peaceful, calm day.

But, it had all gone wrong.

Splinter had been quiet and content as he sat in the few rays of the sunshine...before hearing a Thunk! and a cry of pain behind him.

Splinter sighed, and turned....

Only to hear scattered shouts as he heard a loud WHAM! and felt himself fly...

As he gave out a cry of pain and fell against the wall, he remebered seeing a motionless little body in front of him....


Gas began to pour in....

....and the world began to twist and turn as it spun into unfamiliar motions....

All sound turned to a muffled if he were falling through a deep tunnel and someone's cry were echoing....

The last thing Splinter saw was the man who still bore Splinter's clawmarks on his face, when the Shredder had come for his Master Yoshi...even as a

normal rat, Splinter ought viciously and with much vigor to save his master...

...which had done no good..

And Splinter had woken up, two hours later. Body aching with numerous bruises, he nonetheless staggered up, dark eyes flashing as he whipped

around in a frenzy.


What happened?!

Where were...



Splinter turned around him so sharply, his already spinning mind and body felt overwhelmed by sick nausea...

It was like stepping into an old nightmare for Splinter, as images flashed through his head... the death he couldn't bear to see...

...And the one he could not stop.

"My Sons! MY SONS!"

And which left Splinter desperately trying to hobble up, and limp down the sewers.


A tiny dot of blood appeared from Splinter's shaking, still tightly clenched fists.

They were CHILDREN. Children! Why target the innocent?

With a growl, Splinter whipped up his head, mourning lamentation racing through his system as he could no longer hold back the cry he held in his



The sky remained unchanging.


The sound echoed in the silence.


Water continued to pour from the drain.


An alley cat raced off into the gloom.




Leo groaned and turned, head throbbing.


Head pounding as the blood rushed from his head, Leo staggered up.



A flood of memories poured into him like a tidal wave-coughing, the world spinning-being dragged into shadow...

A moan came near Leo, distracting the young turtle from his racing thoughts for a moment. He quickly bent down.

Raph groaned.


This was a nightmare, this was a nightmare, this was a nightmare, this was a nightmare.

Leo wildly glanced around the dark room, head spinning.

There was Don and Mikey on the dirt floor.....

...but Splinter wasn't dispelling the illusion.

Mikey staggered up, Don in the process, but still on his knees.


Two voices could be heard laughing outside the padlocked door. Raph turned wildly, before all four raced to it.

"HEY!" exclaimed Mikey, pounding on the door in desperation. "H-"

"It won't do any good."

Don immediately turned wildly to the figure nearby. A young boy knelt in the shadows.

"I've tried everything for the past two days-it won't work. They won't listen."

Leo turned, frowning as he squinted at the figure.

"Who....who are you?"

The figure smiled, and stood up, still immersed in darkness.

"What I want to know is who....or WHAT you are. I've seen many strange things, living with my father, but-"

"Your Father?" Raph interrupted eagerly.

The figure smiled poudly. "Yes. He is coming to save me. Do not fret-he will bring them all down in a sea of their own blood."

An ominous chill filled the room, not only at the boy's content and laid back demeanor in talking about death, but at the knowledge...

that...if his....father....did not come for two days.....

"How long have we been here?" demanded Mikey, eyes large.

"You just woke, I guess, about three hours?" The boy's emerald eyes were apparent, even in the darkness. They widened, as if he had

just remembered something.

"What...may I ask, are your names?"

The turtles quickly glanced at each other.





The boy nodded. "Very interesting."

Finally, he stepped from the shadows.

Don blinked in astonishment. "You're a....a..."

"Girl!" exclaimed Raph.

The girl smiled.

"About time someone noticed. Those buffoons would never guess, but I thought you four might have a chance at guessing..."

The girl grinned, a hand brushing throough dark violet bangs.

"I am Karai. Karai Sakidaughter."

Karai gazed at them, not saying a word, her eyebrows disappearing behind her bangs.

"What about you? Is someone coming for you?"

The turtles swallowed, and quickly glanced at Leo.

Leo always provided comfort. Leo would know for sure.

Leo swallowed, his eyes filling with tears.

No...he had to be calm....he had to stay positive for everyone....

"Our Sensei will come," assured Leo, shaking. "He'll....he'll...."

And then, the big brother cracked. Stumbling to the floor, he burst into loud tears and sobbing exclaimations.

The other turtles stared, simply dumbfounded.

This....wasn't happening.....Leo never broke down. He was the one who always managed to pull himself together a bit to help the others on a

safer emotional ground.

If Leo had gotten like this....things were bad.

Very bad.

The true horror of the situation broke over them. They were with humans. Karai seemed okay, but...

They had a good idea of what humans would do to them.

One by one, each turtle succumbed to a sobbing fit, as Karai's own eyes filled with sadness and she awkwardly patted Leo on his shell as he


It was a long, long night.

Mikey woke up, eyes throbbing from their heavy spillage, with a hand over his mouth.


He was strapped to a metal gurney, Don next to him. His eyes were panicked.

"Stay. Very. Still." He whispered. Mikey frowned inquistorily.


"I just woke up!" Don whispered frantically "This is the inte-erm....roogati....I...question room! I heard them talking!"

Mikey's eyes widened.

"Where are Raph and Leo?!"

"Over-" Raph's voice could be heard behind a curtain.

The doors burst open in the blinding white room.

Five men in goggles and lab suits entered, each one holding a notebook and a pen.

"Alright...ask the freaks what you will. Seperate them."

Seperate?! No!

Mikey seized Don's hand, but was roughly yanked away.

Karai took a few deep breaths. They wouldn't dare to kill her. They wanted her Father to pay a ransom.....and he WOULD....

Wouldn't he?

An ugly man leered at her as he lurched forward.

Ooh, a questionaire, huh? Karai smirked.

This would be interesting....

The man opened to a fresh page.

"Alright, I demand to know who you are and what you're doing here."

"I demand to know who you are and what you're doing here," repeated Karai, her voice horribly pompous and singsong.

The man's face purpled. "Stop mocking me!"

"Stop mocking me!"


"Enough!" Karai mimicked with a nasty smile.

"Shut up!"

"Make me."

"Why won't you shut up?"

"I don't know. Why do you still let you mother dress you?"

Somewhere, Mikey whistled. That line was classic. You knew, if you were Michelangelo Yoshi Splinterson, what a master of the sarcastic arts was.

He was in the presence of their queen.

"Kid, stop the sass, and give me some answers, and I swear I won't hurt you."

"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on," said Karai simply.

The man blinked.

"That didn't even make sense!"

"Did so."

"Did not!"

"Did SO."

"ARGH! I don't know what's worse, the fact that I was assigned this brat, or that she's arguing BACK to me!"

"How about the fact that, you're losing?"


"You're from Mercury?!"

"Yes," said Don with a small smile. "It's very nice this time of year."

The man made a quick note.

"Of course, riding the shuttle gets SO boring, doesn't it?" remarked Don, rolling his eyes. "Honestly, you do it once, and you're sick to death of it."

The man blankly nodded, mouth open.

"What's our name, freak?"

"Sir Irchibald ter Fuffliwaligus, Master of Time and Space?!"

"That's Mister Sir Irchibald ter Fuffliwaligus the third, to you," commented Mikey. "That's the problem with having the same name in a family. Gets


The man made a note.

"You're from Venus?"

"Yes. It's quite lovely this time of year-depends if you order a nice enough condo from the Venetians. It's always nice to have a room with a view."

The man realized his mouth was hanging open. He quickly shut it.

"How old are you, freak?"

Mikey and the others were five....but he wasn't going to tell them THAT.

"I celebrated my first birthday yesterday."

"You're one?!"

"Geez-I meant my first day of being born. Birth. Day. Sheesh."

"You were born yesterday."

"Er-yeah. I heard-" Mikey made his eyes widen. "That earth babies can't even talk when they're five months old! Isn't that sad?"

The man blankly walked over to the medicine cabinet.

And took an aspirin.


"Mars, huh? How come the Viking has never seen you?"

Raph swallowed. He wish he knew what a "Viking" was.

"Oh, that old thing. Wen we're trying to have a nice, relaxing Mars Day, that thing is clanking around on the surface. Pretty irratating. Mars is

lovely-especially at this time of year."

The man stared.

"So...why are we here?" asked Raph, feeling nervous, but boldly looking around. "Can we go home, now?"

The man smiled unpleasantly.


"Oh, well, then, I suppose the invasion will have to go on without me.


Raph smiled. This was jolly good fun.


"Neptune?! No life can exist there!"

"Wrong. We ALL live there."


"Erm....yeah. All seventy million seven hundred thousand seventy seven point seven of us. Neptune is lovely this time of year-but so is Pluto. Are

you going to let me call Mothership? They might be...upset if I do not."


"Yeah. They might do to Earth what they did to Pluto. That would be a shame."

"W-what d'you mean?"

"Pluto used to be HUGE! Warm, sunny, plenty of space-"

"Pluto has it's own sun?!"

"Had, sadly, had. Mothership got very distressed when an agent didn't call in, so they simply shrunk the planet and the sun to find him. Now, well,

you saw what happened to Pluto."

It was interesting, thought Leo, was interesting shades People turned under pressure.


Don let out a cry as he was thrown to the ground, wincing.

His brothers rushed to the middle child, their own bruises adorning their bodies.

"Pleasant dreams, freaks."

The padlocked door fell shut with a deafining BANG.

Leo squeezed his eyes shut, willing the tears not to fall. Karai got up and began to pace the floor, wincing.

"Father is coming," you could hear her say. "Father is coming, Father is coming, Father is coming."

Raph cradled his injured arm, scrunching up his face and turning it to the wall. Mikey put his head to his knees.

Don turned on the cold floor, shuddering, biting his lip.

Splinter had told them once, that a ninja must occasionally hide his emotions....even if it hurt.

The four had been trained well.

But the tears had finally come.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Splinter scowled, turning around slowly in the dim light, face still heavily cloaked as four hulking boys came closer.

In his hunt for the Purple Dragon's Headquarters...he met up with some complications.

These idiotic Purple Dragon wannabes....

Good news: He was close!

Bad news:....This was plenty self explanatory.

Splinter's fists tightened as the boys came closer. He was so infuriated right would take all his control to not simply kill the violent little


"Ugh....what IS that?!"

"Disgusting little weakling, looks like." The boy laughed at his own wit, slapping his knee in amusement.

Splinter's eyes narrowed in revulsion.

He'd been cornered.

If he had to battle...

"Ooh, gonna answer me, tough guy?" chuckled the tallest, leering at Splinter with sharp, mean little eyes. "Well, if you're so tough, little man,



A stone struck the boy straight in the forehead. Just a little one, but the enormous boy fell like a felled tree.

With surprised shouts and cries, the boys fell back into a run.

Splinter staggered back, a shocked expression on his face.


"Hurry! If they come back, they'll bring twenty back with them!"

The source of the stone's position became clear as a hand seized Splinter's as sirens began to wail. Splinter hesitated, as the figure began to pull

Splinter into the darkness.

"Come on!"

Reluctantly, Splinter let himself be pulled away, glancing back at red and blue lights as he did so.

A young woman in a dark cloak not unlike Splinter's continued to dash, until they were out of the alleys, past a little road with a few stores, and

then, finally slowed down as they hurried beside an old dumpster.

With a ragged gasp, the woman fell back against the wall, still panting, her hood falling back as she regained her breath.

Splinter stared at her, his mouth partly open.

"I....I...whew!" Her knees buckled, and she slipped to the ground.

"I positive...that they....were...going to catch us. Nasty little thugs that they are...though they're all brawn and no brain." She turned to

give a smile at Splinter.

"Are you alright? They were going to I..." she flushed. "I....well, I hoped I wasn't interfe-"

"No," said Splinter quietly, putting a hand up to assure himself the cloak was still in position. It was.

"I..thank you. Your assistance was most fortitous."

The woman paused, then smiled.

"I'm glad to hear it."

The two were silent for a moment, a gentle breeze swaying their cloaks slightly. Splinter closed his eyes.

The woman turned to the face the odd little figure, not saying anything for a moment.

"....May I ask you....what is your name?"

Splinter gazed at her with dark, penetrating eyes, but she did not look away.

Spliunter turned. It was obvious he owed her.

"....I am Splinter."

The woman smiled. "That's very original. I like it. My name is Mary."

"...I see..."

And the wind tugged on Splinter's hood. He quickly whipped to reach it back....

But it was too late.

Mary blinked in the silence that enveloped the two. Splinter's eyes widened.

A giant talking rat.

Had...she been working too hard?

There was that deadline for that new sequel her editor had been nagging her about....maybe she slipped off into sleep.

Splinter began to turn. Best to run before she started screaming.


Splinter half turned, eyes anxious.

To his surprise, Mary was not screaming. Her eyes were only filled with surprise and gentle concern.

" look worried. Is.....anything wrong? Is there anything I can do?"

Splinter stopped dead.

He hadn't met a person quite like her since Teng Shen. He smiled thinly, closed his eyes, and shook his head.

"It is.... kind of you to offer...but I must decline." Splinter took a step forward as the heavens opened up.

Drip, drip.

Drip, drip, drip, dripdripdripdrip....

The rain came as quickly as the wind- as it came crashing down upon the world, completely ignored by the only occupants of the alley.

" you not want help, or do you not need it?"

Splinter smiled bittersweetly.

"...both, perhaps. It is my own fault...the situation I am in. I must rescue someone-some people-very, very important to me."

Splinter's voice filled with regret.

"If....if I had-"

"Splinter, is it?"

Splinter slowly turned to look at her in the pounding rain.

Mary's eyes were filled with sad compassion as she silently looked at him, as if trying to be sure she held his gaze.

"Splinter....there isn't a person ALIVE with no sort of sorrow or regret in their heart," she said quietly, closing her eyes.

"If.....such a creature existed, he would be a shallow and empty soul."

Silence. Splinter felt a lump in his throat. He looked down, hoping the stinging in his eyes would stop.

Then, he suddenly turned, and threw something into the air.

Mary, surprised, held out her hands as something cool and metallic slid into them.

Splinter looked at her quietly.

"Bless you, Miss Mary," he said quietly, before disappearing once more into the shadows.

Mary stared at his retreating figure, mouth partly open.

Oh....what had he left her? Mary unclasped her hands.

A...Japanese Omamori, or a protection charm.

There was something written in the back. Curious, she turned it over.

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be, also.

Quiet for a moment, she clasped the charm to herself for a moment.

She'd better hurry. She had two children and her husband at home, waiting.....

"Rejoicing in the day, Splinter," she said quietly, after a minute. She turned to stare at the indigo skyline. The rain was coming down even harder.

No one would believe her. That was obvious. It would be amazing if she could wake up and believe it herself.

Shuddering in the cool winds, she hurried home.


Once Mary got home, the rain was now in full circle. Good thing she'd brought an umbrella-it was really coming down.

Should she have tried to stop the aged rat who may or may not of existed? Then again...she'd seen the dark fire in his eyes....trying to stop

someone with that measure of resolve was generally a no-no.

How would she wake up and tell herself that it was NOT all a dream?

Wait a moment...

Mary's eyes brightened as she carefully put her umbrella away, then hurried to her room for a moment.

Pncil and paper, pencil and paper where was that darn-Ah! Here we are!

An aged rat...with someone to care for? And why had he, when they were running, mutter odd names like "Michelangelo" "Donatello" "Leonardo,

and, "Raphael"?

He had been muttering odd "Turtles" and, "My Little ones."

Well, anything was possible in this madhouse of a city. Look at her-she just met the living proof of it.

Four lttle turtles....all named after Renaissance artists? Odd...but creative....and sort of cute.

Mary smiled.

She would not forget.

Not while she was alive...

And, reader, we are going to leave Mary for a moment as she writes. We will return to her later....but now, it is time for a dark one's account.


Unbeknownst to the tortured figures beneath the stone of the Purple Dragon's HQ, a figure in dark grey stood on the rooftops, clenching his

hands together in ectasy.

The gauntlet made a rasping sound as it scraped against the brick, Shredder feeling palpable longing to gash it against his enemies....

That idiot Hun would pay for his insolence. Karai was his heir....she could not die now.

No...Shredder would not attack yet. He would attack at Dawn....when it would be easier to take them by surprise. Undoubtedly, they would wait

for an attack at night.

Shredder let out a groan. His mean little eyes narrowed from beneath the helmet he'd hidden behind for soon enough...

The morning could not come soon enough. Oroku Saki felt the need to kill.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And unbeknownst to the dark demon, another figure stood on the building opposite, staring down at the building.

The figure too, was cloaked in shadow, though with a cloak instead of armor. A small sword could be seen at his belt.

Dark eyes narrowed as a Purple Dragon casually strolled out. This would not be the quick mission he'd hoped it be. Grab and go.

It would have to be taken very slowly....and gradually.

He'd been watching the guard...and found it almost deserted in the daytime, only protected by a few video surveillance systems and a few easily, easily dealt with.

Excelllent. He would be getting his prize.

The shrouded figure silently leapt forward, leaving no trace that could signify he was anything more then a wraith of the night.

The black ninja effortlessly cracked a vent away from the building and, small and slim, crawled inside.

Great. He was in.

Hard part over.


thought the ninja as he silently made his way through the darkness.

....for the really difficult part.....

Mikey lay curled up next to Leo, still sniffing a bit. Leo put an arm around his brother, and, before reluctantly slipping into dark dreams, he stared

at the one shred of moonlight that had made it down...

Closing his eyes, his last thought before he slipped into shadow echoed resolutely in his mind...



I stayed up for three hours longer then I usually do to finish this....and this is my finishing touch. Adieu, everyone, and please review.

I found him not when I had lost his rim; With many tears I went in search of him, Climbing high mountains which did still ascend, And gave me echoes when I called my friend; Through cities vast and charnel-houses grim, And high cathedrals where the light was dim, Through books and arts and works without an end, But found him not--the friend whom I had lost. And yet I found him--as I found the lark, A sound in fields I heard but could not mark; I found him nearest when I missed him most; I found him in my heart, a life in frost, A light I knew not till my soul was dark."

( they're ticked off because it was about a girl....)