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Love is only a thought away...

It was a summers night. The stars in the sky watched over the people below...The whistle of the wing died down as Ash was sitting on the grass, Brock and Dawn were looking over at him.

"I wonder what's wrong with him..." Dawn said and obviously concerned as she has feeling for the raven haired boy.

"hmm...I don't know" Brock replied to her, even though he did know. Ash had told him a while ago that he has feeling for a certain young coordinator, called Dawn. The question was does she love him back?

Ash sighed as he took one more gaze at the stars before he got interrupted by Dawn.

"Are you OK, Ash? You look sad" She said with a worried look on her face. Ash looked up at the blue eyed girl, he loved so much.

"I'm fine, I just have a lot of things to think about, that's all" He reassured her. She sat down next to him.

"What sort of things?" She asked. Ash sighed.

"Well...My friend likes this girl but he doesn't know if she likes him back the same way, and he doesn't know what to do" Ash said.

"Hmm...Maybe your...'Friend'...could just tell her how he feels and hope for the best," Dawn advised. "Now tell me more about your...'Friend'..." She giggled.

"Oh...er...well...he's a trainer...And he wants to become the best pokemon master..." Dawn smiled and she continued for him, "let me see..." She giggled again... " He's got brown messy hair" Ash gulped. "He has a pikachu" Ash nodded uncertainly. " And his name is Ash Ketchum!" Ash's face went red...

"So lets see about the girl" She said "Is she tall? Small?"

"About my height, slim, with blue silky hair" Ash started building up confidence, "She's a coordinator, She has a piplup, she's kind and caring and..." Dawn interrupted him...

"Me?" Ash nodded. "Ash, I...Love you too..." Ash's eyes widened in shock.

"Wait...You do?" Ash asked.

"Yeah... How long have you loved me for?" She asked him.

"Er...I dunno... About a couple of months...but I think longer...I wasn't listening to my thoughts...I was too caught up with battling..." he confessed. Dawn smiled. A blush creeping up on her smooth face. They looked into each others eyes...they started to close the gap between them...moving closer and closer till their lips finally met. Ash moved his hands on her waist and Dawn's trialled around his neck. Both of them treasuring the wonderful moment that felt like forever... They broke apart...looking into each others eyes again and smiling...

They walked back to where Brock was still cleaning up. He saw that they had blushes on their faces.

"Did I miss something?" He asked and he saw Ash and Dawn's massive smiles.

"I told Dawn about my feelings" Ash admitted . Brock grinned. He felt happy for the two of them.

"Finally!" Brock said, "It's about time!" He chuckled. Ash and Dawn shared embarrassed looks.

"Come on Dawn, I want to show you something!" Ash said as he grabbed Dawn's hand and dragged her up a hill. Ash took her over to show her the sunset that was setting behind the mountains in the distance.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" Dawn said.

"Ye but not as beautiful as you" Ash whispered in her ear and she giggled.

"Oh Ash, I wish I told you that I loved you sooner" She admitted. They were still holding hands. Dawn rested her head on Ash's shoulder. Ash grinned, He was happy that he got to tell Dawn about his big secret.

Brock was watching them, he couldn't of felt happier...He knew that they both love each other deeply and it just proves that 'Love is only a thought away'...

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