Toshiro's Moon & Momo's Sun Comes One

By: Toshiro Kiryu

Warning! Lemon or lemons are in every chapter don't view unless you want to see Toshiro and Momo in Love in every way possible.

Chapter One

?Dirty Dreams?

Toshiro was walking along the human world thinking of Momo. He kept seeing the images of her black hair finally out of that bonnet. However the way imagined her bonnet off was him taking it off and holding her close to him. He couldn't help himself Momo was filling every single thought he had and then has bumped into Ichigo he saw in his mind Momo and him having sex.

"Toshiro, I mean Caption Hitsugaya what are you doing here?" Ichigo asked being worried since Toshiro is never in human world unless there is something going on.

Toshiro raises his eyebrow at the non-respect way of addressing him, but quickly settles down since he corrected himself. "Aren't I allowed to walk around the human world to think? If I'm not then I would love to see the rule that says I can't."

Ichigo not wanting or wishing to get Toshiro mad, simply said "Alright let me know if something comes up." Then he disappeared.

Toshiro continues his walk along a small but nice river stream in the area and he sees Rangiku staring out into the woods ahead of her and she mumbles "Silent, stupid, foolish, smartass." and Toshiro moves to be right beside her and says "Who is a silent, stupid, foolish, smartass?"

Rangiku jumps because Toshiro scared her and she turns to face him and sees that Toshiro's mind is elsewhere so she says flatly "Nobody, ugh I-i-i-i think I will go bye caption." and she disappears but Toshiro didn't care.

Toshiro sat down by the bank of the river and watched the water ripple from the wind caressing its light touch upon the water. Toshiro then sighs and falls back to lay on the ground and when he does he is greeted by a cheerful and happy Momo. Toshiro quickly gets up and uncontrollably against his will he pulled her to him and gave her hug while breathing in her scent which to him somehow always smelled of strawberries, vanilla, and roses. He quickly pulled away too blushing and she was too but she was now smiling bigger than before. "Momo I'm happy to see you're out and well." Toshiro said with utter discomfort because he had a lot he wanted to say and do with her but couldn't.

Momo was utterly astonished by the action that had just transpired between them too but she was more than welcoming it because she had loved Toshiro since they were kids. "I know. Shiro-chan, I was wondering could you umm help me with something." Momo spoke the first part loud but calm and the rest she spoke with a mumble which annoyed Toshiro.

Toshiro smiles and says "Of course I don't mind. What is it that you wish for me to help with." He wanted to make Momo smile and see her happy. However, something was worrying him about what she would need his help on.

Momo was being very shy and well she lost her nerve because she needed his help but the help she needed he couldn't give without her spilling the surprise. She quickly managed to get a good lie in her head she said "I need your help with some ice roses?" she had to smack her hand while she said that to keep Toshiro from catching her lie.

Toshiro heard but because his eyes were gazing at well all of Momo not necessarily her hand I might add he noticed the smack when she told him and he knew she was lying but he did not comment on it because he trusted her. "Ice roses?" Toshiro asked perplexed as to why she picked that to lie with but none the less playing along. Plus he loved the fact she blushed every time she lied or did anything around him and he wanted to kiss her then but still didn't understand the new urges to be with his long time friend in such a way.

Momo stood calm but her heart was racing because she was holding Toshiro's hand and although he was winter incarnate he felt perfectly warm to her yet she knew her skin although she was considered to be summer incarnate her body would feel like ice to him, which would make him happy because he despises all things hot. "Well, Rukia likes to find roses made of pure ice but she doesn't know where to look for them." Momo smiled but didn't look into his aqua blue eyes.

Toshiro smiles and thinks realizing that Rukia did like ice rose made of Hyōrinmaru's ice because it never melts unless Toshiro does it or dies. "Very well-"Toshiro pulls Hyōrinmaru out and says "Reign over the frosted frozen sky!" and a giant water ice dragon appears and does what Toshiro mentally asked of him and created several ice roses for Momo but he knew she would give them to Rukia anyway to cover her lie. "There you are bed-wetter Momo." He said and called her to tease her.

Momo blushed and then she yelled "Don't call me that Shiro-chan!"

Suddenly Toshiro moved behind Momo and started calling out "Bed-wetter Momo, bed-wetter Momo." and Momo gets mad and then she felt something rubbing her butt and it happen to be Toshiro subconsciously rubbing her while teasing her. Momo instinctively she turns with her eyes shut and shouts "Spiritual bitch slap!" as she smacks Toshiro and he stumbles back.

"What was that for Momo?" Toshiro asked angrily because he had no idea that he was rubbing her butt, but then he soon saw where his hand must have been based on where he stumbled back and he blushed a bright red and turned around away from her so she wouldn't notice.

Momo was so shocked that she hurt Toshiro but she began to think "Oh my god! Was Toshiro the one rubbing my butt? Or was it just me too close to his hand and moving? Or maybe it was all in my mind and I overreacted?" Momo after thinking realized in her thoughts that it was not Toshiro and it was in her mind but little did she know it was Toshiro. "I'm sorry for slapping you Shiro-chan." Momo said with sincerity. Then Momo took hold of Toshiro's hand and they walked down the river bank together.

Toshiro walked with her in silence and then he sees a walkway to out of town back into a special forest that Toshiro found one day when he was in the human world. "Momo lets go to the forest I have something I want to show you." Toshiro said. Then he took Momo and ran at a speed that was almost too fast for Momo to keep up with.

Momo was trying to keep up with him and she asked "Why the rush Shiro-chan? Also, what is it that you want me to see Toshiro?" Momo, although she loved spinning time with Toshiro the man she loved since she was kid and always would, was worried that she wouldn't be able to finish her surprise for Toshiro's birthday.

They arrives in an open field with roses of red, blue, white, black, purple, pink, green, and even cross colored ones filled the area. There was a small lake in a perfect circle of the purest water either of them seen in their lives. Some arctic foxes and wolves were playing there too. The two of them sat down and watch them all play. Momo just by a force of habit sat so close to Toshiro that she could rest her head on his chest, which she in fact did do so. Toshiro couldn't resist his instinct to rub her back with his hand as if he were comforting her.

Time passed and they both left together and then Momo left Toshiro after saying "I will see you tomorrow Shiro-chan." Then Toshiro left back to his room back in the Soul Society.

He lied down on his bed and fell to sleep then started to dream a dream that no one would ever think of the caption of the 10th squad Toshiro Hitsugaya would ever dream about.

Toshiro was walking along the forest of some place he has never been to and then he saw Momo standing straight in front of him wearing only a two piece swimsuit that was supper tight and her breast could easily pop right out. Her bottom piece was like a thong and made her look super sexy. "Momo." Was all Toshiro got out before Momo kissed him on the lips and he of course kissed her back with lots of passion.

The next thing Toshiro knew he was taking her bikini of her and laid her down to grass and started to kiss her neck, while his hands were busy playing with breasts to make her nipples has hard has diamonds. Momo let out moans and Toshiro then moved his mouth to her breasts and took his time savoring the taste of her, not ever wanting to stop.

Toshiro slid one of his hands down to her legs and caressed them while moving slowly to her waist to get rid of that annoying thong in which she was wearing. When he removed it, he found that she was hot and wet ready for him and stuck two fingers in her and began to move them in and out, in and out, and in and out listening to Momo's moan of pure pleasure. Toshiro kept suckling her breast has he moved his fingers while Momo was arching her hips closer to his fingers meeting every push while she moaned out her his name 'Tos-s-shiro Toshiro Shiro-chan."

Toshiro was then pushed onto his back suddenly naked and Momo was on top of him kissing him. She soon moved to his neck and began to suck and playfully nip at it and Toshiro couldn't bare the onslaught of pleasure just her touch was doing to him and he called out her name "Momo Momo Momo." She moved lower to chest and began to like him and his nipples and he was so hard he that he would burst. She moved lower to where she was at his erect penis and began to jack it off slowly at first then faster. Toshiro was chanting her name over and over not believing her skill with what to do with him, but then she licked the head of his penis and he almost cum right then and there. The next the she did was that she started to suck him and Toshiro fell and he was trying to hold in his cum but her mouth was giving him unspeakable pleasure that he he came in her mouth and she swallowed it all while sucking him just a little while longer before she stopped sucking him.

When Momo went back up to kiss him he kissed back with a deep passionate kiss that allowed their tongues to play and he turn her over and positioned himself to enter her. He looked at her with possessive, lust, loving, and passionate eyes that were pleading for her to allow him in.

Momo seeing this gave him a nod and he enter her, he gave her long and deep kiss that muffled out a scream and he continued to move in out and she began to moan out is pure ecstasy at this pain that she never wanted to stop. Momo chanted his name has he did hers while plunged in her deeper and deeper and faster and faster. He kept moving while began to have multiple orgasms. Momo then moved to where he was laying while she rode him moving up and down. Toshiro couldn't believe how much pleasure was happening then he reached his climax and he burst inside of her causing their juices to collide with each other then Momo fell onto his chest but did not let him remove his penis from her.

They were covered is sweat and Momo well, her hair had some of Toshiro's semen in and they said at the exact same time "I love you for the past, for now, and for always." Then they kissed one more time.

Then Toshiro woke up and he sighed, wishing so desperately that the dream was true. Toshiro looked around his room and noticed that he had such a dream that his penis not popped out of his pants but fire his cum onto the ceiling which he would have to clean up before some nosey lieutenant finds it and start rumors again.

Mean while Momo had just finished her decorations for Toshiro's birthday surprise party and she fell asleep and had the same exact dream has Toshiro at the same exact time.

Airplane bound to death landing on people Rangiku Matsumoto