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With my friends helping me, hiding my secret from the rest of the world was easier. Every time I started feeling sick in front of the cameras, they'd figure out some way to cover for me. I had to stay away from award shows and other public places, but I'd say I was doing pretty well. The bump was more noticeable now, and I had just recently found out from the ultrasound that I was going to be having a girl. Tawni said I was glowing, which must have been true because she very rarely gives compliments to anyone other than herself.

It was getting harder to not tell Chad over the phone, however, especially after the first time I felt the baby move. Whenever he called I listened to him tell me about the movie, visiting his parents who he hadn't seen in years, and how much he loved and missed me, all the while biting my tongue so I wouldn't blurt out that he was going to be a father in four months. After all, I only had one more month and he'd be home.

But then one day, something happened that changed everything. It all started when Chad didn't call at two pm like he usually did.

At first I thought nothing of it, until I called him instead and got his answering machine. I tried calling back several times after that but still received no answer. Anxiety began to stir in the pit of my stomach as déjà vu kicked in. The last time something like this had occurred, my mom had died. Had something happened to Chad as well?

In no time I was in such a mess over it that Tawni made me call it a day and took me home early.

"It's been three hours, Tawni. What if something's wrong?" I asked, aware that my voice was shaking.

"It's going to be okay. Remember what Marshall said about stress. Now, I want you to lie down and go to sleep," Tawni said, trying to make me lie down on the bed.

"At five thirty?" I responded, fighting her off. I was much too troubled to sleep.

"You need to relax, Sonny. All this worrying is bad for the baby," Tawni told me firmly.

Suddenly, the phone rang. I reached for it but then retracted my hand.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" Tawni asked me, looking at me with a curious expression on her face.

"The last time I answered the phone in a situation like this, it was the police telling me my mom was dead," I whispered.

"Oh Sonny, don't be silly," Tawni laughed. She picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

I hugged my knees and watched in dread as her perky smile disappeared. She talked to the person on the other end for a little while, revealing nothing that would give anything away in her responses, and then hung up.

"What happened?" I asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer.

"Nothing! Nothing, everything's fine."

"Tawni, tell me the truth." It was getting more difficult to keep my voice under control.

Tawni looked down at her pink, perfectly manicured fingernails. "That was Chad's mother. Apparently Chad was involved in a little…accident on the movie set. Something to do with a heavy prop. He's—he's in the hospital right now, unconscious, but the doctors say he should be fine…"

If Tawni said anything after that, I wouldn't have known, because without warning all sound faded away, and everything went black.


Tawni watched over the sleeping Sonny, wishing she could have figured out a way to break the news more gently. She was sure Chad was going to be just fine; the doctors didn't think he had anything more than a concussion. But Sonny didn't realize that. The pain from her mother's death had returned the second the phone rang, and it was taking a considerable toll on her health.

Night came and went and still Sonny refused to come to. Nico, Grady, and Zora stopped by to check on her, leaving soon after they discovered there was nothing they could do to help. Tawni, however, stayed behind, keeping an unwavering vigil over her friend. Her watch was interrupted sometime around seven o' clock in the evening when the phone rang once again.

"Tawni? Where's Sonny?" The person on the other end asked. Tawni breathed a sigh of relief. It was Chad, sounding very much recovered. That did not mean, however, that she was about to take it easy on him.

"What do you mean by going off to England for six months and leaving her in the condition she's in? Do you realize what you've done?"

"What in the world are you talking about?" Chad asked, puzzled.

Tawni decided it was time he knew. "I mean that Sonny's pregnant with your child, Chad. And when she found out you got hurt over there she fainted and I can't get her to wake up, even though it's been two days almost."

There was silence on the other end of the line. "Sonny? Pregnant? No she can't be. We were careful, except for the time—oh no."

"Yeah, 'oh no' is right. Now you better get your butt back here and fix what you messed up or I will personally go over there and drag you home by your ear."

"Calm down, Tawni. I'm already on my way."

"Good." Tawni hung up the phone. "'Bout time," she remarked.


Chad walked through the front door a couple hours later. There was a jagged cut across his forehead that looked like it had been stitched up and a brace on his wrist, but other than that he looked hale and whole.

"Where is she?" He asked the second he caught sight of Tawni.

"Upstairs in bed," Tawni said coldly, narrowing her eyes at him. Chad ignored the look, pushing past her and racing up the stairs two at a time.

The sun was just setting, casting bands of gold and pink across the room. One particularly dazzling ray lit up the place where Sonny lay, making her skin glow like an angel's. Chad's breath caught in his throat when he saw her. He walked over to her and placed a tentative hand on her stomach, feeling the shape of the baby inside. His baby. The phrase was going to take some getting used to. He tenderly brushed his wife's dark hair away from her face.

"I think you reminded her of her mother's death," Tawni said, coming up behind him.

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen. How could I have been so stupid?" Chad said, sounding truly sorry.

"Well usually I would agree with you, but I've seen how Sonny's acted these past few months. She's been so happy. I think she really wants to be a mother, but especially because you're the father." It was very hard for Tawni to say this. She didn't have much practice with being compassionate, especially to someone like Chad Dylan Cooper.

Chad had an idea. Well, it was actually more of a totally unlikely, impulsive whim. Not even caring that Tawni was in the room, he leaned over and gave Sonny a long, full kiss.


I opened my eyes, the wonderful taste of Chad's lips lingering on mine, and looked up to see him standing over me, grinning. The fading sun illuminated his blond hair like a halo, and for a second I forgot to breathe.

"Am I dead?" I asked, still a bit scattered. The last thing I could remember was learning of Chad's accident, and then darkness. How was it possible that he was here now?
"No, dearest, I believe you're very much alive," Chad replied softly. He sat down beside me and stroked my cheek, making my skin tingle pleasantly. I don't think that feeling would ever go away, not in a million years. "Why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant earlier?"

I looked down at my hands. "Because I knew how important it was for you to finish filming in England."

"Sonny, you should know by now that you're much more important than any movie deal. I left that set in a heartbeat when I found out you were in trouble," Chad said.

I looked up at him in surprise. "But Chad, what about your career? Your future?"

"You are my future, darling. You and the baby. Movie deals and fame are just passing things."

I laughed softly. "You most definitely aren't the same Chad Dylan Cooper I met three years ago in the studio commissary," I told him, playing with a lock of his fair hair.

"Maybe so, but you haven't changed a bit. I've loved you ever since then, even when you used to call me a bigheaded jerk."

"Did I say that?"

"Several times, yes."


"Don't be. You brought me back to reality every time you said it."

"Um, sorry to interrupt this little lovefest, but I've got a boyfriend who I haven't seen in ages, and you guys just keep reminding me of it, so I'm going to go now," Tawni said. Both Chad and I jumped—we had completely forgotten that she was still there.

"Okay, see you later," Chad said.

"Sure you're going to be okay now?" Tawni asked me. The mother hen mind-set was taking a while to wear off.

"Yeah, I think I'll be fine," I responded, squeezing Chad's hand. "Oh, and Tawni? Thank you for taking care of me. You're a really great friend."

Tawni paused with her hand on the doorknob and turned to smile at me. Then she was gone.

"Now I do believe we have some catching up to do," Chad said after we heard the front door close. He lay down next to me and wrapped his arms around me, much like he had done the morning after my mom's accident. I took a hold of his uninjured hand and pressed it to my stomach so he could feel our child kicking her little feet.

"Do you feel that? I think she's saying hello," I told him.

"So it's a girl," Chad breathed in my ear.

"Is that okay with you?" I asked, slightly worried.

"I wouldn't want it any other way."

I relaxed, letting myself melt into his arms. This moment, bathed in all the golden glory of the sinking sun, was perfection, and I wanted to savor every second of it.

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