Past Undone



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Background: This story was inspired both by the book and the musical. I took the things I liked better from each one.

Author's Note: I apologize profusely for all the language mistakes that I'm sure I have made. English is not my mother tongue and this is my first attempt at writing, so please bear with me ;)

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Chapter 1 – Grief

Glinda opened the door that led to the stairs of Kiamo Ko's dungeons and had to take a deep breath to calm the sob that threatened to escape her mouth. It wasn't the first time she had come to this place since that awful night when Oz had been changed forever, and as every other single time she had come, she felt the exact same feeling, grief. There was no other word that could describe how she felt since that wretched night, the night that Elphaba had mel…she couldn't even think about what had happened to her friend, how she had died screaming in agony. Her grief was so deep that, on nights like this one, the only thing that could mollify her anguish was coming all the way to Kiamo Ko to feel closer to her, to feel that she wasn't completely alone in this world. In this damp and smelly place she felt, in a way, that Elphaba was still around, with her.

"Oh! You stupid green woman!" She screamed at no one. "You had to be the hero, didn't you? You couldn't have let it go and make the best of what you had, of course not, not Elphaba Thropp idealist extraordinaire. What a fool you always were!"

She was so angry with Elphaba that she was shaking with rage. Angry for not staying at Shiz with her, for leaving her that day on the carriage to go on a mad spree to save a kingdom that was not worth saving to begin with. She was royally pissed at her friend for getting killed. For Ozma's sake! She was the damned Wicked Witch of the West; she should have been capable of defending herself against a silly bucket of water!

But in truth, Glinda was angrier with herself than with anyone else. She admired Elphaba for what she had done. She was pissed, mind you, but she felt such pride in having known the Munchkin girl. To have been called friend by Elphaba was the only thing in her life that made her feel proud. She didn't have many other reasons to feel good about herself.

If only she hadn't been such a coward and had fought alongside Elphaba when she had asked her to, maybe things would have ended in a different way. Maybe, the mean green thing would be standing next to her telling her to stop being so foolish and to stop feeling so bloody guilty. But guilt, grief and anguish were alright with Glinda, it was her punishment and she deserved it.

"I did love you, you know?" She said with her back to the stairs before closing the door to the dungeons. "You were the only real person in my life, and I miss you so."

Glinda closed the door behind her and left Kiamo Ko. She started walking through the deep forest with the moonlight as her only companion. She felt a little better, as every time she came here, but she knew it was a feeling that wouldn't last.

To be Continued...