Title: Wedge's private journal
Author: Lora Kael
Character: Wedge
Disclaimer: Do I have to say it again? I don't own SW. Period!
Summary: Wedge is thinking about the latest turn of events...and some very disturbing events those is.
Notes: I'm pretty sure this one was actual written 'cause of a conversation between me and ClonTrag. We did think about making it a series then; maybe we should take that up again. (If there is an interest). ;)

Endor, after the second Deathstar

I blew up the Deathstar!!! Wee! Finally we got that son of a Sith of the Emperor and his petsith, Vader. I almost wish I could have seen them go. But then I think about what happened to Luke, when he was on the Deathstar, so... well, I think I'm glad I wasn't the one, who got toasted.
Oh, and by the way, I probably shouldn't call Vader a petsith; it might hurt Luke's feelings. Yesterday after we were done dancing with the ewoks,(they're really cute and good dancers, by the way), Luke told me that Vader was his father!!!! By the stars! I'd never have guessed that! I mean, if it had been me I absolutely don't know what I would have done. But he seemed to take it rather nicely, actually. Must be that jedi training. Well, Luke asked me not to tell anyone, but you can't expect me to keep a secret of that magnitude. Of course, I won't tell anyone like Wes or Hobbie,(that would be evil; besides I don't even want to think about what they could do with a story like that), so I made a compromise and will only mention it here.

Well, dancing with the ewoks was great! I learned a whole new dance and we had pictures taken and all. Y'know, for the historians. They just love that kind of stuff. Of course, I didn't let them take a picture of my dancing; I do have a reputation to think about.
Talking about reputations... Wes and Hobbie completely ruined what they had left of their reputations for being just a bit mature pilots, by dancing around on the ewoks' drums while playing maracas and claiming they flew just as well with as without their x-wings. In the end, Tycho and I, had to lock 'em up in a treehouse, before they tried to jump off an ewok walkway to prove they were right. Guess they had a bit too much to drink that night. The ewoks have some pretty nasty stuff.
Speaking of Tych. At least he didn't have that much to drink. But it got bad enough, when he started drinking some of the same stuff that Wes and Hobbie did. That's also why Tycho isn't on very many holograms; he got too drunk and of course me and Luke had to put him to bed with the two others. Typical. But luckily by then the two others were already sound asleep.

I got a strange feeling that Luke is trying to make me more than just his second in command. Perhaps that jedi stuff he keeps talking about is getting to his head. Don't know, guess I'll find out sooner or later. Wonder if I'm gonna get my own command soon; perhaps that's why Luke is giving me all this responsibility. Yeah, I know I was Red Leader during that Deathstar run, but I wasn't the only one, who suddenly had a command. Tycho lead Green group. And it wasn't a full command, anyway. But maybe I'm gonna get my own squadron soon. I think so. I know it won't be Rogue Squadron, because that's Luke's patented squadron, but another one I can make almost as good as the Rogues.
Well, it's getting kinda late and we got plenty of work to do; that Deathstar didn't exactly become spacedust and we got to pull the bigger pieces away from the planet, so they don't end up destroying the ewok villages.
See you later. I better get to bed, so I won't end up sleeping in my x-wing tomorrow.

Captain W. A.