Yakitate Japan

Shigeru x Kazuma

Prompt: Water colours


A frustrated sigh escaped his lips. For the umpteenth time, he questioned the reason behind the activity he's been engaged for the past two hours and a half.

Scratching his nose, he almost let out a cry of irritation when he felt something slippery stick to his nose. Pulling his hand away from his face, he grimaced as he saw red coating his hands.

'Great, just great.'

Sighing once again, he knelt and reached for the tissue across when the door opened, revealing a slightly flushed Shigeru. The one on the floor raked his eyes over the one in the doorway. His eyes were questioning while the other's had a hint of worry and aggravation within them.


Shigeru moved forward, kicking the door close behind him. "Were you in here all this time?"

Kazuma nodded. "Yep." Suddenly remembering the thing lying at the floor, he furtively tried to slide it out of Shigeru's sight, but it failed for said person tilted his head to the right and asked, "What's that?"


"Really now, after all this time, you think you can still hide something from me?"

The brunette let out a "Meep!" when he realized that Shigeru was already in front of him, grinning. He placed his hands on Kazuma's knees, leaning forward as he stared straight to hazel eyes.

Kazuma was immediately captivated.

"Why do you have paint on your nose?"

"Uhm…" he fumbled for an answer, not really conscious of the hand sliding its way upward to his thigh.


The hand slid under Kazuma's shirt, which startled him.

He stuttered, "Sh-Shigeru!" as he tried to wiggle away from the pink-haired man. This earned him a pout, which was suddenly followed up by the famous "puppy-eyes" look. This threw Kazuma in a stuttering state as he tried to console the man who's half on top of him, which provided Shigeru a chance to slide his hand at the brunette's back to snatch what he's trying to hide.

"Ahh! Wait!"

Looking at it critically, Shigeru grunted before placing the thing behind him out of Kazuma's reach. Then, he suddenly pushed Kazuma on the floor, catching the smaller off guard, and straddled him, swiftly tying the brunette's hands above his head to the table with that scarf thingy he always wore around his neck.

Smirking, he reached for the thing again and looked at it critically.

"You were painting…"

Kazuma gulped as he nodded.



"Were you painting apples?"

"No…no! Those are not apples! Those are-"

Curious eyes met his. "These are?"

"Uhmm… well… you see. They said that, uhm, pictures speak a thousand words, or something like that…" he fidgeted, well, as much as his current position allowed him. When Shigeru kept silent, he continued, albeit a bit aggravated, "They're not apples. They're…"

Shigeru's eyes twinkled, which made Kazuma frown.

"They are?"

"Shigeru… you know what they are."

"No, seriously, I do not."

"I hate you."

"This masterpiece says otherwise."

"Go to hell."

"Right after I paint you my own shade of red, yes? One that is redder than that in your nose."

And you know what happens next, what with Kazuma tied down and all that.


"But, seriously, you should stick to making bread. Your solar hands are mighty useless when it comes to painting." He ended with a chortle, earning a pout and glare from Kazuma.


Uhm… yesh… no water colours.