I never liked my father really when I was younger due to the way he treated me but as I grew older and settled into a family of my own I realised something that not even he would've foreseen. He may have made my childhood a living hell but he'd also helped me find my paradise in the future. He never intended it to work like that.

He said to me once: "This should set you up with a future. Be thankful I have given you what you never would have."

I didn't understand what he meant until a few years ago. Unwittingly my father had given the two people he hated the most the gift of life after the crimes they had committed years after he died.

I doubt Roy will ever be able to forgive himself for what he did back then, neither will I, but at least we found redemption and can rest knowing that we brought back good to a land of darkness. We left that land behind but had the opportunity to start again as people we'd not been in decades. Roy loves his son and daughter very much and loves me more with each day that passes.

I don't hate my father anymore because that would've been what he wanted. But deep inside I bet he really did have a heart that drove him out of all things to make sure the only two people in his life would find happiness. When we were younger he saw what we'd never seen at all…

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