Title: The Art of Gravitation

Author: AkiyaRae

Disclaimer: Rated R for eventuality to be honest I have no idea how this is going to turn out

Warnings: Uh, xXx but for now mates just remember I'm Aussie and I spell like any

good Aussie would.


.: Chapter One - In The Beginning -:.

Tohma Seguchi, president of NG Pro and keyboardist for the world renouned band Nittle Grasper

stalked the halls of his Production Company, sussing out a certain pink haired teen with every

intention of telling the young teen exactly what he thought of his and Eiri's relationship.

He quietly opened the door to the Bad Luck studio, he was always the kind to make a prominent

entrance, but today called for more subtle tactics. He quietly waited for the band to finish up the

current song that they were working on.

Tohma's eyes swept across the three man band, evaluating every member. He started with his

little cousin; Suguru Fujisaki. A green haired sixteen year old with large innocent chocolate brown

eyes. Tohma smiled softly to himself, every time he looked at Suguru he couldn't help but to think

that he was looking into the sixteen year old version of himself. Even though he didn't show it much

Tohma was extremely pleased with his cousin. He had started out as a simple child prodigee, and

turned himself into a wonderful synthasist for the band Bad Luck.

Next to be placed underneath the blonde's scrutiny was the guitarist, nineteen year old Hiroshi Nakano

known by his fans simply as Hiro. His long auburn hair that fell to the small of his back was tied back

so he could better see thhe guitar in his hands. He was a skilled musician, there was no denying that

but his loyalty to that idiotic pink haired obstruction of normalcy was probably going to be his downfall.

Which then brought the presidents attention to the vocalist. He had to resist to do the most un-Seguchi

thing possible, he had to resist the urge to glare at the boy. That teen alone was the reason that Tohma

had lost any chance (however slim) he had had with the world renouned author Eiri "Yuki" Uesugi. With

a sigh the blonde continued his patient waiting, not even wanting to go into thinking about the

violet eyed idiot.

When finally the music had stopped, Tohma waited for Mr. Sakano to finish pressing the buttons

on the mixer in front of him, and waited patiently for the bands gun waving manager to complete

his final threats before he finally said the burning words on his lips.

"Yes very well done." He began, flashing his trademark smile clapping his hands slowly. "and

now for all your hard work you can go home early, Mr. Shindou a word." He said watching his cousin

smile at him and leave within two minutes of his say-so. Hiroshi too, was gone very quickly whipping

out a mobile presumeably to speak to Ayaka. Within moments of him leaving as did the quaking

producer and calm manager leaving the president and the vocalist alone in the now empty recording


"Yes Mr. Seguchi?" Shuichi asked bowing politly to his boss. Tohma's aquamarine eyes looked down

on the teen. He so badly wanted to hurt him, destroy his career and watch him cry, crash, burn

and feel pain. But something about the boy literally prevented this normally ruthless man from doing


"I hear things between you and Eiri are going well." He began, everything he had planned to say seemed

to wash away. The vocalist nodded enthusiastically, his annoying voice soon spieling on how cruel

and distant the author could be. Tohma stood smiling politly letting the boy speak as he laughed

nervously about something that he had said, an evident sweatdrop falling from the side of the singers


"Then you should be getting home to prevent Eiri from getting mad at you." Shuichi's eyes widened

with realisation at what the president was saying. He had already been massively late trying time and

time again to record Spicy Marmalade. He bid the president farewell and ran out, Tohma pinched the

bridge of his nose as he watched the singer race out.

It had confused him even then, why hadn't he been able to be as cruel to the singer as he had set

out to be when he had left his office? Or was he really a Ryuichi incarnate, a person with the

ability to make even men like the great Tohma Seguchi fall to his knees?

At this point, anything was possible...


A/N: Okay so this is still a very new idea, perservere my devote readers and I swear you will not be

disappointed by anything I have to share with you. If anything this is just practice for my own

books which should hit the shelves of your nearest bookstore in the next few short years.

all my love