Title: The Art of Gravitation

Author: AkiyaRae

Disclaimer: Rated R for eventuality to be honest I have no idea how this is going to turn out

Warnings: Uh, xXx but for now mates just remember I'm Aussie and I spell like any

good Aussie would.


.: Chapter Twelve - It's Because I'm A Guy Isn't It? :.

Shuichi slumped as he watched his boyfriend and boss leave. Tohma's day always started at around

4am. His didn't start till 7 or 8. But it was the fifth time this week Tohma had refused to take the

vocalist out on a date after work.

"Come on!" Shuichi had whined. "We've been dating and fucking for three weeks and you still haven't

taken me out!" Tohma had been gentle with the topic, letting the pink haired boy down without

giving him a reason. Shuichi kicked a random piece of furniture.

"It's cause I'm a guy isnt it?" Shuichi concluded looking at his sex-marred body in the mirror. "It's

because he's ashamed to go out with me, stupid Mika, she divorces him ends up with that fucking

hyper little bitch and they're so proud being lesbian but..." Shuichi stopped and pulled a shirt on

"we're both guys and he hates me." he said to his reflection darkly.

As he went through the wardrobes his eyes spied some of Mika's old clothes. It was the french

looking outfit she had worn when she had taken Shuichi to that jazz club. Suddenly an idea

struck him.


He had never been ashamed to take Mika out anywhere before. Grabbing the clothes and his cell

to call someone Shuichi raced out of the door and to NG Studios.


Tohma had stepped out of his office to tend to something that Ryuichi had wanted. He had not

noticed his pink haired lover enter his office. By the time he did return he had been holding

several stacks of papers and a fresh cup of coffee.

He entered the room only to drop anything and everything he was carrying to the floor. He

stoodd open mouthed at his lover.

"I figured you wouldn't take me out because I'm a guy, so I dressed up so you WOULD take

me out." Shuichi said, Tohma was too stunned to say anything.

Shuichi had stood there in tight black pants, a blue shirt slung over his hands, blueish glasses

and a barrette on his head. He was dressed exactly like Mika. He had even somehow acquired a

brown coloured wig and managed to somewhat artistically put makeup on.

"The sailor suit you wore for Eiri looked better, cosplay boy." Tohma commented moving in

closer to his lover. "But I'm still unable to take you out tonight Shuichi." Shuichi exploded into

a colourful chibi character boucing off the walls.

"I shaved my legs, and I'm wearing different underwear and these tacky fabrics that Mika thinks

are clothes and you still hate me because I'm a GUY!" Shuichi raved.

"Since when did I ever say I hated you because you were a guy?" Tohma asked, sounding eerily

like Eiri right then. Shuichi stopped and looked at him.

"Then why? Why won't you take me out?" Tohma chuckled and neared his lover. Him dressed

like that slightly irritated him since he had never liked Mika's fashion sense, but at the same time

it drove what was in his underpants wild.

"Because you and I both know that we wouldn't make it past the first course without wanting

to fuck each others brains out, and I would rather have sex with you at home, then in some

resteraunt public toilet and having to go through the tiresome procedure of keeping the media

quiet as to why the star vocalist of this generation and myself are having a sexual relationshp."

Shuichi was silent.

"Is fucking in the office out of the question too?" Tohma laughed at the complete random change

of topic, but then, it wasnt so off topic when he thought about it.

"No." Tohma said shaking his head. "My office actually has a lock." He smirked and turned said

lock in the door and neared his boyfriend. "Now get these attrocities off before I rip them to shreds."
As much as he would have liked the blonde to rip his clothes to shreds Shuichi thought he better

be a good boy and do as he was told.

And as the clothes disappeared and Shuichi entered a world of complete and utter happiness he

was thinking, he had started falling for Hiro in school then slipped and fell deeper for Eiri before

falling quite harshly for Tohma. He realised in all his fallings he had never once had to hit the

cold hard ground of reality. Shuichi smiled as he had one of the more mature thoughts in his


And Tohma himself couldn't help but think about the many times he had fallen for people. Firstly

he had fallen lightly for Mika before realising his sexuality and falling almost completely for Ryuichi,

slowly landing in the unwanted arms of Eiri before finding himself at the mercy of his uke's love. This

was gravity he thought, afterall it was gravitation.

Gravitation: The Art of Falling in Love Without The Sudden Stop


A/N: I know I'm a sap artist. Okay this was completely written at the request of my Dad. He wanted

to put my skills to the test to see if I could put an unlikely pairing together. In the process however I

found that there is an even more unlikely pairing that I will one day write (when I get the feeling back

in my very numb fingers)

Thanks to Ayachan, to Sethfaceman, to Niisan, to My Brain, To Isabelle and finally thanks to myself

for hacking at this for four days and actually doing this wonderful piece of fanfiction in the space of

time that I did. So I'm off now to continue writing my actual novel Mortal Sin and yeah, to think of

ways to put a pairing I had never thought of before, together.

-rest in pieces-