Ashes to Ashes - Chapter Two

Harry remained in a groggy state for just a little more than an hour, acutely aware of the effects the stunning spells had on him. He finally woke up when a Dementor swept past them, freezing his insides to the point where he had no concept of what was happening – all he cared about was getting away from the Dementor.

Once it had passed, Harry tried to get up and walk around a bit to make sure he was okay. Hermione watched his every move like a hawk, but it wasn't until she stood up that Harry realized something.

"Hermione…" he asked, sitting down on the small cot once more, moving over so she could sit next to him. "…are you pregnant?"

She sighed, leaning back against the hold hard wall, and then set a hand over her swollen abdomen.

"Almost nine months."

Harry gaped at her for almost thirty seconds before speaking once more; "We were married nine months ago."

Hermione closed her eyes, "I'm so sorry, Harry… I should have told you…"

"You didn't tell Harry you were pregnant?" Ginny gasped from across the tiny, dark corridor. "You're kidding me?"

Hermione shook her head, lowering it into her hands. "I'm sorry, just with everything going on… I didn't want to be a burden… especially since we aren't married anymore."

Harry was silent for a moment before allowing himself to speak, "So you decided to hide the fact I'm about to be a father from me? How long did you plan on not telling me? Were you ever going to tell me?"

"I suppose not, considering she's nine months along." Draco drawled from the opposite cell, "But what I'd be most concerned about right now, Harry, is that we all have a death sentence as of now. You'd better hope that baby's born before Hermione's killed."

Harry glared through the cell bars over at his blonde friend, "Thank you for the little black cloud Draco, I really appreciated it."

"I'm getting out of here." A soft, hoarse voice whispered from the cell across from Harry and Hermione's. "Soon enough, Master will realize his mistake and accept me back with open arms."

Snape snorted, "Yes, and I'm a monkey's uncle. Really, Weasley, pull yourself together – can't you see it's futile?"

"Maybe for you," Draco snapped at his cellmate, "But Weasley has a point – the three of us have been completely devoted from day one. I don't see how he could allow three of his most faithful servants to be killed."

"Haven't you learned by now?" said Ginny softly, "Your 'Master' has no heart – he's not even human. He has the entire country under his control now, why on Earth would he want three mere souls?"

All three Death Eaters were silent, each contemplating exactly what Ginny had just said in their own minds. Ron sat staring out the tiny window near the top of the wall, as far away from Ginny as possible. Draco simply stared down at his hands, trying not to think about anything the redhead had just said. Snape, however, nodded slightly, agreeing with every word.

"He doesn't give a damn about us, Ms. Weasley," Snape confirmed, "But without an army, there is no one to lead. I, for one, am one of his most trusted followers, and I have been from day one. I know more Dark Magic than you could ever dream of, and I am also in a position of power within the Wizarding World. Justice will soon be served; don't worry your pretty little head about that."

All was quiet for a good hour before anyone dared to speak again; each prisoner was contemplating their own fate, aware they had a better than average chance of never seeing the sun again. Harry wasn't concerned with himself at the present time; all he cared about was prolonging Hermione's death until the baby was born. If they didn't have a chance at life, perhaps their child would.

Later that day – or was it night? – a cloaked figure made it's way down the corridor where the six were being kept, waking Harry. He opened his eyes a fraction of an inch and watched as the figure stopped in front of Snape and Draco's cell.

"Severus," the figure – a middle aged male, Harry guessed – whispered, "How the hell did you get yourself into this mess?"

"No clue, Lucius," Snape answered, "Why don't you go ask Lord Voldemort himself? Does he even realize three of his followers are in Azkaban? Tell him I must be released at once, or he will have no one sworn to him able to run Hogwarts."

"I shall tell him," Lucius Malfoy answered, running his hands across the bars. "But I came to see my son – is he awake?"

"I don't wish to speak to you, Father." Draco spat out, moving away from the door. "You're the one who placed me here – either let me out or leave this very instant."

With a curt nod and a rap against the bars, Lucius bid good day to Snape and left the hall, his navy cloaks billowing formidably behind him.