Matsumoto ran out of the house towards the beeping, pausing only long enough to alert her captain as she headed out of Orihime's door towards where the latest Hollow alert was. She flash stepped as quickly as she could, one block, then two blurred in her vision as she ran past, faster and faster. Up ahead, she could see where the attack was, a large Hollow, its jaws almost raptorial attacking a nearly deserted playground. Deserted except for a small, baseball cap clad figure that was menacingly bouncing a soccer ball before kicking it directly at the Hollow's mask. The creature growled in pain and swatted at the young girl, hard enough to jar the girl's spirit loose from her body. Matsumoto scooped up the petite child's unconscious form and ran back to Urahara's shop the look on her captain's face as he ran towards the scene confirming her own worries about what she had just seen.

The girl's spirit form had no chain of fate.

Nor did it wear the same clothes as the unconscious girl that she carried.

Matsumoto ran faster, leaving her captain to help the newest shinigami. Right now, making sure she had a body to return to was critical.

At least until they could find out what happened.

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