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Chapter 1

Ichigo walked home in a daze. She and Aoyama-kun had just finished their date, and she was in high spirits. In fact, Ichigo was so distracted; she forgot to look where she was going…And also didn't notice that Kisshu was following her from above.


Ichigo blinked, disoriented, as she found herself in a dead-end street. Ah. Oops. Guess I should've paid more attention to where I was going! She thought sheepishly. Ichigo turned around, intending to retrace her steps and go home, when she spotted Kisshu floating a few inches above a brick wall. Without thinking she reached for her pendant to transform into Mew Ichigo.

"Wait." Kisshu's voice drifted down to her. Ichigo paused, not quite sure why. Maybe it was because of his tone – it sounded serious, not like the usual teasing one. His face matched his voice, and she put the pendant away, puzzled at his unusual behaviour.

"What do you want, Kisshu?" She asked warily.

"I've come to take you with me."

"Eeeh?!" That was out of the blue. Sure he'd hinted, but sheesh!

Kisshu sighed. "Look, you can either come with me, or get killed here."

Ichigo tensed up, taking it as a threat. Unfortunately for Kisshu, she had been attacked too many times by him to realise it for what it was -­­­ a warning. Ichigo replied with a ferocity that surprised Kisshu. "I am not going with you. So you can take your offer and-"

She was cut off as he looked at her, disappointment clear on his angular features.

He had thought she would understand, but she didn't. So he had to get her to see the truth. Kisshu jumped down from the wall and landed gracefully, taking Ichigo's hand in his, ignoring her protesting gasp. "Why don't you see?" He murmured. "Why can't you believe this is the only way?" Ichigo searched his face, hoping to find a weakness, a chance of escape, but saw only tenderness and... Love? Impossible. She twisted this way and that, trying to break Kisshu's hold on her.

"No." He snapped; face transforming into the cruel mask once again. "I'm not letting you leave until you show me."

A small growl escaped Ichigo's mouth. "Show you what?"

"Show me you're listening to a damn thing I'm saying!" He seemed irritated. Ichigo thought if he had not the hold on her hand, he would've been pacing. He stared into her eyes with a strangely intense expression. Ichigo wanted to look away, to break the contact, but seemed to be locked in place.

"I'm in love with you." He shook his head, sending the emerald bangs flying.

"I can protect you, keep you from harm. I can take you far away from here, to a place where we don't have to fight, where we can just be free." He smiled invitingly, drawing her in.

For Ichigo, he was painting a beautiful picture…But she couldn't. She had to protect the Earth, protect her friends. Ichigo looked away. "But we have to fight." She whispered. "What you're doing, hurting innocent people…I can't…Let you…" She trailed off, uncertain of how to finish.

Kisshu felt his heart beat faster, and acted on instinct. He stepped closer; brushing his free hand across her cheek and turning her face back round to his.

"You can't let me do what?" He said, so softly. He fought for his people, for the ones he loved. Was that such a crime?

Ichigo's eyes, which had been looking to the side, now flicked up to meet Kisshu's, and she lost all thought. His eyes, so full of love, were almost hypnotic…Like flames dancing in a fire.

But flames can burn, and flames can hurt you. A small voice told her. It sounded familiar somehow, yet not her own. But Ichigo didn't care. She couldn't. Not when she was being held so tenderly, so lovingly. Someone else loves you too, the voice reminded her.

That was it… her heart belonged to someone else. Aoyama-kun! Ichigo's free hand flew to still the ringing bell around her neck, a light blush rising to her cheeks. She smiled happily in spite of her situation and Kisshu's hold on her hand loosened ever so slightly, before tightening with a vice-like grip so without warning that it caused Ichigo to cry out.

Kisshu had just been bitterly disappointed. He had thought she had changed her mind. Kisshu thought she had chosen to be with him, wanted to belong to only him. But she preferred that human… that much was plain to see. And it stung his heart in a way that nothing else ever had. He wondered if she knew how she was hurting him. I don't think so, he thought, she's too kind for that. Perhaps someday he would return the favour, but now was not the time. Time… Pain heals through time, he realised.

A new emotion entered his mind and heart, soothing the sharp pain into a dull throb. What was it? Hate? Desire? Maybe both had mixed to create something new, something more powerful.

Determination. Time and time again Ichigo refused him, but he would overcome anything she threw at him: Even death.

Whoah! Kisshu mentally backtracked. Am I really that far gone? Do I honestly love her enough to die for her?! The answer ran loud and clear through his whole mind, body and heart… An undeniable, unquestionable 'yes'. It is as it is, He concluded. But although he had established to himself how far he would go for her, she still needed to be shown.

Ichigo had been caught between racks of guilt for forgetting Aoyama-kun, and getting lost in Kisshu's fiery eyes. She suddenly noticed he was no longer debating something, and was staring at her intently. Ichigo suddenly felt very nervous, as if she knew he was planning something. She felt the urge to run, but couldn't move.

Kisshu hesitated for the briefest moment, and then wrapped his arm around Ichigo's waist, pulling her into him, leant closer and pressed his lips to hers. He'd kissed her before, but this was different, this meant something – to both of them.

The moment their lips touched, Ichigo couldn't breathe, and her heart raced. Her mind was flooded with thoughts. This is wrong. You love Aoyama. You can't fall in love with Kisshu… But as the kiss deepened, the flood slowed to a trickle, and finally bliss took over. It didn't matter about the world. Let it burn, for burn it would if she let go. Ichigo felt terrible things would happen if she turned away now. If Kisshu could honestly protect here from that, then she was his.

Kisshu had wanted this to happen for so long, it had become little more than an obsession, and the initial reason had been dimmed. But that reason had been brought to light, and now it surged through every muscle in his body. He loved her. He wanted her. He wanted to be the only one she'd ever need.

All too soon Ichigo broke away, and although Kisshu didn't pull her back into the embrace, he carried on kissing the side of her neck, enjoying the heat of her skin until she stepped back, red in the face. He licked his lips, as he could still taste a hint of strawberry, and smiled. Ichigo's cat ears and tail had come out, proving she was more similar to him than any human.

Ichigo cringed. The damn ears and tail. They always got in the way! She automatically stepped back and hid them until Kisshu reached over and moved her hand. "You don't have to hide from me," He said. "I love all of you, cat features too, kitten." Ichigo's tail twitched in delight at the new nickname, but her voice didn't seem to work. Kisshu's smile broadened into a grin while he brushed a stray hair out of her eyes. "The truth is always revealed somehow." He sighed. "People are going to find out about us." His voice sounded so harsh, Ichigo flinched. "There going to try and break us up. We won't let that happen. Not if... not if we really love each other." He paused, and sounded very uncertain. "Ichigo… You do love me… don't you?" If this was all some elaborate scheme, or she was only playing along, it would break his heart to far beyond repair.

Ichigo's own heart did a little flip at the hesitance in his voice. He sounded so helpless, so vulnerable…It was then she realised that she could not ever hurt him, for seeing him in pain would hurt her. "Kisshu," She murmured, finding her voice at last. "I love you. More than anything in this world, or any other." They smiled at each other, intertwining their fingers, and sat on the floor, staring up at the dark night; hiding their fears from one-another.

Ichigo tried with all her might not to think of Aoyama, and how badly she would be hurting him, when she knew he loved her very dearly.

Kisshu refused to think of how Deep Blue would react, and how he would plan to harm Ichigo to punish Kisshu.

Ichigo's eyes grew heavy, and she leant her head on Kisshu's strong shoulder. This is how it's meant to be, he thought. Ichigo safe in my arms. He kissed her forehead gently and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Ichigo's deep, steady breathing. Perhaps everything would work out okay. He sighed, and let his mind wander under the cover of the star-strewn midnight sky.


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