Hey. I know that I said the sixth chapter would the last, and that's what I thought it would be, but Rizu Neko-Chan asked a few good questions about the story, so I'll answer them in a Epilogue. I wasn't too sure how to answer such a wide range of topics in a story format, so for some questions, the characters will answer them, to tie up any loose ends.

What happens to Pai, Tart and Deep Blue?

Pai's answer: Working with Deep Blue didn't show any positive confirmation that we were going to either successfully take over this earth or save our own. I believe switching sides would be more beneficial.

Taruto: Where Pai and Kisshu are, I am. It gets boring if I'm by myself.

Deep Blue: - - - - - - - -

Conclusion: Pai wasn't getting results, and heard that Ryou had new technology that could help save his world, so he went to Ryou and now their working together. Taruto just tagged along, and Deep Blue… Ryou will say he did this on purpose, but by a lucky accident, the holding cell he trapped Deep Blue in is actually permanent – Ryou didn't make a key. That's why Deep Blue didn't respond to his question, and won't be troubling anyone.

Does Kisshu get his powers back?

Yes, he does. Deep Blue was draining his powers in the holding cell, and now that he's escaped, the effect is wearing off. It took a week for his powers to get to full strength again.

Kisshu's answer: Of course I got my powers back. (Starts teleporting everywhere to prove it.)

Ichigo's Mew mark – What's with that?

When Kisshu touched Ichigo's Mew mark, he joined his power with hers because the touch was voluntarily accepted by both of them (as in, he didn't force her, and she didn't object). Both of their powers were doubled in strength, because they had joined on a power-link level. They don't share power; they share the ability to tap into a greater level of power.

Ichigo's Mew mark turned gold, to show this power increase, and as we saw, Ryou's did too. The other girls Mew marks also turned gold, but their power only doubled by two-thirds because they didn't personally join an alien on the power link level.

What happened with the Mew Aqua?

As we know, Kisshu was locked up when Pai said he was occupied with the Mew Aqua, so Pai was blatantly lying. The Mew Aqua is still out there, but both the Aliens and the Mew Mews have stopped looking for it because they're working together to find a solution.

Does Kisshu's planet get saved?

To answer this question, we have to go about eight years into the future. Ryou, with Pai's help, found a way to save the aliens planet – only he could tell you the specifics, and I don't think the majority of the country would understand if he did, but the general idea is that he made a device that would shift the planets tectonic plates so the gasses released and the oceanic movements changed would, combined, start to heat up the planet, so they can grow crops and start to live properly again. It actually worked, and Pai and Taruto went home. Ryou wouldn't want me to tell you this, but he tested a smaller version of the device in a greenhouse, to try and heat it up. The prototype worked… a little too well - He set the greenhouse on fire….

Keiichiro saved the day with a fire extinguisher...

Anyway, Kisshu was more reluctant to leave Earth, and stayed a little longer. He wanted to bring Ichigo to his world, but she can't leave her home yet.

He visits his world though, and every time he comes back, Ichigo waits for him in the meadow where they danced as part of Kisshu's New Year present to Ichigo.

But before all of that, Keiichiro organised a rented house for Kisshu, Taruto and Pai while they get used to the human world, and try to find a solution to saving their own world.

That's it for the mini-epilogue. Hoped it helped! And this will actually be the end of the story. Who ever heard of a story with two epilogue's?