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Bella POV

I was messed up. The screw up. The bastard kid. My family had a sordid history, but not one I can be bothered to tell right now. It may only go back to my father, but the whole thing is pretty fucked. Would take too long to even get started.

The basic gist? Sure, I can give you that. My dad, Charlie, had an affair with a married woman. I'd say she was 'mom', but really she's only Sue Clearwater. The woman means nothing to me, just a freaking egg donor.

After barely giving birth to her first baby, my half-sister Leah, and she runs to my father. She has me. Then comes to realise that dear old Charlie isn't good enough for her and goes back to her husband Harry. They have another child, my little half-brother Seth.

I mean, what a hoare, right? And I don't even care if she's my mother, it's true. It is the only truth I have to cling onto right now.

Then Charlie, thinking he couldn't bring me up on his own, sends me away. I bet you're thinking 'Christ, that bitch is barely out of the womb and already she's fucked up'. Well, you wouldn't be far wrong. And I haven't even gotten to the best part.

For years I was told that the woman bringing me up was my mother. The oddball known as Renee. She dropped her last name, thinking she was some hot shit like Cher or something.

We traveled a lot when I was younger. Renee never seemed to want to spend too much time in one place. It's almost as if she couldn't keep still, and she was supposed to be the bloody parent. Though I gave up on that imaginary perfect family unit when I was around ten. Someone had to take charge.

The way it always worked was that it would be me left saying 'I told you so' when a harebrained scheme backfired on my way too naive 'mother'. Not that these moments weren't enjoyable. I fucking loved being right.

For a while, towards the end, we had quite a good thing going in Phoenix. Arizona was a bit hot for my liking, but we had a comfortable house and not all the guys at my high school were prize jerks.

Anyway, one day Renee decides she's had enough. She 'can't go on living a lie'. Apparently. My father's sweetheart from high school and supposed best friend had given up on the ruse. Story of my life. People giving up. But, whatever. I mean, I should've guessed she wasn't my mother. I had darker skin than both her and Charlie combined. A milky russet, or so I've been told.

And now I'm back in this shit hole. The dump Renee only insisted I visit once a year. I've got a whole new history, a whole different mother, and a lot of fucking lies to come to terms with. Though, I've been told, all the discarded and unwanted crap ends up in Forks... I should fit right in.