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He always had had a thing for red heads.

But she was different; he hadn't felt like this about anyone since Shannon.

Damn her.

Her hair, her lips, that smile, and that laugh. And Paris. And NCIS for bringing her here.

She was good agent, no she was goddamn amazing agent, and he still didn't think she should be here as a director.

"Boss?" Dinozzo's unfortunately familiar voice snapped him out of it.


He just looked at him, and pointedly looked at Ziva, who had her head on the desk, hair scraped back in a messy ponytail, who was obviously exhausted and McGee, who looked like he was trying to stay awake, with difficulty.

They were shattered, and wit good reason, not one of them had gone home in several days, not one of them had slept in all that time, and not one of them had eaten for at least a day – unless coffee counts. They'd caught the bastard who had been killing the teenage girls, four in total, and he was locked up. And the NCIS building was practically empty.

Paper work could wait.

"Go home, get some sleep. Here in the morning." Gibbs said.

"Thanks boss." Tony said with all the enthusiasm he could possible muster.

"Ziva, Ziva wake up," he shook her arm gently "We can go."

She lifted her head, dark bags under her eyes, "Tony if you are joking with me I am going to ki-"

"Oh come on! Gibb's said we could go. You too probie!"


"We can go!"

"Oh right coming."

"Probie was asleep!" Tony teased on their way out,

"You say you are exhausted, yet you still have the energy to tease McGee." Ziva said, slightly amazed but too tired to really care.

"And you say you're tired yet you still have the energy to question me having the energy to tease probie."

Ziva was too tired to care, "I am too tired, I will argue with you after I have had some sleep."

"Look forward to it," Tony yawned.

"And probie was asleep."

"I wasn't asleep Tony, my eyes were open."

"Ah says you… I know differently."

"Whys it matter anyway? Ziva was asleep."

"But McProbie… Ziva didn't catch a few hours sleep in Abbey's lab yesterday; me and her were out – doing our jobs."

"That was only twenty minutes."

"Abbey told me what really happened."

Ziva rolled her eyes.


And with that the elevator closed.

Gibb's couldn't help but smile at them, all of them.

"What are you smiling at Jethro?" Jenny smiled at him as she made her way down the stars and he was flooded with emotion for this amazing woman in front of him.

"Oh nothing Jen," He said, continuing to smile.

She just narrowed her eyes slightly in that very Jenny-like way and replied "What are you doing here so late?"


"Yeah, cos it sure looks like that. When was the last time you went home?"

It was Wednesday, he'd been at work since, shit, since Saturday.

"Tuesday morning." He said easily.

"Liar." She said smiling.

It never was worth lying to Jenny, wasn't nine years ago, isn't now.


"Liar!" She exclaimed.

"You always could tell."

"You always could tell," she retorted.

He smiled, they were both right, he was quiet, memories flashing back to him…

"Paris." She said.

He just looked at her.

"Definitely Paris," she smiled.

After a long pause, he started.

"I miss you Jen."

A flash of sadness crossed her face, "I miss you too Jethro." She said, the longing in her voice.

He got up and walked up to her. "What are you doing here this late anyway?" He said.

"Working." She retorted.

He smiled, he wanted her so badly, and he could see she wanted it just as badly.

He brushed a strand of that stunning hair out of her face, she felt herself tremble.

Instead of dropping his hand, he placed it on her cheek, searching her eyes.

"We can't do this Jethro." She whispered, her voice desperate, and her eyes full of emotion.

"Then why are your eyes telling me a different story," he whispered gently. "I thought you wanted this," He smiled slightly, in a sad way and put his other hand around her neck.

She sighed, and trembled at his touch, in such close proximity he was driving her crazy, hell she wanted it, she wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything else.

"Come on Jen," He said, tracing his finger over her lips,

She gave in, "I want it."

And he pulled her closer to him and gently placed his lips on hers.

The kiss was full of love, and tenderness, Jenny tried to hurry it, she wanted to drink him in, get as much as she could and make up for nine years of lost time.

He pulled away, "We have a long time Jen." He said softly, teasing.

"Then hold me Jethro," she said, she needed to be closer to him, god she loved him so much, and she didn't want this to end in heart break – again.

He wrapped his arms around her gently, and breathed in her smell, her hair, the feel of her, everything that made her Jen.

"I've missed you so much," she said, a single tear sliding down one cheek.

He held her even tighter, and felt that familiar tug at his heart, "I love you Jen."

"I love you too Jethro,"

"We waited too long," She said.

"Nine years too long." He said as they broke apart.

She smiled, truth and honesty shone through her eyes in her happiness.

God he loved her when she smiled.

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