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Chapter 3

"You're in a good mood this morning Director," Cynthia commented.

"What makes you say that?" Jenny asked.

"Maybe the fact you haven't stopped smiling." Cynthia said, smiling herself.

"Crap…" Jenny thought, "Is it that obvious?"

"It's just a nice day Cynthia," She said,

Meanwhile downstairs…

"Boss looks happy today," Tony whispered to Ziva and McGee as they crowed round Ziva's desk, pretending to work.

"Can no one around here be happy without you poking your ears in it Tony?"

"It's poking your nose Zee-vah."

"That is beside the point Tony, you should not intrude on others privacy which by the way they have a right too."

"This coming from you Ziva?"

She narrowed her and eyes, and before Ziva could kill Tony with a paperclip, McGee intervened, "I think Boss is getting suspicious," he whispered, and then raised his voice, "Yeah, that was a tough case,"

Gibb's looked up, smiling, and raised his eyebrows.

"Well done McProbie, you just confirmed the fact we were talking about him."

Ziva lightly head slapped McGee.

"Boss is smiling."

"Well observed Tony." Ziva said, irritably.

"Well I'm an investigator Ziva, it's kinda what I do."

McGee and Ziva rolled their eyes.

Tony's face lit up as something apparently dawned on him,

"What?" Ziva asked, curiosity evident in her voice.

"Boss got laid!" He whispered, loudly.

"Keep you voice down Tony," Ziva hissed.

"I wonder who it was?"

Tony and Ziva looked at each other, and they could tell they were thinking the same thing.

"What?" McGee said.

They stayed the same, neither of them spoke.

"You don't think?" Tony said.

"It's a definite possibility." She replied.



"Yes. Oh, we are too good."

Ziva rolled her eyes, but smiled.

"What!?" McGee said louder.

"The director." Tony and Ziva said together.

"No…" McGee said.

"Yes!" They said.


Tony jumped up.

"Yes boss!"

"It's none of any of you's business."

"Sorry boss."

"You will be." Gibb's smiled.

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