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Full Summary: Samurai Kishi, a group that prevents Konoha from becoming a shady underworld for villains. Sakura has been hired as their emotionless assistant who can stand the "gore" but Sasuke is suspicious of her uniqueness, especially when evil is ever present. Glassy, doll, green eyes looked into the obsidian darkness of a beautiful killer. Samurai Kishi's new assistant was almost TOO good...

Twist, love, blood, lust, darkness, mystery and shock.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto...Sasuke on the other hand...no really, don't own any of it! Kishimoto owns all!

Warning: Some violence and minor gore, suggestive/romantic themes and language (this is a warning for all chapters)


1. Hired my sweetheart

"Why look at me sweet master,

When you know these eyes of mine...

I'm sweet for you dear master,

So why gaze at my soul darling?

Please, those emotions are not for you,

Stare at the china red lips instead...

Or my perfect pretty pink head...

Or my frozen solid fingers

Yes sweet master, look anywhere but my eyes..."

"Don't let them change you..." Amber eyes glowed in the shady cube of the room. They were the type of eyes that could penetrate even the coldest of persons…that honey toned gaze was enough to smoulder anyone.

"Hai Tsunade senpai!" Her apprentice answered, pale fingers fidgeting with the assigned kimono she was wearing. Her fingernails brushed against the soft fabric as she adjusted it.

"If they tell you to feel something you must feel it," The woman said. This was the first time she was telling her delicate little cherry blossom…well, delicate in her eyes. Sure enough, Sakura Haruno had reached the age of 18, now finally ready to face the world she had been trained for. At a young age, Sakura had shown great promise to the Kamoku academy. Perhaps it was because of the death of her parents, which had torn the very emotion out of her.

She was sneaky, a dancer in the dark. Wicked when requested to be, sweet and loving when asked to be. Who was she without demands? A china doll. Sakura knew what emotions to deliver when addressing herself, or stating an opinion of course. But only because she was told how.

Not many people had shown such promise. This, Tsunade knew very well. Kamoku academy was designed in order to create the perfect assistants or assassins to join/help the current assassin groups littering the earth. In the clammy depths of Konoha, there was evil lurking, like poison smoke. Foreign evil, assignation groups from other ninja lands, trying to wipe out the most powerful country, Konoha.

Kamoku academy was therefore created to increase the number of assassins and assistants that would help Konoha become great and powerful again.

Tsunade massaged her temples. The word power was said too often. Looking up, she gazed at the girl in front of her, still sitting patiently.

Sakura's long pink hair was currently worn straight, snaking past her neck and landing comfortably on her chest. And of course, she still had the same innocent features, much like a doll. And was still innocent, untouched, unexperienced. Had never known a friend nor an enemy. Never known love or lust, comfort or pain.

The black kimono she wore with a cherry pink obi, almost reminded Tsunade of a dark geisha. The main assignation group of Konoha had requested attire like this, to match with the image of course. Samurai Kishi (Knight) were the assassination group, which had just hired Sakura as their personal assistant. Their job was to protect Konoha from the plague of evil and keep the people pure. Of course, this requested trust and skill, no spies. So Kamoku was therefore extremely important.

"Are you ready to leave this place?"

"Hai Tsunade-senpai..." Sakura stood, the chair creaking mournfully as she left it.

"I'm no longer your senpai..." Tsunade told her. "You know the way I assume?"

Sakura paused, her back now facing away from the woman she once called senpai. "Hai I know the way Tsunade." Sakura took a step forward. "Am I your equal now?"

Tsunade hesitated. "Hai Sakura."

"Delighted to hear it. I will choose to miss you, thank you for your help." Sakura shut the door to Tsunade's shady little cube of a room.

And amber eyes hid themselves once again.


"Sasuke-kuuuuuuuun..." The red head whined for the seventh time.

Sasuke was currently sitting at his desk, looking at a map with tired eyes. He was dressed in his usual attire, a black yukata with a navy blue obi, that tied loosely, exposing his pale and well toned chest. It was something Karin adored gazing at, as she sat herself rather rudely on his desk.

"Get lost already...and tell that bastard over there to stay away from the sake..." Sasuke muttered, not lifting his oynx irises.

Karin snapped her head round, glaring at the white haired man in the corner. "Suigetsu! Stop it!"

Suigetsu casually turned round, holding a sake cup in one hand. "Ooooohhh...gomen bitch..." Suigetsu dropped the sake cup back onto the mahogany cabinet and stepped away from it.

Karin grunted a curse before turning her attention back to her "Sasuke."

"Why are you even here?" Sasuke asked finally, placing the map back down on the desk. He noticed Karin's leg rising higher to expose some of the skin from her revealing white kimono.

Karin caught his gaze to her thigh and smirked. "Liking what we see?"

"No, I'm concerned it will touch that important paperwork..." Sasuke answered.

Karin huffed heavily. "My master sent me...he wants to know when you're coming back to us..."

"That was a long time ago. Leave." Sasuke did not want to dwell in the past any longer. Sure enough, he had once been a traitor to his own village. Following the likes of foreign assassination groups such as Sound. But he had returned after learning the truth...but his old master still wanted him back. Since then, he had been a useful asset to Samurai Kishi, leaking information on Sound and earning him a high job within the group. He was the one who managed the work in the mansion, hired employees and whatnot. He was in control of the assistants and messengers. The one just above him was Shikamaru Nara, a genius in Konoha, who managed the work Sasuke needed to manage.

Of course, if Sasuke wasn't doing this, he was out assassinating enemies within the village. Some fellow group members would leave the village and attack groups who threatened Konoha; but his unique skill was that he could detect spies...the rats hiding…but despite his skills, and the skills of his comrades, assistants were greatly required and never easy to get.

His last assistant, who had been forced to clean up the mess one night, vomited in a bathroom and never returned. It was clear Sasuke required a much stronger assistant and Tsunade had been so generous as to offer one for the whole household.

"You're not going to come back?" Karin said again with a trembling lip.

"You do realise you are both foreigners to Konoha? I could have you killed in an instant," Sasuke told them.

"You wouldn't do that to us!" Suigetsu exclaimed with a cackle.

Sasuke stopped studying his papers. Finally, he looked up properly. "."

Karin growled in anger as she slipped off the table and skulked out the room, grabbing Suigetsu by the collar. "Who does he think he is?" Karin asked herself as she slammed the office door shut.

"Someone who isn't interested in you," Suigetsu answered, earning a slap from Karin. "Big deal anyway...we don't need him anymore."

Karin rolled her eyes as she stormed down the stairs, tightening the purple obi round her waist.

"What are you bakas doing here?" Came a loud voice from the neverending hallway.

"We're on business..." Suigetsu said indifferently as the pair made their way to the door.

The blonde's hekigan eyes narrowed at the white haired man. "People from sound are not welcome."

Karin spun round to face the tanned face man, who was dressed in a black yukata with an orange obi. "We weren't doing anything Uzamaki..." She flipped her red hair back and went straight for the door, Suigetsu hesitantly following behind, yawning loudly. She heaved open the large wooden door and stumbled out to come face to face with a girl about the same height she was, if not slightly smaller.

"Konichiwa." Her expression was too bright for this dim afternoon and it almost pissed Karin off. She also particularly disliked the black kimono, which seemed to accentuate her curves nicely. This person was part of Samurai Kishi.

"Whatever..." Karin snapped, pushing past her. Suigetsu sighed heavily, as he winked suggestively at the young pinkette before disappearing into the silent streets.

Sakura did not even react to her words as she remained on the doorstep, gazing at the wooden door, as it slowly began to close again. A firm hand was pressed against it, to stop it from shutting fully.

"Miss Haruno from Kamoku academy, right?" Naruto questioned the pink haired girl in front of him. He gave her a quizzical look. 'Why didn't she stop the door from closing?' He pondered.

Sakura immediately noticed his flamboyant and charming personality. "Hai. Mr Uchiha is expecting me."

Naruto gave a nod. "Yeah, I know..." He opened the door wider and stood there for a moment.

Sakura seemed un-phased at first, until she realised this was a gesture for her to enter. "Otsukaresama..." She stepped in and explored the interior with wide emerald eyes. "Beautful Mr Uzamaki..."

"Whoa, hold up, no need for the formalities," Naruto said with a chuckle.

"You are all my shujin, I shall address you appropriately unless told not to Mr Uzamaki," Sakura answered as if she had just recited it from a book. She continued eyeing her surroundings. It was all rather antique. The beauty of ancient Japanese decor was all that could be seen. The shoji doors, the silk screen paintings, the oak wood and flowers. It wasn't like the Kamoku academy at all, which was decorated rather darkly to suit Tsunade's tastes.

Naruto cleared his throat. He had never seen an assistant with such expertise. The way she moved was as if she was a doll learning to walk. Every step was carefully done, not out of line or a sign of any stumbling. A perfect puppet. "Well, Sasuke's office is up the stairs, door closest-"

"I memorized the layout of the Kishi mansion Mr Uzamaki..." Sakura shot him a glance. "Arigatou...nonetheless...may I go up the stairs?"

Naruto gave a nod, as his eyes watched her leave and head for the stairs. She didn't even make a sound...


There was a perfect knock on his office door. The knock was firm, yet patient, the rap consisting of 2 beats with a distinct gap between the two. Sasuke guessed it was who he was expecting. With a slight pause he finally gave permission for the one to enter.

Sakura immediately stepped in and gave him a very low bow. "Konichiwa Mr Uchiha. I swear to bleed for you, clean for you, protect you in any way possible, think of me as a doll, one you may do anything to!" Glassy green eyes looked into the obsidian darkness of a beautiful killer. She was looking up from her bow to politely wait for his answer.

He was slightly taken aback by this. He stood and gestured for her to stand straight. She did, perfectly.

"So you're the expert?" He circled her first, before eyeing her. "Please outstretch your arms."

This was the part he hated. All his previous assitants had flinched at his actions or began to blush terribly. He placed his hands on her shoulders first, before slowly tracing his fingers on her arms, feeling her small muscles, and then the fingers hidden in the long sleeves. He noticed she was completely still for him, her face completely blank.

This was odd to him. All who were hired were never told about these searches so that they couldn't prepare if they were trying to hide anything dangerous. So usually, they took it the wrong way and thought he was feeling them up.

Next, he went down to her chest, digging her fingers into her obi, checking every space, before running his hands down her waist and hips, and then round her legs. Finally satisfied, he stood and faced her.

She was still standing, arms outstretched.

"Drop them," he said quickly and firmly.

Sakura did.

"You didn't react at all," Sasuke said to her, folding his arms.

"You may do what you please," Sakura told him.

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly, but not enough to express emotion. "We don't do things like that. Why would you say those things?"

"I have been trained this way Mr Uchiha. I began to learn how to serve people in every way possible. Although, this is the first time I am trying it out for real. I am now yours. I will do everything and anything in whatever emotion you want me to," Sakura told him, remaining eye contact.

"Well, for one thing, you may feel what you like when doing your duties." Sasuke leant against his desk. "Have you ever seen a dead body before?"

"No Mr Uchiha," Sakura answered.

"Well you will. I'm preparing you now," Sasuke warned her. Her gaze had not shattered into fear, nor transitioned into worry. She was still blank and staring at him intensely.

"What should I feel like when I see a dead body?" Sakura asked him. "It is something people do not like to see...but have to see."

Sasuke hesitated. "Feel what you like."

"Shall I feel what you feel Mr Uchiha?" Sakura asked him.

Sasuke swallowed. "I feel nothing..." he lied. "So feel nothing..."

Sakura bowed her head. "Of course Mr Uchiha."

"Call me Sasuke," Sasuke told her abrubtly.

"Hai Sasuke," Sakura replied instantly.

Sasuke sighed as he returned to his seat. "You need to know how this all works. The jobs we assign in Samurai Kishi and who has these jobs. Tsunade told me that you have memorized the names and features of every member within the building, correct?"

Sakura gave a slow nod. "Hai Sasuke."

"Well, we all work to protect Konoha and keep it safe. We're all well trained assassins and of course, you are our main assistant. You'll be meeting all the members here and there. The most important thing to remember is that there are three heads to Samurai Kishi. If you remember, the previous ones were Orochimaru, Jaraiya and your senpai, Tsunade. Orochimaru rebelled against us, Jaraiya was killed by an assassination group known as Akatsuki and Tsunade decided to start another academy.

Now the three current heads are Hatake Kakashi, Moreno Ibiki and Mitarashi Anko. Samurai Kishi is also broken down into three squads. Anko is in charge of the travel squad, Ibiki is in charge of the collector squad and Kakashi is in charge of the hunting squad. The travel squad, which consists of Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba and Tenten assassinates threats outside of Konoha. The collecting squad with Nara Shikamaru, Aburamae Shino and Akamichi Choji collect information about our enemies. And finally, the hunting squad, with me, Uzamaki Naruto and Sai. We hunt down spies hidden within Konoha and take them out, or bring them here for interrogation."

Sasuke hated talking this much. In truth, he enjoyed being a quiet person. And it wasn't like his voice was an interesting one to listen to. His voice sounded cold and firm, as if he was haunted by a past he couldn't forget. Shutting out the memories, he looked up to face the girl, who to his surprise had been listening intently. Usually girls were too busy watching his mouth move, or running their eyes down his body. He sighed heavily.

"Any questions?"

"Hai Sasuke. How do I act around all these members? The only interaction I've had with people are with people like me," Sakura explained, hands clasped in front of her.

Sasuke raised a brow. She didn't even know how to act? Usually the girls that came from Kamoku academy still had emotion. They started their training at the age of 15 and finished at 18. So why was this girl so different? "What age did you start?"

"I've lived there since I was 5...Sasuke," Sakura replied, without any tone of hurt or sorrow in her voice. It was as if this didn't bother her in the slightest.

"Well, you should be yourself." Sasuke was not expecting this to come from her lips. Living in that academy for most of her life must have affected everything about her. Perhaps that was why Tsunade was so eager to give her a job, so she could escape the emotionless world.

Sakura remembered the words Tsunade had told her. She wasn't to let them change her. But if she was equal to Tsunade now, surely that meant she did not need to take orders from her? And since Sasuke was her main master, surely she should be listening to him? 'But I have no self to be...'

"Do you like your job here Sasuke?" Sakura asked, attempting to make conversation in order to get to know her master better.

"I was forced to do this job within the mansion. I don't mind the assassinations but this talking is starting to piss me off. Go make yourself useful...there have been rumours of a spy lurking around here...I'm going to hunt him down so I need you to look after the office while I am gone." He stood and went to a cabinet to his left. Opening it, he retrieved the samurai that sat on its shimmering stand, before placing it in his obi. "I will be back soon."

Sakura did not expect her master to leave so quickly. "Shall I clean?"

"Introduce yourself to the other members if you wish. I cannot afford to stay right now." Sasuke brushed past her and walked out the room, shutting the door behind him. Sakura looked round her, finding herself alone for the very first time.

She decided she would clean, rearrange the mess of papers on his desk and dust off the furniture.


"She's hot you know..." Naruto hissed as he ducked behind a few garbage cans.

The rain had begun to pour down, slapping the ground with its meek little teardrops. The alleys in the depths of Konoha were dark and dirty. Full of strip clubs and shady bars where these kind of men were found.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. Why couldn't Naruto be more like Sai? Quiet and less annoying. Sasuke couldn't care less if whoever this "she" was, was hot. His mind was too focused on the mission at hand.

"Really good body in that kimono," Naruto added.

"Who are you talking about?" Sai asked, as he crept across the alleyway to crouch down beside his two teammates.

"That Sakura girl...our new assistant," Naruto answered.

"Haven't seen her yet," Sai admitted, as he tightened the grey obi round his waist. All Samurai Kishi members wore their own personal coloured obi, in order to separate each one. Usually, the female assistants were also given a colour of choice, but one like Sakura, did not know how to favour something. So she was given an obi that matched the pink of her hair.

"She's weird though...really weird," Naruto went on, earning a bored glare from Sasuke. "Like she's a robot or something."

"It's because she's lived there her whole life," Sasuke answered.

Naruto grunted loudly. "How comes you get to interview all these hot assistants!"

"I'd happily trade my job for any other...it's not like I enjoy it," Sasuke snapped, keeping his eye on one bar in particular.

"Not enjoying assistants? That sounds quite gay of you Sasuke," Sai commented, earning a punch from Sasuke's fist.

"Well trade my job! Sometimes getting bossed around by Tenten, telling me how to sharpen weapons is a pain in the ass!" Naruto complained, clenching his fists.

"I'd have any job but that," Sasuke hissed, ducking down further. "This guy is a no-show..."

"Perhaps we should go inside?" Naruto suggested, jerking his head to the bar.

"No, we shouldn't cause a scene. He was expected to come 2 hours ago. We should try again later and report this back to Kakashi...let's go." The three hunters stood and dashed away, too fast for even the rain to hit their bodies.


Sakura carried a large bag of rubbish, mainly sake bottles out of the mansion and towards the bins round back. Her hair was a mess and her black kimono was decorated with dust but she did not care. She was doing this for her masters and pleasing them would please her. She slammed the bag into the bin and brushed down her hands. It has been a long 2 hours, cleaning Sasuke's office had been more tiresome than she had expected.

She was about to walk away when a scraping sound alerted her senses and forced her to turn round. When Sakura heard noises, she was expected to see the cause of them immediately. An animal, the wind, or a fellow person. However, nothing appeared behind her which confused her slightly. Shrugging, she continued walking down the path until she suddenly felt a rough jerk on the back of her obi which forced her backwards. She fell into the arms of a stranger, his long black greasy hair falling onto her pale wet skin. She looked up and gazed into drowsy looking eyes. She had never seen this man before. His breath smelt sour...like he had been drinking. And his rough dirty hands were now tightly round her waist, stopping her from moving.

His beady brown eyes searched her face for fear but there was none. She was completely blank...unsure how to react.

"Who are you?" Sakura asked, lacking curiosity. Her green eyes were wide with anticipation but she didn't seem scared.

"I was about to ask you the same thing..." He slurred. He turned her round to face him. "So you work with this Samurai scum, huh?"

"Yes I do, but they're not scum in my opnion," Sakura told him defiantly. "I think that was inappropriate of you..."

The man cackled at the woman's words. "Really? You have some nerve girl!" He suddenly slapped her across the face, the rain on his fingertips colliding against her soft cheek, wetting it even more. Sakura gasped. A stinging pain shot through her entire face, like an electric current.

She had never been confronted this way before! What was this? Sakura clasped a hand on her cheek, as the man remained holding her. Her eyes were wide. The mark was instantly reddening.

Sakura had felt pain before, but it had never been caused by another person! "What...what was that?" Sakura asked him. "Should I be angry at you for that?"

"You don't have to be if you don't want to sweetheart!" He pushed her onto the ground.

Sakura widened her eyes. She did not understand this man's actions! Why was he doing this to her?

"You can give a message to your little boys...tell them I'm not going to tell them shit about my-"

.......(thump...) 'What...'

.....(thump...) 'Is...'

....(thump, thump) 'This...'

..(thump, thump, thump) 'Feeling?'

..(thump, thump, thump, thump thump) 'Is...'

..(thump..........thump..........) 'It....?'


That's what Sakura was reminded of...

When she saw the explosion of scarlet cascade into the rain and dance aross her entire body. Her chest was red, her face was red. The rain was dilluting it, it ran through her clothing, sinking deep.

Sinking right through...was it warm or cold?

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