Sarutobi looked over thecastle gate's from his vantage point on the cliff behind the stone walls. The child was in there. Alone. Afraid. All because the human kind wanted a power that never was their's to use in the first place. He had come to this land of sweltering heat, and active volcano's to save his friends only child, The Twilight Empress; Uzumaki Uzu. His team consisted of only the one's that he trusted to help him save the child's life. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, the White Fang of Kanoha, and a ten yr. old boy; Itachi Uchiha

He had been appalled to return from his mission in Lightening Country to find that the precious little life that he had been charged with had been handed over by the counsel to an alchemist for the sole purpouse of being sacrificed to bring about a new world order of war, chaos, and Empress was barely even three yrs. old, much too young to die a senseless death for something so stupid.

Sarutobi stared at the open wall in the side of the castle tower where the little girl could be located; the security in the castle was lax. Two on each of the walls, two on the outside stairs, four in the tower, and the two men who were planning to kill an innocent child. One to use a alchemy, and another to slit the toddlers throat. They were all fools. They had no chance of living once they hurt the little one. They didn't know that the child was a half demon, and her demon mother was sealed with in the fragil her little body.

Once the fools drew blood they would die. Uzu was the Twilight Empress for a reason, she had the power to summon and control all demon's. Once she started to bleed the demon's would come running from all over hell to protect and serve their Empress.

Uzu sat in the strange room that the bad men had put her in, and shivered slightly because of the chill in the air. The room had nno windows, or light, it was nothing but cold, damp, stone walls all around. Someone had come into the room earlier to bath her in strangely scented water, then rubbed her down with oils that also smelled strange. She had the sneaky suspision that the oils were to make her seem more appealing to something, or someone. And one of the oils that had been rubbed into her skin had a drug in it to keep her calm.

Her long silver blond hair had been washed, combed and styled into an intricate knot and something heavy with jewels and a veil; was then placed over the top of her head, and she was then dressed in a long white dress that fell to her ankles, with blood red stones and pearls sewn onto the material. And the woman that had been in the room with her had asked her if she wanted to have any flowers lain at her side once 'it' was over. Uzu had been confused. What was 'it'? And why did she have wear such strange things, and smell funny? She just wanted to go home and see jiji.

There was a soft clicking sound in the direction of the door as a man in shiny black metal walked in wearing a helmet with long pointed horns attached to it, and a mask over the bottom part of his face. "It's time, on your feet, demon." he said in a cold voice as he fingered his sword and stared dispassionatly at the frightened three yr. old girl in front of him.

If only he could kill her now. He thought as four others entered the room and put the demon in chains that would drain her demonic power as they yanked her to her feet, and took her to her exicution.

Uzu was led down a semi long hallway to a room with a wall missing and saw the hatful looks of several men in shiny armor, and two men wearing masks that looked like animals, but before she could ask about the masks the chain around her neck was yanked hard, the metal biting into her skin, and she stummbled a bit. It took a second to right her self and walk into the center of the room.

As soon as she stepped into the center of the room the floor started to glow, and a strong breeze came out of no where, as the men attached her chains to the thick metal loops; two on each side, and one in front of her. Her small head snapped to the side as she tried to look around, and make sence of what was happening. She felt a small burning sensation work it's way through her body, and building until she could barly stand, and ended up kneeling on the floor, and had to clench her teeth to keep from crying out in pain. What was going on?

She never saw three of the men in armor pull their swords from their sheaths and take up their positions around her. One in back, two in front, the spell would'nt work without blood, but they had to be careful not to kill the demon before she had suffered adiquitly. Raising their blades they angled them just right and brought them down all at once. One pierced the toddlers back above her heart tearing through the flesh, muscle and bone until the tip of the gleaming once white blade; now stained crimson was buried in the flood in front of her. Another blade tearing through her stomach in a similar fashion, and the third one tore her upped leg then entered her leg for the second time when it shredded her calf and embeded in the floor under her leg.

She let out a loud scream as the agony added to the pain that she had already been feeling. Tears ran down her little face and she tried to breath, and found it was like something was sitting on her chest. Her only thoughts were of the old man that she called jiji. Where was he and why had'nt he come to save her...


Uzu awoke with a scream as she bolted up right in bed panting, and sweating as she rubbed the place over her heart. Her chest was hurting. It hurt just like it had that day when the man had ran her through. It took her a few seconds to calm herself down, and it was about that time when Kakashi, Yamoto, Sakura, and Sai all filed into her room one after the other ready to do battle with what ever or who ever had got the jump on her. The door slammed open so quickly that Uzu had nearly jumped out of her skin and ended up falling out of her bed with a loud thud.

Once the others had woken up enough to realize that there was no threat they all let the tension slowly seep out of their bodies and looked at the sickly pale, wide eyed blond shaking on the floor. "Naruto, what happened?" Sakura asked as she pushed her way to the front and knelt in front of her team mate and started to examine him.

But Naruto had other ideas obviously, pushing himself to his feet he walked over to the closet, put his hand on the knob and yanked the door open and looked inside, satisfied that there was nothing or noone hiding inside Kakashi, Yamoto, Sakura and Sai all watched curiously as the blond checked under the bed, then the bathroom.

He was pale as he went about systematically checking evey room attached to his assigned area. He was rubbing his chest, and muttering incoheriantly about things that made no sense to them as he went. He looked like he was looking for something important, he looked...terrified. Naruto was many things but easily shaken, and scared wasn't one of them. "Naruto, what's wrong? What are you looking for?" Sai asked with a worried expression on his usually expressionless face as the blond checked the windows for the fourth time to make sure they were closed, and locked.

It was only when he started to check the closet, under the bed and such again that Kakashi grabbed the blond by the shoulders and shook him.

"Naruto! Snap. Out. Of. It." he said sharply causing the blond to stop moving and go perfectly still and look at him.

"What's going on? What are you guys doing in my room? Is everything okay?" the blond asked as he looked from one face to another in confusion. Like had'nt known that they were even in the room with him. Kakashi and the others just stared at him.

"Naruto, you screamed. So we came to check on you." Sakura said as she moved to see if the blond had a fever or something.

Sai' s eyes were narrowed slightly.

Naruto was often forgetful, but never like this. He was always aware of the people in the room with, or around him. Almost painfully so. The blond gave them an, 'Oh' kind of look as thunder sounded over head causeing the kid to jump, and start looking around like he wanted nothing more than to find some place safe to hide, and wait out the storm. "Ah, sorry, guys. I didn't mean to worry you. You should all go back to bed now, it's only a few hours till dawn." the blond said with a nervous smile as he scratched his cheek.

Kakashi let his hands tighten slightly on the blonds shoulders before he let his hands fall to his sides, and sighed. Whatever it was that had Naruto so damn jumpy, it was clear that the kid had no intentiopn of talking about it until he was damn good and ready to do so. "Are you sure you dont want to tell us about it?" Yamoto asked kindly. The blond intantly slipped his mask into place and gave them a sheepish smile.

"Nah, I'm good. Good night." Naruto said as he turned his back on them indicating that the conversation was over and quickly climbed back into bed and pulled the covers up to his chin and made it look like he was already dozing off back to sleep land.

Uzu waited until everyone had left the room before she sat up, and got out of bed and grabbed the pillow and top cover; then went to the bathroom and opened one of the cabinits and crawled inside and made herself comfortable. Normally when she had nightmares of when she was a kid she would go find Tsunade, Iruka or Hinata and sleep with one of them, but since none of them were there to protect her from her inner demons she didn't have a choice but to make due with sleeping under the bathroom sink. She didn't mind sleeping there, she had slept in stranger places. Like in a white marble coffin in her father's crypt. She had slept there for so long as a child that Sarutobi had jokingly called her his little 'living dead girl' and 'vampire'. But the best one that he had come up with was one that had been put in in the bingo books when she was seven, Murder Princess.

She quietly closed the cabinit, shutting herself off in darkness. She still felt like she should expect an attack of some kind. And couldn't help but think that sleeping under the cabinit was the best choice. After all how many people walked into a place with the intention to do bodily harm and found someone cringing in the closet, or cowering under the bed? Noone would find her under the bathroom sink unless she desired to be found. She could easily attack from her new bed as well as defend and excape out the bathroom window. She wasn't stupid enough to let herself get cornered or caught. That shit had happened too many times in the past.

The next morning came too soon to Kakashi since he had'nt gone back to sleep at all after Naruto had freaked out and scared them all. His former student had some fucking issues that he was hiding from them, and Kakashi didn't like it. Not one little bit. He hadn't liked the terrified expression on the blonds face either. Finishing off the coffee that he had been drinking for the past half hour while he looked out of the window of the wooden house that Yamoto had made for them to camp out in while on their way back to the village he put the empty cup on the window seal and left his room, heading to Naruto's room; knowing that the blond probably had'nt gone back to sleep either.

It was time to try and weasle some answers out of the kid, whether he liked it or not.

Imagine his suprise when he opened the door to the blonds room and found the kid gone.

The house was in an uproar. Something must have happened. Uzu thought as she curled up into a tighter ball in the darkness. She could faintly hear Kakashi, Yamoto, Sai and Sakura calling for her. But she was comfortable and in no mood to deal with their shit, so either they found her on their own or she was staying right where she fucking was.

"Where is Naruto?" Sakura cried as she started to franticly search for the dumbass boy. Kakashi had practically shouted down the house when he had discovered the kid gone. And while they were all worried there was no evidence to suggest that Naruto had been spirited away by enemies or anything. His pillow and top cover had been missing too, so it was a perfectly logical conclusion that he was some where sleeping.

Still after seeing his behavior last night they were all thinking that maybe he had sleep walked right out of the house and into the wild. Which was bad since there were lakes, steep hills, boulders, wild animals, and some really deep ravenes everywhere.

They had all imagined finding him, drowned, with broken bones from where he had tumbled down a steep hill, being torn apart by wild animal, falling down a revene, or hitting his head and dying from a shattered skull; which is what caused all of them to start frantically searching for the blond fool. In the hopes that he was alive and well, because they would be pissed if he was'nt.

It had been sometime after three in the evening when Naruto had mysteriously appeared in the house looking worn out and still kind of pale. His blanket and pillow already packed in his bag and ready to go. After chewing the blond out and resting for a while everyone then got ready to finish their trip back to the village. Sakura, Sai and Yamoto were playing 'I spy' and engaged Kakashi in a few rounds in an effort to try and get Naruto intrested in playing before switching to twenty questions just to get him to talk. Even Kakashi didn't like his silence.

Kakashi thought for a few seconds when Sakura, Sai, and Yamoto admited defeat and stared at the blond; looking dejected. "Naruto do you remember the day you crashed a meeting between the jounin and the third Hokage?" Kakashi started to say, the blond paused in mid step and glanced up at him before he continued.

"I remember you were upset about something, and so in the middle of a meeting you took it upone your self to ambush, and beat the third Hokage to a bloody mass of goo. When you left and we all begain to ask the third Hokage if we should arrest you; he laughed and said that it was'nt nessisary, because he had deserved the beating that you had given him. I never did ask, but what was that about any ways?" Kakashi asked quietly while the others listened intently.

Naruto frowned, but continued to stare strait ahead. "He lied to me.-" the blond begain to say then paused for a second as if he were having trouble remembering.

Then continued speaking again, "He said noone knew about what had happened, and that noone could trace it back to me. But...eight Anbu were killed during that time, so natrally everyone believed that I had a hand in it. He said noone would ever know why I was in the hospital; dying, alone, scared. But I missed one-" Naruto suddenly stopped speaking as if realizing that he should'nt be speaking about that incident to them, and smiled his usual smile. Causing warning bells to go off in Kakashi's head.

"We really should get back to the village. I need to find Hinata, Iruka, or Jiraiya. I need to see one of them as soon as possable." Naruto said as he walked past Kakashi and the others and simply kept on going.

"What the fuck?" Sakura muttered as she and the others watched the blond get farther and farther away. Naruto, what's going on? What hppened to you? Kakashi wondered as he narrowed his visable eye at the kid's back. He suddenly got the feeling that he was watching Naruto move more and more into the darkness; where Sauske was.

How long until he lost another of his presious people to the darkness? A week? A month? A year or two?

Kakashi clenched his hands until his finger nails drew blood.

Never again.

He silently vowed as he watched Sai, and Sakura run to catch up to the blond. When they did both of them latched on to his arms and held tightly. Sakura smiled but her expression was strained. She was worried, and anxious. Sai could hide his anxiety much better than Sakura. And both were trying their best to coax a smile out of the boy. Yamoto was worried too. He had always been fond of Naruto's pranks and exploits as a ninja. He had been very happy to be placed on team seven with Kakashi, but had only accepted his new assignment because it meant that he would be working with Naruto.

He never ceased to suprise them. Both as a demon container and as a ninja. He changed the lives of everyone that he came into contact with. Neji, Lee, Hinata, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka, Anko, Kiba, Shino, Sai, Sakura, Yamoto, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, TenTen, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro and even Itachi and Sauske all benifitted the most from the blonds presence in their lives and many, many others. He was like a star. The only true star in the night sky. His light guided them when they needed it the most.

Once they reached the village gates Naruto split. Literally.

He was there one second and gone the next.

There wasn't even a dust cloud to indicate what direction he had gone in. Kakashi had to hand it to the little fool, he was quite the excape artist especially when Sakura hadn't let go of his arm at all since earlier. He had probably gone to see one of the people that he had mentioned before. And Kakashi felt it was his civic duty to track the boy down and find out just what was going on. He would use what ever means nessisary to do so. He wasn't above using bodily harm to get the kid to talk. Unfortinatly his little talk would have to wait since he and Yamoto had to report to Tsunade's office for a debriefing.

Uzu pushed open the heavy marble door to her father's crypt and saw Hinata standing there waiting for her in the darkness; wearing her usual uniform. A very revealing dress with a loose short skirt that almost didn't fall past her waist. Uzu could see the black and red lace panties that she was wearing under. Dropping her bag inside the door she quickly closed the door and crossed the distance between herself and her servent in three strides and grabbed the girl's wrist and pulled her against her, and wrapped an arm around her waist until their bodies were touching completely. Breasts to breasts, hip to hip. She needed to let off a little steam, and this was the best way to do it.

She grabbed the front of Hinata's dress and ripped it down the middle baring her lushous breasts for her pleasure. Palming them in her hands as she ravished Hinata's mouth with bruising force. Hinata moaned into her mouth and gripped her shoulders as she let her glamour fade away, and backed the dark haired girl into the far wall. She tasted so good. Uzu thought as she ground her hips against Hinata's as she leaned down and latched on to her neck and sucked the skin into her mouth. She wanted to see her mark on the creamy skin everytime she saw Hinata; until the mark faded away and they came together again.

Hinata arched her back rubbing her pebbled nipples against Uzu's through her shirt; causeing her to sigh at the feel. She ached damn it. She let go of Hinata's hands and allowed the girl to unzip and push her jacket from her shoulders and do the same to her skin that Uzu had done as uzu ground their hips again. He long slender fingers slipping inside of Hinata at the same time Hinata pushed her fingers inside of her pants;and into the wet folds. They both cried out and moved their fingers in the same rythem, until they could feel their climax building, drawing closer.

It was at that moment that Hinata grabbed Uzu and slammed her against the wall so that she had her pinned in the same position as before, then pulled her pants and panties off; and dropped to her knees in front of her master and nudged her legs apart and put her mouth against her nether lips and started to alternate between licking, sucking, and nipping at the sensitive skin with her mouth. Uzu tangled her fingers in Hinata's hair and held tight as she came with a soft cry, followed by a sob as she tried to tell Hinata that she had had enough, but Hinata only smiled at her and licked the cum from her before she stood and once again changed positions with Uzu who used her unusually sharp finger nails to tear her panties from her, and did the same for her.

After the two of them were done Hinata sat on the floor with her upper body resting against Uzu's, while Uzu smoked a cigerette.

Hinata had her hand under Uzu's shirt running her hands along her master's body. Uzu enjoyed a little light petting after their encounters. Even when they were younger she had always enjoyed the gentle touch of another's hand. It was one of the main reasons that she and Hinata met like this. That and Hinata was just as dominate and demanding as anyone. She may be akword and shy outside the crypt, but behind closed doors she was as outspoken, shrewd, and twisted as any sadist; she was also much more confident in her abilities, to fight, protect, and serve her master. With in the cold marble walls noone told her she was worthless, or called her a failure. Noone would dare to call her that ever again if any of them ever knew the truth about her. But she was as entitled to her secrets as anyone was.

Kakashi had left the Hokage's office in a bit of a hurry to find Naruto. Unfortunatly he had already located Iruka and the sanin but had yet to find Hinata or Naruto. And he had been looking for roughly four hours for both of the teens. Hell at this point he would settle for one, as long as the kid was healthy and whole. It took another twenty minutes of searching before he finally found Hinata leaving the grave yard where the fourth Hokage was buried. She looked okay. She was humming a soft tune as she started to walk past him as he hid in the bushes and watched her pass.

She was pulling on her jacket, and tucking in her shirt as she went, but what really caught his attention was the hickey on the side of her neck. It was a fresh one from the looks of it. Neji, and Hiyashi were going to murder whoever had put it there, and Kakashi secretly hoped that it wasn't Naruto. He was so out of it he didn't sense the person behind him until a kunai was pressed against his neck, biting into his skin enough to draw blood even under his mask; causing him to stiffen.

"What ever your thinking of doing to Hinata; forget it because I'll kill you before I let you touch whats mine." a familiar voice growled close behind Kakashi. Ah, so much for that fleeting thought. The oaths of a teenage boy in love. What fun.