To say that Kakashi was upset by his Hokage's orders would be an understatement.

His visible eye alone must have twitched half a dozen times before he slapped his hand over it and prayed for the patience to calm his already unsettled nerves as Tsunade continued to grin at him evilly from behind her desk.

Just what was she planning anyways? His paranoid mind whispered.

"Why do you want Uzu to stay with me?" He wondered out loud, annoyance tinting his tone.

"Because-" The vexing woman said happily.

As if the one word alone would tell him the reason why he was being ordered to let Uzu live with him instead of drive him frigging insane. He dropped his hand from his eye and glared at the woman as if he'd like to skin her alive. Which he probably did want to do.

Yet knew that doing so would lead to him being labeled a traitor and inevitably to his demise.

"Because why you irksome female?" Kakashi practically growled at her, his temper starting to loosen his tongue a little bit.

Tsunade didn't answer she just grinned at him and wondered if Sakumo could see his son at the moment. Kakashi was so socially awkward sometimes that it was just so much fun to pick on him.

That nervous tick in his visible eye was just adorable!

Tsunade must have stayed silent a little too long, because Kakashi filled her office with murderous intent a second before he vanished in a puff of smoke. Apparently wanting to get as far away from her as possible before he did something unthinkable and Tsunade took a second or so to ponder if he was even aware that this was a much needed chance for him to reconnect and get to know Uzu on a much deeper level.

Perhaps for him to relive some pleasant memories from his childhood and get to know his princess all over again.


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