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Chapter 1 - Late again

Wow he was late again. I sat on the basketball court waiting for my always late best friend Edward Cullen. I looked at the time again he was almost 20 minutes late. I grabbed my gym bag and left through the gym doors making my way to our group of friends.

"Where the hell is Edward?" I exclaimed.

"Umm... Over there with the cheerleaders," giggled Alice. Alice was my best girlfriend she had watched me and Edward grow up, fight, laugh and make up again. Deep down Alice always wanted to see me and Edward together but I knew that would never be because only went for hot, short skirted, half brained bimbos.

I got up and walked right up behind Edward who was shamelessly flirting with Tanya, the school's "promiscuous" girl, and hit him in the back of the head. I then turned around and began walking back to Alice who was now full out laughing. But before I could make another step forward I felt his cold hands wrap around my waist.

"Sorry, Bells I was a little occupied. Game afterschool?"

"No thank you. I would rather play Rosalie," I exclaimed back at him.

Even though I loved Edward I knew it would never happen he was the typical jock and I was the typical tom boy best friend of the jock. Edward and I had grown up together in rainy Forks and were instantly best friends because of our love for basketball.

I was an only child living with my father the chief of police. Edward, Alice and Emmett were adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Cullen long ago. It was hard to believe that I had become best friends with a guy like Edward who treated every girl like a toy. But I knew Edward he was something else; it annoyed me that he would always put up a front in front of others but when we were alone on the court he was my Edward.

The bell had finally rung and I decided I should try not to be late again. I walked into class barely making it in time once again. I had geography with Jasper, Alice's long time crush who she never had the guts to ask out. "Hey Jasper! What are you doing afterschool?" I asked with the little enthusiasm I had.

"Um... Nothing just chilling I guess why? Let me guess you want to play ball because Edward left you hanging?" He grinned back.

"Yeah I guess," I laughed back.

"Sure, see you on the back courts afterschool?"

"Yeah," I replied back. The day flew by quickly and before I knew it, it was time for my ball match with Jasper. I knew Alice would be coming if she knew who I was playing.

I walked toward the ball courts on the back of the school. I could instantly see a pale guy with blonde hair standing at center court. Wow on time, what a change I smiled to myself.

"Hey, sorry I'm late I had class in building D," I apologized hoping he wasn't waiting long.

"No worries, I just got here," he replied back.

I threw the ball to his chest. "Whoa! You can throw a ball hard can't you little one," he laughed back.

I stuck my tongue out and the game was on. It went back and forth for several minutes with me scoring and them him tying it up again. But at the last second I got a three pointer and the score was 19-21 and I had won. "Hey Jasper you mind if I ask you something?"

"Yeah shoot," Jasper was still dribbling the ball around the court and doing lay ups.

"What do you think about Alice?" I asked trying not to be too obvious.

"Alice, Alice Cullen?" He asked I just simply nodded my head. "She's different; I guess she's kind of cute," he smiled back, "why do you ask?"

"Nothing, nothing. I just thought she was your type of girl and you know the spring dance is coming up and yeah I think I'll shut up now."

"So are you implying I ask Alice instead of her beautiful friend Bella?" He smiled with all his pearly whites.

"Firstly, me beautiful? I don't think so. And secondly, I hate dances I would never go," I tried hiding my fully red face now.

Jasper stopped dribbling and walked towards me. "Dude, you should ask Edward it won't kill you," Jasper had his hand on my shoulder rubbing it slightly. Wow everyone in school knows that I love Edward, how awkward was all that I could think.

"Umm..." I could feel my face burning. I knew my red face always seemed to give me away in the worst possible way.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa what's going on here," I heard his cocky voice from far away.

I turned immediately and saw his face, it was Edward. "None of your business Cullen," I yelled back in his direction. I knew what was going to happen next. Edward ran my direction and quickly tackled me to the ground and began tickling me.

"None of my business eh," he laughed.

"Stopppp you loser," I laughed back.

We both looked up and Jasper was gone. "Wow, he doesn't like me does he," Edward asked perplexed.

"Let's just go home please"

We walked home with basketball in hand. I knew I could never be truly angry at Edward. It was hard I knew I loved Edward but he only loved me like a friend. Gosh life sucks.

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