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Chapter 23 - Happily ever after... Really?

Bella's Point of View:

I looked out the window confused why Edward did not seem to move until my father knocked on his window. All I wanted to do was run out and give him a hug but I knew I didn't want to start another confrontation with my overly protective father; so instead I sat at my bedroom window looking at my other half.

It was pass midnight by the time Edward had finally left. Graduation was only a few days away and the butterflies had mounted my stomach. I looked around my tiny room and knew where my future lied and I knew that it wouldn't be in rainy Forks. I looked over at my cluttered desk to see the acceptance papers to the UCLA and NYU. I wanted to go to NYU but I knew that Edward was going to UCLA this fall; decisions needed to made and time was running out.


Graduation had come quickly and before I knew it I was standing in line to receive my diploma. I was ready to go to NYU and had already told Edward my plans. At first he was happy but now looking over at him I knew he was unhappy to not only lose his girlfriend but his best friend.

"Isabella Marie Swan," I took a deep breath in and then began my walk across the stage. It was unreal how fast everything had come and before long I would be boarding a plane to my new home in New York.

Like the story book ending to our graduation we quickly threw up our hats and rejoiced in finishing a chapter of our lives. I looked over at Edward and instantly melted knowing that sooner than later we would be separated once again.

"I'm so proud of you," I heard Charlie's voice as I scrambled out of my thoughts.

"Thanks Dad," I leaned into an awkward one handed hug. I looked over his shoulder to see the Cullen's approach to congratulate me. I smiled as Esme made her way towards me and gave me a warm embrace.

We all chatted and Alice was beaming knowing that her new life in New York would be starting in a mere few days. I smiled and looked around at the happiness. But there was someone missing; I looked around desperately for Edward but he was no where to be seen.

"You're looking for him aren't you," Alice whispered into my ear. I quickly turned and peered into her eyes and simply nodded.
"Go outside by the basketball court he's waiting for," she replied with a devilish smile.

"Thanks," I bid my goodbyes to everyone and told Charlie I would be home in a few hours after I had celebrated graduation with my friends but in reality he and I both knew I would only be celebrating with one.

I walked across the field and found his back to me. It was close to 11 pm at night and Edward was dribbling a basketball around the court with his graduation robe on. I smiled knowing it may be the last time we got to play on our favourite court.

"21?" I yelled at him as I got closer. He smiled and chest passed me the basketball. I giggled and placed the ball on the ground in order to remove my robe and hat. After placing everything to the side, I picked up the ball and passed it back to Edward.

I began to gather up my hair in a loose bun. "Swan you sure you want to lose again?" Edward laughed as he leaned in close to me and before I knew it my hair again had cascaded down my back.

"Cullen!?" I replied exasperated as I tried putting my hair back up again.

"Don't you look gorgeous with your hair down," he whispered into my hair causing chills to run down my back.

"K what are we playing for?" I asked with my face burning in embarrassment.

"You get whatever is in this pocket," he gestured towards his jacket pocket before finishing the other half of the bet, "and well if I win then... I get... a promise," he replied sneakingly.

"First of all what if you have nothing valuable in the pocket and secondly what kind of promise?" I asked curiously.

"Well I can assure you there is something very, very good in my pocket and the promise well that's the bet and you'll find out when you lose," he laughed as he threw the ball up into the air.

"Swish," he echoed as the ball went in, "see how easy that was."

"Oh be quiet."

It was 20 to 19 and I was in the lead. I grabbed the ball from half court and threw it towards the net and smiled as I realized I had won again.

"So I guess thats another win for me and another loss for you," I pushed against Edward's chest. "Now where's my prize?" I asked in anticipation.

"Here," Edward took a step back from me and got down on one knee.

Tears began flowing down my face as Edward pulled a tiny silver ring with a beautiful diamond out of his pocket. I looked down at him in complete astonishment. "Isabella Marie Swan, will you please marry me?" He replied as he looked up at me.

I smiled down and nodded quietly. He quickly placed the delicate ring on my ring finger and I sat on top of his knee and wrapped my arms around his neck placing kisses on his cheek. "I love you!" I shouted on top of my lungs as the shock finally had subsided. That's when we heard claps and whistles; I buried my face into Edward's neck knowing our friends and family had seen the whole thing unfold.

"I love you too," he replied with a soft laugh.

And just like that my fairytale ending had finally come. I knew in that very moment that Edward and I would both be moving out to California together and well after that I guess it'll be a mystery.

The End =)

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