D.M's Story! Part Nine!

A Second Chance!

D.M was dashing down the streets following Drake's Battleship as fast as he could, he remembered what he had learn in the future.

'This must be when Drake's Battleship explodes!' D.M thought as he lost sight of the ship.

"Damn it!" D.M said before he heard some talking.

"Looks like Drake's ship is heading to Ancient Balance Ruins," One of them said, D.M quickly dashed off in that direction.


D.M was now dashing down a small path when suddenly multiple Dark Warrior's appeared stopping him.

"Oh great," D.M muttered, but just as they Dark Warrior's where about to attack, guns shots were heard and half of them where Down.

"Night Silencer!" Is heard as the rest of the Dark Warrior's where destroyed by a beam of dark energy!

"You look like your in a hurry?" Is heard as D.M turns to see X Prodigy and another figure, this one was female with Blonde hair tanned skin and wearing the clothes of the Espada! This is Tia Halibel.

"So What's going on?" D.M asked curious why X wasn't trying to kill him...again.

"Circumstances have changed, I need to rescue the Princess," X said, D.M smiled, looks like Ross must have done something to get through X's skull.

"Then let's go!" D.M said as he, X and Tia headed off.


As Drake piloted the Dark Carrier suddenly an alarm was blaring.

"Something's wrong! The Engine's are Malfunctioning!" Drake said.

Outside the ship small explosions could be seen as the ship was starting to burn and smoke.


Darkmagicianmon, X and Tia kept dashing through the ruined areas.

"X, somethings wrong with that ship," Tia said as X and D.M looked up and noticed the ship was smoking and flames too.

"Oh no," D.M whispered before he ran faster.

'According to the Data, Hikari died when Drake captured her, his Battleship exploded!' Gantz's words ringing in D.M's head as he ran to try and find someway to get onto the ship.


D.M, Tia and X now arrived at a deadend as the Ship kept going till it crashed and exploded.

"HIKARI!!!!" D.M yelled before he fell to his knees and punched the ground hard, as X lowered his head before raising it again

"Wait...we can change this still," X said as D.M turned to face him.

"If we go back in time, we can save her!" X said as D.M saw he had a chance and nodded.

"I understand," D.M said as X brought out the Silver Life Aura and D.M brought out the Light Blue Aura and they both nodded.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" They both said as a portal appeared but before D.M went in.

"X, I can handle this myself, besides you two have somewhere to go right?" D.M asked as he tossed into X's hand the Light Blue Life Aura.

"You..." X said.

"I'll make sure to change Hikari's fate, and that should change your future too," D.M said as X nodded.

"Thank you," D.M said.

"Just save her," X said as D.M nodded and jumped into the portal.

"Let's go," Tia said as X nodded and the two of them jumped into the portal too.

(Same Day Noon)

The Portal appeared as D.M fell out of it and heard a dong to see it was Noon.

"I've got less than four hours to find Drake's ship before it takes off!" D.M said as he dashed off.

(That's this Part! Next time, D.M heads to Drake's secret Base to hitch a ride on the Dark Carrier, but before he and Hikari can get off they have to go through Drake himself!)