Epilogue: Happily Ever After

Jess stared at the calendar, May 14th. She hated today, she couldn't help it. No matter how many years had passed, May 14th was still an unhappy reminder of what could have been…to both of them. The first time it rolled around, Don had taken her to cape cod, in hopes they could block out the horrific memories that plagued that day and make some good ones. But it was no use…May 14th would always be the day she almost die and nothing would make the day a happy one. So when it rolled around for the second time, they both thrown themselves into work in order to try and forget what this day meant, that worked better but not completely. However, this year was a bit different, she couldn't work and Don had insisted on spending the day with her. Jess straighten up as she felt a sensational push in her stomach, she looked down and rested her hand on the bump. The soccer player she been housing for the past 8 and ½ months was using her stomach as a soccer ball again. "Alright, K, no more spicy foods," Jess said rocking back and forth on her feet and rubbing her belly.

Don walked out from the bedroom and smiled at his wife as she talked and cradled their unborn child. "I told you that K wouldn't appreciate that breakfast burrito," Don said wrapping his arms around her, as far as he could…his arms couldn't reach around her anymore.

"Yeah, yeah," Jess signed as K stopped using her as a punching beg. They had nicknamed the baby K when they decided not to find out the sex since both names they had picked out started with the letter K.

"So what do you and K what to do today?" Don asked as he walked around to the fridge to pour himself a glass of OJ.

"Nothing," Jess replied, "I told you…I only want to laze around today"

"But…" Don said started to disagree but he gave up when his eyes met hers, he was not going to pick a fight with her, not today of all days.

"I'm going to shower before the movie marathon," Jess said sweetly kissing him on the cheek.

An half an hour later, Don had the kitchen tidy away and had picked out some comedies to watch, definitely no tearjerkers today. When he heard a sound coming from the bathroom that sounded like pain. "Jess, are you Okay?" he asked running into the bathroom to check on her.

Jess was standing soaking wet and crunched over in pain "I'm pretty sure I'm in labor," she stated.

Jess lay in the hospital bed holding their precious baby, born May 14, 2012 at 10:38pm and weighting in at 6lbs 3ounces. Don was sitting down staring at his wife and baby in awe, this was without a doubt the best moment of his entire life. Their friends had arrived to visit and their families would be there in the morning "So do we have a name for this little one?" Stella asked

"Katherine Roselyn Angel Flack," Don said, "Katherine after my mom"

"Katie for short," Jess replied

"She's beautiful," Lindsay said, "I hate to admit it but she looks just like her dad"

"I know," Jess pouted, "Katie might look like you, but I already know she's going have my personality"

"You mean being stubborn," Danny said jokily

Jess wrinkled her nose "Very funny," She said, "And my baby is not stubborn"

"Well you have to admit Jess…I mean she did come two and half weeks early," Don said

"That wasn't stubbornness…that was good timing on Katie's part," Jess said

Don smiled and lifted Katie into his arms and cradled her "What do you mean?" He asked

Jess smiled and said warmly, "For the past three years, today has been a grim reminder of would could have been and we both desperately tried to made it a better day….we finally got our wish because for every May 14th that rolls around now we will only have the memory of the day our daughter was born….we got our happily ever after"

The End!!