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Loony for Luna: Forever from the Ashes



Loony for Luna: Forever from the Ashes

Chapter 23


Part II


Ginny's words till reverberated in Luna's mind as she walked back to the Ravenclaw common room from the library.

" You can tell yourself it's over all you want, you may even believe that it is, but as long as you still love each other, it will never be over."

She did still love him, she had never denied that, she would always love him. But the way George was now...it was just impossible.

"Luna!" Ginny was out of breath as she ran up to Luna before she raised her hand to lift the Ravenclaw knocker. "You have to come...you have to see..."

"What is it Ginny?" Luna gave her a puzzled look "Is something wrong?"

Ginny put her hand on the wall while she bent over and tried to catch her breath.

"Wrong?" Ginny grinned a little "I don't know that anything is wrong exactly."

"I don't understand." Luna shook her head.

"Promise you won't get mad and stomp away into your common room when I tell you?" Ginny gave Luna a funny look

"Is it really that bad?" Luna looked at her best friend, her eyes wary

"Depends on your definition of bad." Ginny smirked as Luna looked at her like she was losing her mind. "Ugh, just promise already."

Luna tried to imagine what could be bad enough to send her running into her common room to escape. Off the top of her head, she couldn't think of anything.

"Okay, fine." She gave Ginny a 'hurry up and tell me look' "Now tell me ...what's going on."

"It's George...he's here, in the stone circle." Ginny grinned

"In the stone circle?" Luna looked incredibly confused "What would he be doing there?"

- - -

"But...it can't be you!....It just can't be."

"Why not?"

"Because...Because I wanted it to be you...I wanted it to be you so badly!"

- - -

Something in Luna's heart already had an idea what George Weasley might be doing in the stone circle, yet she refused to hope.

"Well..."Ginny giggled "He's singing."

Luna looked mortified. "That's impossible. George would never do that in public...he can't carry a tune to save his life."

"I never said it was doing it well did I?" Ginny grinned as Luna began to reach again for the knocker. "Oh no you don't...you promised."

Ginny grabbed her elbow and began to drag her. She dragged her through the hallways, to the clock tower and down the stairs. Then, just before they reached the courtyard, Luna dug in her heels and stopped.

"Ginny I can't!" Luna said desperately "I swore I would never see him again!"

"Luna..." Ginny stopped and gave Luna a pleading look "He's here. He's making a complete fool of himself...and why do you think that is?"

"He was never afraid of making a fool of himself." Luna wrapped her arms around herself. "It's what he is afraid of that's the problem."

"I know." Ginny gave her a sympathetic look "And I know he did something the other day that hurt you bad enough to cause you to decide to leave forever. But, Luna...he came to see you at platform 9 ¾, he showed up here. That MEANS something...He loves you Luna, just like you love him."

Luna put her face in her hands. She wanted to go to him, but, she was afraid. Just a few days ago, he had made love to her and then said that it had been a mistake...and it had crushed her. What could have possibly changed inside him in three days that would make it worth her risking being hurt by him again?

"Luna..." Ginny put her hand on her shoulder "If you don't go and talk to him, you know that you will always regret it. You need to at least hear him out."

But Ginny was right. If she didn't see him...she would always wonder what might have happened if she had gone. Luna took a deep breath and nodded, then she began to walk once again towards the stone circle. At the end of the bridge Luna and Ginny had to force their way through the mass who had gathered. When they finally cleared Luna saw George, standing in the middle of a sea of yellow roses and when he saw Luna break through the crowd, he stopped and began to sing again from the beginning...


I do swear

that I'll aways be there.

I'd give anything

and everything

and I will always care.

Through weakness and strength,

happiness and sorrow,

For better or worse, I will love you,

with every beat of my heart.

From this moment... life has begun

From this moment ...you are the one

Right beside you... is where I belong

From this moment on

From this moment... I have been blessed

I live only ...for your happiness

And for your love... I'd give my last breath

From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart

Can't wait to live my life with you...can't wait to start

You and I will never be apart

My dreams... came true...because …of you

From this moment... as long as I live

I will love you...I promise you this

There is nothing ...I wouldn't give

From this moment on

You're the reason I believe in love

And you're the answer to my prayers from up above

All we need is just the two of us

My dreams... came true ...because...of you

From ...this... moment.... as long as I live

I will love you...I promise you this

From this moment

I will love you

I will love you

as long as I live...

From this moment... on


Luna bit her lip hard to stop herself from crying. She remembered the song, remembered dancing to it with George just a year ago. Even though she had been scared to leave the next day, to return to the unknown that awaited her at school, being with George made her feel like everything would be alright.

Being with him had always made her feel like everything would be alright.

Until recently.

She began to walk towards him, but stopped when Professor McGonagall pushed her way through the crowd.

"Mr. Weasley!" She said angrily as she approached George "What is the meaning of this!"

"Professor...er.." George had the sense to not attempt his infamous Weasley grin.

"Well?" She stood, formidable, her hands fisted on her hips.

"I'm here to try to fix a grievous mistake."

"I can't stand for this nonsense!" She said, sounding incredibly put out. "Its one thing for you to show up unannounced to see Miss Lovegood on Valentine's day, but it is quite another to turn the hillside into a rose garden!"

"I'll put it right again before I leave." Now he did attempt a grin. "But you see..." He looked up nervously at Luna then leaned forward and spoke softly into Professor McGonagall's ear so no one could hear him. When at last he pulled away from Professor McGonagall , she was actually smirking.

"I see Mr. Weasley." She nodded "That is indeed a grievous mistake. But you must realize that we have rules..."

"Of course I do." George nodded "And I would never try to violate the rules."

Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows so high that they nearly disappeared.

"Anymore..." George quickly added "I wouldn't do it anymore, not without a very good reason."

Professor McGonagall gave him a suspicious look

"I am a respectable businessman you know, the shop is doing quite well." George fumbled for something impressive to say "Thinking of opening a second you know, here in Hogsmeade."

Okay, so that had been over a year ago that he and Fred had talked about it...but still, he was desperate.

"Yes? Well...Heaven help Argus Filtch if you do." Professor McGonagall pursed her lips "Very well Mr. Weasley, I won't have you removed this time, but, see to it that you put things right before you leave." She shook her head and gave George a final look "I imagine I should just be grateful that it isn't a swamp."

She turned away from George then and bustled her way back. She stopped at Luna's side. "Good luck Miss Lovegood. If it were me, I would make him beg long and hard. But, that's just me." She patted Luna on the arm and then turned to force the mass of students to disperse and give them some privacy. When they were gone Luna looked up at him, her eyes sad.

"What did you say to her?" She asked

George felt suddenly anxious and said the first thing that came to mind "Huh?"

"To stop Professor McGonagall from having you removed." Luna rolled her eyes

"Oh." He smiled a little "I told her I hurt you, that I needed desperately to put things right or I would end up living a miserable existence..." He said simply "and, this place was lucky for me once before...I thought maybe..." George realized that he was babbling so he stopped and took a deep breath "I love you Luna."

"I KNOW you love me George." Luna said angrily as she fought off tears "That's never been the problem!"

"I know." He spoke softly, afraid of upsetting her more. "The problem is that I have been afraid of letting myself love you the way you deserve."

"That's right." Luna crossed her arms over her chest and began to turn away "And as sweet as this is...it doesn't change anything."

Luna began to walk away.

"Marry me." He said just as her foot hit the first stair. Luna turned around and fixed him with wary eyes.


George fell to his knees. "Marry me Luna."

"How can you ask me that?" Luna asked sadly as she stepped towards him again. "Why would I agree to do that when you're just going to run away again?"

"It hurt so much when I lost Fred, and I couldn't stand the idea of losing another that I loved. I thought it would be easier for me to push you away..."

"I know." Luna said sadly "You already told me that when you came to see me in the hospital..."

"But, I didn't realize then...that by pushing you away, I was already losing you...just in a different way."

He stopped and took a deep breath "I was a selfish bastard Luna, and I wouldn't blame you if you told me to go to hell. But that won't make me stop loving you. I said I wanted you in my life...but, it's not as simple as that, I NEED you in my life. You're like air to me. I can't breathe without you."

"George...what's different now?" Luna felt her throat tighten "All summer, every time I began to think ...maybe it would be alright, you ran. I can't stand the idea of going through it again. If I trusted you, and you walked out on me again..."

"I know. I know I hurt you. But..." George took her hands in his and looked up into her eyes. "The day you left, Angelina came into the shop. She was so angry with me, because I was using Fred's memory to hurt you. She made me see...I don't know, a lot of things. So I went to see you...but, it didn't change anything."

"You're right."Luna nodded, desperate to hold onto her only defense...her anger. "It didn't."

"After I went to see you at the station, after you told me we were finished, Angie and I had a really long talk...I realized that she was right...that I wasn't the same person you fell in love with. I finally understood. Unless I found that person inside of me again, I would lose you.. I thought about us, about everything you have been to me and, I saw that the only time I have been happy the past two years was when I was with you. I want to live the rest of my life with you, I'm not afraid of loving you anymore."

"George...you can say that now...but what what happens when you get scared again? I can't spend the rest of my life waiting for you to run out again."

He looked away from her "The other night, after we made love...I had a nightmare, I saw you dead, lying in a coffin. It scared me, it reminded me of why I had decided to stay away from you."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Luna demanded "I could have helped you, or...I don't know, you should have told me!"

"I know...I was a coward..."He shook his head "I should have been honest with you and told you why I was upset..." He took a deep breath and looked up at her again "I can't promise you I won't get afraid anymore, and I am sure I'll have more nightmares. But, if you'll give me another chance...I promise, from now on...I'll tell you the truth...I won't hide my fears from you again."

"I know how much you loved Fred" Luna knelt down in front of him and put her hands on his face. "I know how much pain you've been in ...but, I loved him too...and it hurt me too. I've wanted us to help each other through this the whole time...but you never let me in. It hurt me George...the way you shut me out and walked away."

"I am not going anywhere. Not again." His voice was determined, his eyes blazing . "I will never leave you."

"I want to believe you..."

"Then do...because, I mean every word." A tear broke from his eye and rolled down his cheek. He let go of her hand and dug in his pocket. When he pulled his hand out he held a small black velvet box. He opened the box, inside was a princess cut diamond set with a platinum band " I. WILL. NEVER. LEAVE. YOU. AGAIN..."

"George..." Luna gasped, her hands over her mouth

"Please...say you'll marry me."

"I love you..." Luna choked on a sob and leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. "I love you George. I always will."

George wiped his eyes with his sleeve and sniffled loudly, then he grinned. "Is that a yes then?"

Luna nodded "Yes."

George wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight to his chest, whispering in her ear over and over again "I love you...I love you...I love you..."

Then he pulled back and kissed her. A long while later he broke the kiss and grinned. "Shall we make it official then?"

Luna's smile was huge as he took the ring from the box.

"Oh yes, lets." Luna sighed happily

George slid the ring on her finger and then kissed her hand. "You realize of course, we'll have to do this as soon as you finish school...in the spring. I don't think I can wait much longer than that."

Luna grinned "I just said yes and already you're being bossy?"

"If it were up to me, I would take you into Hogsmeade this moment and find a clergy. By the way..." he grinned and reached into his pocket and pulled out the silver combs. "These are yours." He smiled as he pulled her hair back and put the combs back into their rightful place. "If you try to give them back to me again, I will affix them to your head with a permanent sticking charm."

Luna grinned "Well, technically, I didn't give them back this time...you... how did you find them?"

"I'll tell you later. Right now..." George said as he pulled her back into his arms. "Just let me hold you."

Luna nodded and buried her face in his neck. After a few minutes she lifted her head and looked over his shoulder at the rows upon rows of yellow roses.

"George..." she pulled back and nodded towards the sea of yellow "I know you were going for a big gesture here, but...don't you think this is a bit of overkill?"

"You did say that a yellow rose and a poem weren't enough to bring us together this time." He reminded her

"Well yes, but I'll never fit all these in my room." She shook her head "I don't think Ravenclaw tower could hold all these roses."

He shrugged "I'll take them home and replant them around our house then."

"Oh no..."Luna remembered then that she no longer had a house. "George...I wasn't going to come back, I was going to move to Belize in the spring."

"I know." He gave her a sad look "But surely you're not still going."

"Well, of course not..."She said sadly "but,we don't have a house anymore. It's been sold."

"I know." George grinned

"you know?" She looked at him quizzically.

"I bought it of course." He gave her a look "You don't think I'd let some strangers knock down our house do you?"


"Bought it." He nodded "Yes. And really Luna, next time you decide to sell our house, find a better reality. Those people are arseholes, you should have heard them going on and on about how lousy the work was that I did on the house. They were going to knock the whole thing down...after all that work I..."

"You...bought it?" Luna asked again "Why? When you weren't even sure..."

"I hoped." George took a deep breath and cupped her cheeks in his hands. "You give me hope Luna. I feel like anything is possible as long as we love each other. " He kissed her softly "I know we won't live forever, but... my love for you...is eternal."

He kissed her again and then he pulled her back into the place that she belonged...the only place that she had ever wanted to belong...

...his arms.

- - -

September 15th

Dear George,

The weather here has been absolutely ghastly, so much rain and wind. It's unfair really, the sun should be shining brightly and the birds should be singing cheerful little songs...it would be a perfect match for the season in my heart.

Ginny and I have been talking weddings, she wants a big blow out... I guess she deserves it after all she and Harry went through. Personally though, I would prefer something quieter and low key. Just a few close friends, and of course, your family.

The first Hogsmeade visit is set for October 28th, can I hope

to see you then?

I love you,


- - -

September 16th

Dear Luna,

The weather here is crappy as well, but inside, I am warm and toasty.

As for your Hogsmeade visit, not only can you hope it, you can mark it on your calendar in permanent ink. Plan on it. I told you, the only place I ever want to be again is where you are. I'll be waiting in our cavern at the usual time.

I Love you,


- - -

December 12th

Dear George,

I was just wondering...how set are you on a spring wedding? I am thinking that we might need to renegotiate.

I Love you,


- - -

December 13th

Dear Luna,

Renegotiate? How do you mean? If you think I am waiting any longer than spring to marry you, you're balmy.

I love you,


- - -

December 14th

Dear George,

Actually...I wasn't thinking of waiting...I was thinking of moving it up a bit.

I Love you,


- - -

December 15th

Dear Luna,

Moving it up a bit? What for? Are you pregnant or something? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I Love you,


- - -

December 16th

Dear George,

I know you were only joking, but....erm...how do I put this delicately?

Yes, as a matter of fact...I am pregnant.

I Love You,


George gave the scroll a second, and then a third read through, just to make sure that he had read right...and then, he sat down before he fainted.

He was going to be a father...as in...A FATHER. Parenthood. Baby. Dirty nappy's and bottles and...and...

and...Holy Shit.

He thought about all he and Luna had been through over the past year. Losing each other, her being taken by Voldemort and losing Fred and Luna's father. Then, he thought about the summer and how close they had come to losing one another.

When he really thought about it, in an odd way, it only seemed right that a new life should come to them so soon, though it might have been better if they had been married first. But then, when had George ever done things the conventional way? Of course, his mother was likely to blow a casket, but George was fairly certain that an impending grandchild might be enough to water down his mothers temper.

Besides, she couldn't kill him...after all, the child would need a father.

George reached for a quill and parchment and began to write.

December 17th

Dear Luna,

I don't know exactly what to say, except...wow and incredible and holy shit. *smiley face*

We can be married over Christmas, all the family will be here. I'm sure mum will be thrilled, and it's not like she can kill me...there is the child to consider. He or she will need a father, right?

I love you Luna, and, I love our little Weasley to be as well.



Tears fell down Luna's face as she read the words George had written. Married at Christmas...just a week away. She couldn't imagine a better gift.

"Did you hear that little one?" She whispered softly in the crowded Great Hall. "Your daddy is going to make an honest woman of me."

She put her hand on her tummy over the place where their child lay. She allowed the scroll to roll closed and then, she held it to her heart and smiled.




George approached the coffin, knowing that he had to say his final goodbyes and hating it with every fiber of his being. It was wrong, it was a life cut far too short and that made him feel incredibly angry. He reached for the top half and pushed it open. Inside lay ....

George sat upright with a loud gasp, his body shaking.

"George?" Luna called from the next room "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He brushed his hands through his hair, thankful that it had just been another one of the damned nightmares that had plagued him since Fred's death a little over a year and a half before.

Luna entered carrying a small wiggling bundle and sat down on her side of the bed.

"You had another nightmare, didn't you?" She asked, her voice concerned as she put the baby to her breast.

"Yeah." He said as he slid over and rested his cheek on her shoulder to watch their son.

"Who was it this time?" Luna asked sadly

"I don't know, I woke up before I saw the face." George's voice lifted with frustration "But, at least I didn't see you, or Freddy." He put a protective hand on his little boys back "Those are always the worst."

They had all taken their turn in the coffin of George's nightmares. As Luna's pregnancy had progressed the nightmares had increased until George had finally sought out a mind healer. Now, he went for therapy once a week and the frequency had begun to diminish as George had talked out his feelings of loss and anger over his brothers death and his guilt over the things that had happened to Luna and her fathers death. The healer had told him that it was only natural after all they had been through to feel afraid, particularly when his own life was changing so drastically.

He and Luna had been married on Christmas eve, and while George finished their house (or rather hired someone to finish their house) and opened the second shop, Luna had returned to school, staying until Professor McGonagall had arranged for Luna to take her N.E.W.T.S in February at the end of the winter term. She'd spent the months leading up to Freddy's birth learning all she could about publishing a newspaper and had teamed up with Hermione and Neville Longbottom to start a new daily .

"The Daily Truth" had premiered on June 15th, the first anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts, with an exclusive interview with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. It sold out within two hours and went into extra printings, and then more extra printings, and then even more.

Hermione and Neville took over while Luna gave birth to Xenophilius

Frederick Weasley that July. Now, in late fall, the paper had become incredibly popular, particularly Luna's column where she tracked the type of things that had been the Quibblers main course.

Most popular of all were the Crumple Horned Snorkack sightings.

Life for the Weasley's was good.

"You went a whole month without a nightmare." Luna smiled reassuringly "That's wonderful progress."

George nodded."I'll be glad when they go away for good."

"I know you will be." Luna touched his face with her free hand "But it's like Healer Marrin says, it takes time to fully grieve."

"I know." George kissed her cheek and took Freddy, putting him to his shoulder to attempt to work out a burp. "Okay stubborn guy...you gonna give up a burp for Daddy?"

Luna laughed as Freddy belched loudly almost as soon as George had taken him. George looked at her with a smug grin "I'm so good."

"That you are." Luna grinned as she took the baby and put him to her other breast. "Just the other day Hermione was saying how we need to write a feature about just how good you are at making Freddy burp."

"Very funny." George grinned at his wife

"You're a celebrity George." She looked at him with overly wide eyes and mock adoration, batting her eyes for effect. "Just promise you won't run off and find a new wife when you make the big time."

"Banish the thought." George pulled her face to his and kissed her. "I told you, I will never leave you. Your stuck with me Mrs. Weasley...eternally."

"Eternally?" Luna smiled at him over Freddy's head. "I think I can live with that."

The End


-The song George sings to Luna in the stone circle is one of my favorite country songs of all time "From This Moment" By Shania Twain. There are two versions, my favorite is a duet by Shania Twain and Bryan White. I highly suggest you listen to the duet version of the song, you can find it on Youtube, and then imagine George and Luna in relation to it...it will make the conclusion so much more meaningful.

Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed this story. And once again, thanks to my Beta Crimsonangel23.