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I had to get there. I just had to. Although, I'd been thinking that for the past two hours. It was really hard to walk twenty some miles on foot. I could see it ahead, the bar I needed to get to. Yet another bar, probably the fifth I'd been to that day.

I sighed and thought aloud, "I swear, I'm gonna kill him when I find him." Okay, maybe not kill him…just kick him really hard in the crotch. That'll show him to…well, he hasn't really done anything wrong. Just made it really hard for me to track him down. Freakin hunter, I thought as I ignored the pain in my feet. I realized if I let my mind wander, it made the time pass a little faster than if I focused on how tired I was.

Before I knew it, I was coming up on the door to the bar. I didn't even pay attention to the name of the stupid place as I walked in…they all seemed the same to me. They also all had the same stereotypical "movie bar" look. Pool table to the left, round tables throughout, biker-lookin guys scattered around the place, that one guy at the bar that looks like he just got done from a fight with his wife or girlfriend…the depressed look, pretty much…and finally there's the guy in a suit…business kind, with his tie a little loose, looks like he'd been tugging at it the entire time at the bar wondering how he let himself get swamped in the business world and numbers and paperwork. Wow…I've really been to too many of these places today, I thought as I walked in, taking in my surroundings. And now for the fun part…

I walked up to the bar, pretty much exhausted, and realized how out of breath I really was, which seemed to make my voice sound more urgent than it really was.

"Excuse me?" my little voice said …no response from the bartender. "Excuse me!" I said a bit louder.

The bartender looked and walked toward me. She seemed a bit annoyed by my tone but I was tired and not in the mood to deal with bull crap. She stood, leaning more on one leg than the other which gave her that sass in her stance that annoyed me…a lot… "Yeah??"

I took a deep breath to calm myself. "I'm looking for a man." As I said this, the bartender, with the sass that needs to be smacked out of her, looked me up and down when I said 'a man'. "He's an older guy, not real tall, um…has kind of a scruffy lookin beard, kinda greyish…always wears a baseball hat of some sort…have you seen him?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a few start to pay attention, like they expected a fight to break out between us.

"Hun, you just described half the guys that come in and out of here everyday," she said as she was cleaning a glass.

"Great," I said under my breath. "Well, maybe you can help me with something else. I need to find this guy and maybe some other people might know how I can get a hold of him."

"Mmkay…well, do you know what these other people might look like?" asked the bartender.

"Um…yeah…uhhh." I racked my brain to remember details about these two guys that I'd only seen from pictures. "One's real tall," I said with hand motions that went above my little 5'5'' height, "got kinda longer brown hair…the other's a bit shorter with, um…real short lighter brown hair…I'm pretty sure they're brothers, uh…they keep to themselves normally…they drive around in this black classic car…um…Chevy…somethin…" Dang it! I've been looking around for signs of this car all day! Why is it NOW that I forget what it's called??

The bartender laughed and pointed her thumb to her right. Great…she's kickin me out. Perfect! Wonderful! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two men stand up from a table.

"That car, uh…" one of the standing men said, "it wouldn't be an Impala by any chance, would it?"

"That's it!!" I pointed at him and then froze right there in my stance.

I'm not real sure why I froze the way I did, I guess it was just good to see what I saw standing in front of me.

I snapped my fingers as I tried my hardest to remember this guy's name. Both names were short…um…started with a D and S…um… "Um…Don…David…" I thought out loud. The shorter one glanced at his partner and chuckled.

"Dean?" he asked.

"Yes! That's it! Dean! You really have all the answers today, don't you?"

They just stood there, waiting for me to say something else…an explanation maybe. I looked up at the taller one and suddenly remembered his name immediately. "Sam? Right? Um…Winchester…if I'm not mistaken…" I asked as I pointed at him.

He looked a little nervous as he glanced at his brother. "Yeah, that's us."

"Any chance you gonna you're explain why you're lookin for us?" Dean asked with complete seriousness.

"Right. I'm looking for this guy. I haven't seen him in quite a while but I really need to find him now and I was told that you might be able to help me."

"The guy you explained to the bartender?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. His name's Bobby Singer. Do you know where I can find him?"

Dean glanced at his brother with a suspicious look and shifted his stance before turning back to me. "What do you want with Bobby?"

"I just need to see him. I have to talk to him." I said, almost pleaded with them.

"That doesn't tell us much," said the unconvinced Dean.

"Look," I said, "I just really need to talk to him. He can help me with something. He knows me, I promise…well, at least I hope he knows me…it's been quite a while since we've been in the same room at the same time."

Dean seemed to get annoyed with me, I could tell by the way he shifted. "I'm gonna ask you again. What. do you want. with Bobby Singer?" He said very seriously.

I sighed. "I'm…his daughter."

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