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I stepped out of the car and took in my surroundings as I walked with the boys toward our destination. We walked closer to the building and I suddenly noticed that there was a chain link fence around the property. The big door to it was wide open.

"Hey," I whispered worriedly as I reached out and touched Dean's elbow.

"Yeah?" Dean said, wanting me to continue. I'd spaced out there for a minute as if a big monster were to suddenly jump out at me.

"Oh…um…do you see an office around here? Or a building of any sort? I mean, the fence was left open…don't you find that weird?"

Dean shrugged nonchalantly. "Not really."

"But I mean, it looks like someone should still be here, like a night guard. I mean, the lights are still on," I said pointing to the bright over-head security lights. "And the fence, they should lock that every night so…so…" I said, fighting for the right words.

"So people like us can't get in?" Sam chimed in with a subtle smile.

"Well…yeah…" I said with a nervous laugh. "I mean, I don't know…I guess I'm just paranoid."

"Right," Dean said slowly. "Just try and keep your paranoia under control, okay?"

I laughed, mostly at myself. "Yeah, okay."

We made our way closer to the building, flashlights and equipment in hand. I knew that I shouldn't be so scared but something in my gut was telling me otherwise. There was a small wooded area to our right, behind the fence. For a second, I thought I'd saw something between the trees. I stared, straining my eyes in the darkness, concentrating so hard that when Dean whispered to me, I nearly jumped out of my skin. My hand went reflexively to my chest and I tried to calm my breathing.

"Are you gonna be okay?" Dean said, moving toward me. "I mean…you can sit this out. It's fine."

I could tell that under his "caring" tone, he seemed to almost be talking down to me. I don't know if he intended it to sound that way, but it did. I mean, honestly this was no big deal. We were searching a storage unit…nothing scary about that. What's wrong with me? I thought to myself.

"Oh," I said, snapping back to reality and glancing back at the woods. "No, no. I'm fine. I just…thought I saw something, that's all."

Dean gave me a look of understanding (or as best as he could) and then turned around. "You said it was unit eight right?"

I nodded. Dean gave one look around and then bent down to pick the silver padlock on the door. Within less than a minute, Dean had the lock open and the overhead door up. For some reason, I had expected something that looked like an old garage with moldy boxes and things thrown everywhere, but this one seemed relatively clean. The boxes were neatly stacked on black aluminum shelves. There was one box, however that sat on floor on the far left side of the room. It had been the one Katherine carried out of the house, I was sure of it. I started to walk toward the box but then suddenly realized something and turned to Dean.
"Wait…what exactly are we looking for here, anyways?" I asked.

"Honestly…no idea. I guess just look around and see what we can find," Dean said looking around with a hint of confusion on his face.

I shrugged and headed toward that box against the wall. I squatted down and touched the tucked-in flaps when I stopped and felt a bit intrusive. I mean I assumed this to be a lot of Randy's things. It just seemed wrong. I felt a pang of guilt in the pit of my stomach and stood back up. I looked around at the other neatly stacked boxes and saw one that was unlike any of the others, mostly because it was labeled. 'Pictures' was written in bold, black marker across the side of the box. I tilted my head in interest and walked over to it. I'd always loved looking at pictures and this one seemed to call to me, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I picked it up off the shelf and sat down with it. There were a few pictures in frames on the top, but underneath were two big photo albums and paper envelopes that the developed pictures came in. I dug to the bottom and found a big mess of single photos scattered. I picked up the first big photo album and felt something fall onto my lap. It felt heavier than a photo and I squinted in confusion at it between my Indian style crossed legs. I picked it up and examined it closer to see that it was a locket…and a very pretty one at that. It was in the shape of a heart, but it didn't seem corny like I thought most heart-shaped jewelry seemed to be. A rose and vine were engraved along the left side of the heart's curve. The back was plain silver except for the words "With all my love, Randy". My heart broke a little reading that. It was Katherine's…it had to be. I turned the locket back over and opened it. Inside, there was no picture, but there was a small engraving that said "1C13:4". I had a moment of dull recognition but I couldn't seem to think of what it was. It was like lyrics to a song I'd almost forgotten. I looked back at the inscription and stared at it. After my eyes hurt from the strain in the dark, I decided that it would come to me if I didn't think about it.

I put the locket on the floor, picked up the big photo album, placed it back inside the box and placed the locket on top of it. Everything seemed so quiet that it was like I was off in my own little world. I was quickly brought back when I heard a crash on the other side of the rather large unit. My eyes shot over to see Dean who was wearing a sheepish look on his face. "Sorry," he whispered. I just rolled my eyes and laughed. My legs were starting to hurt so I pushed the box aside and stood up to stretch. I felt a bit useless at this point so I began to look through boxes again. My head started to hurt after a while from straining to see in the dark. I put a palm over one of my eyes and held my head hoping the pain would stop. Then I dumbly remembered that I had brought a flashlight with me, I just didn't remember where I'd put it. I spun around, looking for the first place I'd went in the unit and with the dim light from outside, I found it sitting on the floor. Annoyed at myself, I rolled my eyes and picked it up. I clicked it on and used it to see my way back to the shelf where I was standing before. I lifted the light to the plain brown boxes when the flashlight flickered. Great…stupid batteries are probably going dead! I thought angrily as I smacked the side of it a few times. I shut it off, turning around to see in the little light that the moon provided, smacked it a few more times and turned it back on. I looked up and a massive chill of fear spread through me like a lightening bolt. In front of me was what looked like to be the smiling man I'd seen in those pictures, only this man didn't look happy and was very transparent. I'd never encountered a spirit that close before, so it startled me and I backed up out of instinct. I stumbled backwards, forgetting about the shelves behind me and felt the aluminum against my back wobble. I hadn't thought I'd hit it that hard but it was just enough to make the structure tip my way. The next thing I knew I was picked up, thrown against the wall by the big overhead door and the shelves came crashing down with all the boxes falling onto the floor. It all happened so fast that Sam and Dean looked surprised to see me lying against the wall. I scrambled into a sitting position and pulled my knees to my chest as Sam ran past me with a crow bar and swung at Randy. The iron went through him and he disappeared like smoke from a blown out candle. I looked up at Sam with a panicked expression and he held out a hand to help me up.

"Come on…let's get out of here. He won't be gone long, " Dean said hurriedly grabbing the flashlights and duffle. He stepped outside on the gravel with one hand on the overhead door, waiting for us to come out so he could close it, when Randy reappeared between the boys and me. I gasped in shock and Randy shoved me backwards a foot right before Dean swung the crow bar at him. He was once again nowhere around but, like Dean said he would be back. Dean grabbed my arm, pulled me out of the unit, and yanked the door down and locked it.

"Come on, let's go, let's go," he whispered hurrying us along.

I ran away from the building as fast as my legs would carry me. I was never really a track star but I learned quickly when fear fueled the engine, I always ran faster than I ever thought I could. I looked back and saw nothing but that didn't keep me from panicking. The boys were already a few feet past the fence before I saw Dean turn around with panic on his face, noticing that I was missing.

"Andy?" Dean yelled.

"I'm here! Go! Get the car!" I yelled as best as I could, running toward them.

Suddenly with impressive speed and quite a bit of force, the door to the chain-link fence slammed shut and locked just as I came up on it. I gasped out of breath and in terror as I turned around to see Randy coming closer and closer.

I spun back around looking at the fence. I thought about climbing it but thinking back to climbing things as a kid, I knew it wouldn't pan out. I frantically glanced back at Sam and Dean. Dean was rifling through the truck and Sam was looking at the fence for a way out. I was really starting to panic when I felt a major chill come over me. Randy was getting closer and I had no way out and nowhere to go but run in circles around the building. I knew I wouldn't be able to out-run him because spirits don't get tired…unfortunately I would.

"Andy! The hole!" Sam yelled as he pointed to his left. I looked down and about 500 yards to my right, there was a hole in the bottom of the fence. It was pretty small but then again, so was I. I looked back at Randy who was still getting closer and I glanced back at the hole with hope and ran. I saw Dean on the other side of the fence, run up and throw what I thought was sand behind me. I looked over my shoulder and Randy was gone. It must've been salt then.

He was gone for now, but he would be back, just like before. So I hurried to the hole and looked at it, quickly figuring out the best way to do it. I started to get on my hands and knees, but Sam quickly told me to go feet first. I plopped down on my butt and put my feet through as Sam helped me. I got about half way through the hole when my arms scraped the fence. I yelped in pain as I saw blood come from my left arm. Sam tried one more time to pull me as I wiggled to help him but stopped when I cried out in pain again. He reached up and tried to pull the hole open wider but it wasn't budging. The fence was sharp where someone had cut the aluminum before and ended up drawing blood from Sam too. He cursed, left me with some salt and said that if Randy came back to use it. I watched him run to the Impala and start to dig through the trunk. Sam was normally a pretty fast guy but Randy was just a bit faster tonight. Lying on my back, I looked up to see Randy's foggy figure grab down for me. I panicked and tried to push my way through the fence, panic overriding the pain in my arm. I was almost out of the fence, so close that my eyes were even with the barbed wire top when I felt a sharp pain in the top of my head. Randy wasn't about to let me go yet. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back through the fence a foot or so. I let out a painful and terrified scream as I yelled for Sam. I grabbed blindly and found the saltshaker and threw it at Randy, literally. Luckily some of it got out and Randy disappeared. I pushed myself back through the hole but fate just wasn't on my side at all. The sleeve of my shirt got caught and tore on one of the sharp edges and cut into my shoulder. I hissed in pain and twisted around to free myself, but got even more tangled. Fear and sweat factored into the equation as my hair got caught in the fence also. Tears began to sting in my eyes as I felt the pain and my panic levels were through the roof. Out of the corner of my eye, I heard Dean approach quickly and then a deafening loud shot fired as Randy once again disappeared. That bastard wasn't gonna give up!

I felt my shirt free but with the twisting and turning, my ponytail was completely tangled in the fence. I tried one more panic and defeated tug before tears began to run freely down my face.

"Cuttin it awful close here Sam," Dean said yelling with worry. "I'm runnin' outta shots!"

Sam finally ran back over with the wire cutters. He quickly assessed what situation I was in and cut free some of the fence. I heard Dean use his last shot and the rifle clicked on empty. I panicked as I pulled at my hair but it wouldn't budge. I wiggled once more and saw that blood was running down my right shoulder. I cursed, crying and pointed blindly for my right shin.

"In my holster, I've got a knife. Hurry!" I said in an almost strangled voice.

I reached out to take my knife but Sam waved a hand of dismissal and leaned over me. "Lean forward as far as you can!" Sam said.

I pulled forward just like he'd told me until it hurt so bad that I couldn't anymore. I could feel Sam pull at my hair one last time to get some of it free but I knew there was no luck. I heard my knife clink against the fence and with two quick tugs on my tangled mess of hair, I felt the pressure lighten up drastically. After about two seconds, I was free and attempting to scramble to my feet. I fell on my knees as I ran into the statue that was Sam. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up, but my legs didn't seem to work. He threw me in his arms, bridal style and ran toward the car. I glanced back at the building but Randy was nowhere around. Sam placed me quickly in the back seat and slammed the door as he took off to his side of the car. Dean had the Impala started, already in gear and moving just as soon as Sam plopped in the passenger seat and closed the door.

The ride back to Bobby's was almost completely silent. The boys alternated looks between confusion and worry and I was going over the past fifteen minutes in my head. From the little conversation they had on the way back, I could tell they didn't know that it was my fault Randy had showed up. I assumed I had pissed him off and I was the reason we could've gotten seriously hurt. Dad hadn't let me deal with a lot of hard hunts, mostly just out of worry for me. Although, I had however dealt with a few spirits before and I knew how much damage they could do for being floating pieces of fog. But this one seemed different. Randy was stronger than I expected too and with most spirits, you can almost feel the revenge and anger in their presence but I hadn't felt that with him. He hadn't even tried to attack Sam or Dean either, just me. I mean, I realize that I was the one who pissed him off but shouldn't the spirit attack anything and everything in it's way during a situation like that. One good push to Sam and he could've had me but he didn't.

I thought about looking up at Randy while I was stuck in the fence. Most spirits have angry faces, but Randy seemed calm, almost caring. It didn't make any sense. He didn't know me when he was alive and I didn't think it would matter since he was dead, so why? I had pissed him off, that's why he showed up, right? That's why most spirits show up, isn't it? Invading their private things or something to that effect? It just didn't make any sense to me. I tried to stop thinking as I put my fist to my forehead, wishing the headache I had would go away. Besides, I had another headache worthy problem to solve very quickly. What was I going to tell Bobby? I can't show up at his house all bloody, being carried in by Sam, and just brush it off. That wasn't going to happen. I promised I would be safe. He's going to be so mad, I whimpered as I thought this. I'm so screwed!

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