Snap, snap! The tree limbs break

Of every tree the bird has known.

And still, there are two more birds of another tone

But they are not ones to stand and shake.


"What the hell, Matt?" the words were darts. Matt winced.

"Dammit, Mello, I'm doing the best I can to upgrade the system but the files are-"

"Fix it!"

"I am! What's it look like I'm doing?"

"You like an arrogant little shit!"

"Oh no. You've got to be kidding. You just said that? Oh, please."

"What was that?" the words became sharper still.

"Just shut up, I'm working." Mello grabbed him by the collar and spun the chair to face him.

"I said, 'what was that?' didn't I?"

"And you can kiss my ass."

Suddenly, there was a solid impact with his jaw, and Matt, imbalanced, fell from his chair. Mello's eyes were glinting, mere slits in his shadowed face. Matt gingerly held the side of his jaw that had been punched.

"Fuck you," he spat blood onto the ground in front of Mello. Matt's glare was intense, though it was filtered by the orange lenses of his goggles. Mello stood over him and aimed a kick right in his gut.

"Tch, maybe I should just throw you out, as worthless as you are."

Worthless worthless worthless.

It echoed in Matt's mind, reverberating in his being. He looked up at Mello from the ground, and Mello sat on him, but before another blow could be landed, he flipped the blonde over.

"Fuck!" Mello gasped in surprise, and Matt started hitting him. Blow by blow, until he laid his head on Mello's chest, choking back sobs.

Worthless weak insignificant loathsome detestable.

"M-Matt…" Mello whispered from his bloodied lips.

"I-I'm so… so…"

"Shut up- and don't be sorry. D-Don't you fucking dare." Mello placed a hand carefully on Matt's head full of crimson hair. "I-I think I need that every once and a while."

"I'm so-"

"Shut up, Matty." But the words were softer, nowhere near the darts from before. Mello lifted Matt's head and crushed their lips together, the flavor of blood and chocolate mingling in a dizzying mixture. "Just- don't leave me, please."

Matt simply returned the kiss with a nearly violent desperation. Mello snaked his arms around him, holding him tightly, fingers digging into the redhead's shoulders. He allowed Mello to roll them over, to let him dominate and be the catalyst of the reaction.

Mello moaned into his mouth as he ground his hips into Matt, how tugged on Mello's golden hair.

Still, it was different, the air of the moment that they were breathing so heavily in. Alabaster was missing from the gold and garnet.

Matt bit at Mello's sensitive skin at his throat, earning a throatier groan as he leaned his head back.



"I won't leave."

"Thank you."

Not 'I know', but 'thank you'.

As if Matt was somehow saving him from something in the depths of himself.

Mello pulled up and tugged off his black shirt, and then tugged off Matt's goggles- as always, startled by the exquisite beauty he found in his eyes. In moments they were skin clashing and clinging, sweat, and tasting raw emotion. Mello coated his fingers with saliva and pressed two into Matt, who gasped and gripped Mello's shoulders with nearly bruising force. He didn't even wait for very long before adding a third. He knew his masochistic redhead, writhing and moaning under him, loved this. He pulled his fingers from Matt and thrust in, starting to move immediately.

Matt threw his head back, hips bucking at the sudden intrusion, gasping, fingernails creating half moon cuts on Mello's shoulders.

Mello kept the pace going faster, driving onward toward the rush. He reached between their sweat-soaked bodies to stroke Matt roughly in time with his relentless pounding.

"Mello!" Matt screamed as he came between them, and the blonde found release inside him with a cry of his own.

Once the rush had ebbed and Mello lay spent on Matt, chests heaving, Mello smoothly kissed along the other's jaw. As their breathing began to even, he pulled out, watching Matt's hazel eyes.

"Mello-I love you," Matt breathed.

"I love you too- Mail," Mello replied, and kissed him softly. Those hazel eyes seemed a little more relaxed, and some tension was gone from his blonde lover's shoulders.

And yet there was still alabaster missing.


Near lay on his stomach, making a stack of dice four high.

The four facing up on the top one.

He stood, carefully, beside Meirza Meadowlard's body.

Cold gray eyes surveyed her slit throat impassively.

"Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down…" Near sang in a whisper to himself as he cut one slit across the smooth skin of his wrist next to three other scars. He drenched a dove feather in his own blood and set it beside Meirza's left shoulder.

Blood pooled around her body.

Near smirked.

The tally on his wrist was four.

Two more, only two…

And maybe BB would love him then.

And like every tale of darkness, Near disappeared into the night.

Like the ghost he felt he had become.

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