Author's Note: I'll put the votes for each couple to the right of their names, and the "X" for them being voted off on the left.

-Izzy and Owen-1

-Heather and Justin-14

X-Lindsay and Tyler-0

-LeShawna and Harold-4

-Beth and Cody-3

X-Eva and Ezekiel-0

-Bridgette and Geoff-8

-Gwen and Trent-55

-Courtney and Duncan-66

-Sadie and DJ-2

-Katie and Noah-5

Bridgette storms out of the girl's restroom. Heather couldn't mean that! But… she did say to ask Geoff…So obviously she's confident that he did do it, Bridgette thinks. She walks up to Geoff.

"Hey, babe," Geoff says.

"Hey." Geoff kisses Bridgette's temple. He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her.

"Anything wrong?" Geoff asks, "You don't seem that into it."

"Sorry," Bridgette replies, kissing him back. What if he actually did-- uh, that-- with Heather?, Bridgette thinks.

"I can't believe he did that!" Courtney exclaims. Courtney, Bridgette, and Gwen are sitting in a circle on Bridgette's bunk after the party.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure that he did, but Heather does get what she wants. Like, last year on TDI when she kissed Trent. Maybe she did that to Geoff," Bridgette suggests.

"But Trent was ambushed. I don't think Heather could ambush Geoff into… that," Gwen points out. Bridgette nods and looks down at the duvet. She messes with a stray thread sticking out.

"I think it was a waste then," Bridgette says quietly.

"What?" Courtney and Gwen ask.

"Well, at the start of TDC, Geoff and I…"

"Are you pregnant?!" Courtney exclaims.

"Well, I don't know," Bridgette admits. Gwen's eyes were wide.

"That sucks!" Gwen exclaims. Bridgette nods.

(Author's Note: Okay, so here's the deal. It's like another poll thing. But anyway, I need to give you three options for Bridgette for the story: 1-Bridgette is pregnant and Geoff feels guilty so he gets a doctor to put her to sleep and gives her an abortion w/o Bridgette knowing, 2-Bridgette turns out not to be pregnant, 3-Bridgette has the baby and keeps it on TDC with her, or 4-Bridgette has the baby and gives it up for adoption. Alright, thanks! Now back to the story.)

"…But it's so weird! One moment we're making out, then she talks to Heather, and when she comes back, she's upset and glaring at me and speaking in monotone!" Geoff says.

"Well, Heather's a conniving, sneaky little bi--" Duncan says.

"Let's not forget bald," Trent adds. The guys laugh.

"Yeah. Well, the point is that you should ask Bridgette what Heather said to her. Then you can tell Bridgette that Heather is a liar, and you can go on living normally," Duncan explains.

"Yeah, I guess. Should I go talk to her now?" Geoff asks.

"Do it, man!" Trent and Duncan cheer.

Bridgette hears knocking on the door. She opens the wood door and sees Geoff outside the screen door. Bridgette squeezes her lips together.

"Hey," Geoff says.

"Hi." There's silence for a while.

"Can you step out a sec? I need to ask you a question," Geoff says. Bridgette bites her lip, looks back at her friends, then steps out on the deck and closes the door.

"Yes?" Bridgette asks.

"You're acting weird."

"That's not a question," Bridgette says coldly. Geoff sighs.

"Okay. Why are you acting weird?" he asks.

"I'm not."

"Bridgette, admit it. You've hardly been smiling or saying more than 3 words per sentence ever since you talked to Heather. What did Heather say?" Geoff asks. Bridgette shrugs and starts to head inside.

"Bridgette." Geoff puts his hand on her shoulder. She shakes it off. "Bridgette, please!" Geoff grabs Bridgette by the waist and pulls her to him. Her body is stiff.

"I love you, Bridge. I don't know what Heather said to you, but she's ruining our relationship! Please. Trust me. I'd never do anything to hurt you," Geoff begs. Bridgette starts to cry.

"Aw, Bridgette, come on. Don't cry! Please." Geoff wipes a tear off her cheek with his thumb.

"H-Heather s-said," Bridgette stutters, "you h-had sex with h-her!" Bridgette cries harder, "I thought you loved me!"

She rips from Geoff's arms and runs inside. Geoff runs in after her and he's ambushed by Courtney and Gwen. They try to pull him outside but of course he's stronger.

"Bridgette, I do love you! Why did Heather tell you that? There's no proof! I hate Heather! I would never do that to you! Bridgette! Bridge, are you listening?" Geoff shouts to Bridgette. She's laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

All of a sudden, she sits up and yells, "Yes! I heard you! Just get out! I hate you!"

Geoff's chest tightens and he walks out of the cabin.

At about 5a.m. the next morning, Heather walks out on the porch. A box sits on the step. "Finally, it's arrived!" she exclaims.