"Jesse! C'mon, we're going to be late!"
"Alright Jaden, I'm coming." I sighed heavily as I brushed my crazy hair. Why are we going to Chazz's birthday party anyway? Chazz didn't even like Jaden that much, and me? Don't even ask. I finally gave up on my hair and looked at myself in the mirror. In a emerald green shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers, I looked pretty plain. I sighed and went to the door. When I opened it, I gaped at Jaden. My best friend was usually pretty good looking, but now, he was hot! He was dressed in a tight, red shirt that showed off a little bit of muscle. black, leather pants, and kick ass boots that had a design of Slifer on them. Jaden saw me staring and looked down at himself. "What's wrong, did I spill something on my clothes?"
I stopped drooling, composing myself. "N... no, just looking at you're cool boots."
Jaden beamed. "They are cool, huh?"
I smiled and nodded. "Alright then, shall we go?"
"Sure." We started walking towards the Obelisk Blue Boy's Dorm, where the party was being held. Half way there, we saw Bastion and Syrus heading in the same direction.
"Hey, Sy, wait up!" Jaden started running towards his friend who turned to face him. "Wait for me, Jay!" I followed, catching up a few seconds later. I greeted Syrus and Bastion.
"You got invited too, huh?"
"Why do you sound so surprised?" asked Syrus, glaring at me.
Five minutes later, all of us arrived at the entrance to the boy's dorm. Only a few people were there, even though the party had started an hour earlier.
"Ouch, harsh. I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't want to come" I said, laughing.
"Jesse, be nice, ok?" Jaden pouted at me, and I blushed at the look. Why could Jaden be so damn cute sometimes? "Yeah, Anderson, be nice to the Chazzster." Chazz walked up to us, wearing his Society of Light outfit.
"Chazz, why are you wearing that?" asked Syrus in his always-worried voice.
"Because it looks good on him" Came a voice from behind him. We turned to see Zane walking over to us. Chazz blushed. "H... Hi Zane. You came to my party?"
Zane smiled one of his rare smiles at Chazz. "Course, wouldn't have missed it." Chazz blushed deeper. Jaden looked around the ballroom sized area. "Where's the music?"
"Oh, ok, right. That was my job." The voice of Atticus Rhodes came from the chair in front of the fire. Wait, there was a fireplace? He ran over the the table where the CD player was, and the rest of the equipment where the 8 giant speakers where hooked up. Jaden, Bastion, Zane, Chazz, and Alexis started dancing on the space cleared away as the dance floor. Me, Syrus, and Alexis' friends sat on the near by couches. I leaned over to Syrus.
"What song is this?"
"It's American, obviously. I think the song's called 'Without me' by this guy named after that candy."
"Yeah, him."
I nodded and watched Jaden dancing, my eyes following his ass whenever he wasn't facing me. The next song that played I knew because Alexis was always playing it at our hangout spot. It was called Boom Boom Pow, by the Black Eyed... Trees? Something like that. Though how trees could have black eyes I don't know. Atticus went over to one of Alexis' friends and held out his hand, asking her to dance. She nodded eagerly and waved back at her friend, who was glaring after them. I held back a laugh. "Oh, I love this song." I turned to see Syrus dancing in his seat.
"What is it?"
"I forget."
I shook my head and decided I was thirsty and left Syrus dancing like a mad man. I picked up a cup of what I thought was water. When I gulped it down, however, the liquid burned the inside of my mouth and throat. I started coughing, crouching on the floor.
"God, what is that stuff?"
"Gin. Cleared up your sinuses, I bet." I looked up through my tears to see Atticus standing over me, smiling. He had a cup of the horrible stuff in his hand. He quickly chugged it down and shook his head.
"Man, that's the stuff."
"How can you drink that?"
"Because, it's good."
"On what planet?"
"This one."
"Please say you didn't give this to the others?"
Atticus smiled. "Of course. Except Jaden. He almost discovered the chocolate fountain we hid behind the table. Anyway, the drunker they are, the more fun it'll be."
I shook my head at him. "You're sick, dude." "Maybe, but at least I'll get what, or should I say who, tonight."
"What do you mean?"
Atticus' smile widened. "I think you know what I mean. And I know who you want to have some fun with. A certain brunette duelist perhaps?"
My face flushed from embarrassment. Was I that obvious? Atticus smiled, knowing that no answer was an answer in itself.
"Well, if he gets hyper enough, you may just get lucky." Before I could respond, Atticus had turned his back on me and headed back to the dance floor. I followed Jaden with my eyes, who was still dancing hypnotically. Even if I told Jaden how I felt, and even if he was drunk, nothing would happen...