Neither of us own Doctor Who. Some day…we will though. It will be ours one day though. –LuckyBlackCat and IfEaRnOfIsH plot without mercy-

Authors' note:

We are awesome. We thought this up. End of. Bask in our awesome-ness. So...a new poem for you all, co written by LuckyBlackCat and IfEaRnOfIsH (IfEaRnOfIsH is me, by the ways.) So...this is our awesome poem. We don't care for your flames. BAH!

Verse One

We are trapped within our song
As long as the circle stays intact,
We are to remain within our hymn,
Watching our kind get attacked.
Forever we watch the Balding-Human,
Mr Halpen is his name,
He trades in the brains of young Ood,
Slavery is his game.
We lie in wait,
His hair receding shall be our goal,
We watch with all our heart,
Accompanied by our need for a shared soul.
Ood Sigma, Ood Sigma,
We call to you, O' Brother of ours,
Use your position as right hand Ood,
Will you use your powers...?

You are the subject of our song...

This one was mine ^^ Anyways, five reviews and you get Lucky's awesome verse 2! Don't delay, review today!!! Oooh...I like that one. -Writes down-