I wrote this for a class assignment around a year ago. Tell me what you think. I know it's short but I will try to work my way up to writing longer stories.

I am a fool. I am an even greater fool than King Midas who wished everything he touched turned to gold. What am I thinking? Gorlois is a very brave and honorable man. He aided my brother and me with our campaign to capture Greater Britain. Without Gorlois of Cornwall, the Saxons would have overwhelmed us and burned Britain. I have planned his possible death. He doesn't deserve this and yet…Ygraine. She has inflamed my desire and ensnared my senses. Ygraine's beauty is incomparable to anything mortal. She is a goddess who has come to grace this world. Her hair is like a night sky filled with hundreds of stars. She smells like fresh strawberries on a spring day. Her eyes are like a forest filled with light. I cannot find a foul mark upon her fair skin. Ygraine's figure is as slender and graceful as a swan. The very thought of her brings life to my loins. I am High King and can have my choice of girls from hundreds. Ygraine is different from the rest. Compared to her, all the other girls are passing storms. Ygraine is a powerful squall that came from nowhere.

She is strong willed and brave, even when I have besmirched her good name. I shouldn't have given her such attention, praising and toasting her. I couldn't have been more obvious if I had a herald announce my intentions to the entire city. Doubt creeps into my mind. This has never happened to me concerning women. It always seemed to come naturally to me. What if she will not have me? I do not think myself worthy. I must have her. I haven't eaten or slept in days. I shall go mad if my thirst is not quenched. Don't be stupid. Ygraine agreed to Merlin's plan. I am glad that Merlin has a plan for tonight. It sounds like it might work. If anyone can achieve this feat it is him.

I can't think much farther ahead than sharing Ygraine's bed. He is right, I suppose. I should sire myself an heir. I have stopped taking the herb that distills the loin days ago. It has been a curiosity of my troops how none the girls I sleep with bare child. After tonight, when will I be able to be with her? Gorlois is old but he will still live for many years. Each day without Ygraine will be like a thousand sword slashes to my chest. What will happen if Gorlois is killed by my troops? I don't think I would ever be able to look Ygraine in the eye again. Merlin and Ralf go ahead to the postern gate. My thoughts are ever in the present. The time has come. Soon I will lie with the most beautiful woman in all of Greater and Lesser Britain.