by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Rosario + Vampire or its characters.

Summary: When Shinji runs away from NERV, he ends up on a bus that takes him to the mysterious Yokai Academy, where he meets the super cute vampire Moka Akashiya.


"Where are you headed to, son?" the creepy-looking bus driver asked.

"Anywhere but here!" Shinji Ikari hissed.

"Hmm." the bus driver said as he puffed on his cigar. "Alright. Get on."

Shinji Ikari boarded the bus, picked a seat and was about to sit down, when the bus driver spoke.

"Here. You'll need these." the bus driver said, handing him a couple of papers.

"What are they?" Shinji asked.

"Transfer papers." he said. "This is a school bus, remember?"

Hmm. Must be to transfer to another bus line. Shinji absently thought as he took the papers and sat down in a seat behind the bus driver.

He filled out the paper work without really reading it, not caring where the bus-line took him as long as it was far from Tokyo-3.

He couldn't believe everything that had happened in the eight months since he had arrived in the fortress city, after being called back by his father. The Angels he had been summoned to fight came one after the other, every three weeks or so, so Shinji barely had enough time to train and prepare. At first he thought that things had been going well. After the 10th Angel he had even been given a compliment from his father.

But then... and he shuddered for a very good reason... his father had done the unthinkable. He had used his override protocols to take control of Eva 01, in order to kill the Angel-possessed Eva 03, which had a human pilot. And worse, that pilot turned out to be Shinji's friend, Toji Suzuhara, who ended up crippled as Eva 01 nearly ripped the black Evangelion to pieces.

After Shinji had found out the truth in this entire debacle, who the pilot was and who had taken over his Eva, a thoroughly disgusted Shinji did the one thing he swore he would never do.

He ran away.

Though no one could blame him really, they were unprepared for his escaping so easily from the city.

He was snapped out of his musings as the bus stopped and picked up another teenager. His name was Tsukune Aono, and he was apparently going to the school this bus was to be taking him to.

The pair actually talk while the bus driver continues onward to the mysterious Yokai Academy. Tsukune had gotten in because he had been unable to get into any other high school due to his poor grades. His family had found a strange entry form, dropped by a mumbling monk, and managed to get their son in. Shinji explained that he was just getting a ride away from Tokyo-3. He didn't go into details, but mentioned that he used to be one of the pilots of the giant robots that fought the giant monsters that were attacking the city.

"Sometimes I wonder who the real monsters are." Shinji said with a hurt expression on his face.

Hmm. Perhaps this one will be able to make it. The bus driver thought as he continued driving.

The pair continue on their bus ride and were soon approaching the tunnel to Yokai Academy. They were about a mile from the tunnel when Tsukune got a call on his cellphone.

While Tsukune talks, Shinji absentmindedly thinks back to when he had a cellphone, and dismisses it when he remembers it was a NERV-issue phone. But as soon as the bus entered the tunnel, the cellphone signal cut out.

Shinji felt a shiver go down his spine as they pass through the tunnel.

What is this creepy feeling? It's like... something unearthly. He thought.

But after they get to the bus drop off point, both Shinji and Tsukune get off the bus and head to the school. Shinji doesn't think much of the school, thinking it's the weather that's making it creepy. But Tsukune thinks that the place looks like a haunted house.

Shinji heads to it, hoping that he can get a transfer bus or a cab to another city far from Tokyo-3 and NERV.

But in the woods, Shinji and Tsukune get separated. Tsukune eventually ended up back at the bus, where as Shinji encountered a very different person who would change his life forever.

"LOOK OUT!" a shrieking voice caught his ear.

Shinji spun around just in time to see a girl on a bicycle speed-towards and slam-into him, the pair tumbling to the ground in a messy heap.

"Ouch." Shinji groaned as he struggled to sit up. His eyes shot wide open when he felt his hand come to rest on something soft and warm. He looked over and saw that his hand had landed on the inner thigh of the girl who had just hit him. "Whoa!" he gasped.

His eyes quickly took in the girl before him. She was dressed in a school uniform that was different than he had once worn. Probably a prestigious private school. She had a greenish blazer over a white shirt that was a little gapped open in the front, a short plaid skirt with black shoes and dark blue socks. There was a black choker around her neck from which hung a silver crucifix with a red rosary bead in the center of it. She had bright greenish eyes and long pink hair, her skin looking as soft as a newborn baby.

Whoa! She's cute! Shinji thought as he stared at the girl, a strange faint memory appearing in his mind.

Something to do with this girl.

The girl in question cleared her vision and stared at the boy.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.

"Yes, I'm fine, I... oh! You're bleeding!" she said, pulling a handkerchief from her pocket.

"What?" he gasped, touching his forehead where a small cut was causing blood to dribble down the side of his face.

"You---your blood. I can smell it." the girl said, gently wiping the blood from the side of his face.

"My what?"

"Oh no! It's happening again!" she gasped, dropping the handkerchief and falling against the boy with a soft FLOP!

"Wha?" Shinji gasped as the girl fell against him, her head against his chest.

"I'm so sorry, but.. you see..... I'm a vampire!" she said right before she lunged at his neck, Shinji feeling a pair of teeth pierce his skin.

"ACK!!" he gasped, but not from the pain, but more from the action itself.

Mmmmm! So delicious! She thought as she sucked his blood.

"AH! Did you just bite me?" Shinji gasped the second she pulled away. Did she say she was a vampire? He thought.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" she said quickly. "My name's Moka. Moka Akashiya. I-I'd never dream of doing anything like that if I weren't... you know... a vampire."

"Vampire?" Shinji gasped. "As in... doesn't like garlic or crosses or holy water? That kind of vampire?" he asked.

"Uh-huh." she sighed contently. "I hope you don't mind me saying this... but your blood is... absolutely delicious!" she gushed as she cutely held the sides of her face with her hands while blushing.

I'm not sure how to take that. Shinji thought, absently noticing that the blood had stopped flowing from his neck.

"So.... um.... do you not like vampires?" she asked, slightly nervous.

"Not like... well, you did apologize, so... if they're all like you, then... no, I don't not like vampires." he said, wondering if that made any sense.

"Oh, I'm so glad! Then we can be friends! I was worried because I'm new here. Are you a student also?" she asked with a warm smile.

"Unfortunately, I'm not." he replied.

"But... aren't those your entrance papers on the ground?" she asked, pointing to the white pieces of paper that had landed next to him.

"Huh?" he gasped.

Shinji looked down and saw a couple of papers on the ground. He picked them up and gasped when he realized two things. 1-they were transfer papers to Yokai Academy, and 2-they were for him! Shinji suddenly realized that the transfer papers the bus driver had given him weren't Bus Transfer Papers, they were School Transfer Papers!

I.... I Signed Myself Up For This Weird School?!!!! Shinji gasped. Then again.... I wondered why I had to put the name of my last school down.

"Oh! You transferred! That's wonderful! I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone here. I'm new as well." Moka said, taking Shinji's hand and dragging him towards the scary looking school. "We can talk again after the commencement ceremony."


An assistant teacher took Shinji's transfer papers before the commencement ceremony started, and when it was over the AT gave him his class schedule. His home room, Class 1-3, was run by an attractive, and rather upbeat, woman named Shizuka Nekonome.

And for some reason, her hairstyle and name kinda made Shinji think of a cat.

"As I'm sure you all know... Yokai is a school for monsters!" the sandy-blond haired woman in a black mini-skirt and white blazer with a colored shirt said.

Monsters? Shinji gasped, before remembering that Moka was a vampire. But... that can't be right. Can it? I'm... not a monster. He thought, then looked at his hands, the memory his father using him to cripple poor Toji, made him wince. Then again...

"Then why can't we just eat the humans?" a large, tough-looking student sitting next to Shinji said. "I'll start with the cute girls."

Great, cannibals. Then again, they're not human so I guess it doesn't count. Shinji thought.

"Silly. You don't have to worry about running into humans here. All the faculty and staff are monsters just like you. And since the academy is located inside the secret 'Border-Lands', no human has ever seen it. At least not seen it and lived!" Ms Nekonome said.

Great. I'll probably die here. Shinji groused.

Just then, the door to the class opened up and in walked a flustered girl.

"I'm sorry. I got lost in the hallways." the girl said.

"Oh. No trouble. It's your first day after all. Find a seat anywhere, dear." the teacher said. Such a polite girl. She thought.

As the girl walked into class, everyone took in how beautiful she was, falling in love with her in a second. And the reason was made clear to Shinji, when she stopped right in front of his desk.

"M-Moka-chan?" Shinji gasped.

"S-Shinji?" Moka gasped. "SHINJI-KUN!" she shouted as she glomped the boy tightly.

At this, every boy in class glared daggers at Shinji, who obviously seemed to have a connection to this super cute girl.

While everyone kept staring at him, Shinji's mind was elsewhere, thinking that he knew her from somewhere. However, that idea is ridiculous, since Shinji would have remembered someone as cute as Moka.


Shinji and Moka go around the school, just taking in the strange sights and experiences. This was made more enjoyable by the fact that Moka kept hugging Shinji's left arm rather affectionately.

Shinji found himself actually enjoying this. After all, it wasn't everyday that a cute girl was willingly hanging out with him. Even when people found out about his pilot status, most girls didn't really talk to him. The only ones who did were Asuka, which was more like shouted orders and insults, and Hikari, which were more like subtle orders in class. Rei never really spoke to him, unless he tried to instigate conversation. Misato was his commanding officer and guardian, so she had to speak to him. Ritsuko was the chief scientist, so the same for her.

So it was a little unnerving for Shinji to have a girl even cuter and nicer than them hanging around him, and being far nicer to him than they ever had.

However, it was short-lived when another student suddenly blocked their exploration of the school.

"Well... you are cute, aren't you Moka." a large, tough-looking student in an unkempt uniform said. "My name's Saizo Komiya. Remember it." he smirked.

The other students who had been watching Moka, paused and felt a chill go up their spines when they realized who Saizo was.

"What I want to know is.... what's a cute girl like you hanging out with a thing like this?" Saizo asked as he grabbed Shinji's collar and lifted him into the air with one hand.

"Huh?" Shinji gasped, but suddenly remembered just who Saizo was, the student who wanted to eat humans.

"What? Hey!" Moka gasped.

The other students kept their distance as Saizo kept talking.

"That's Saizo Komiya? I've heard of him." one student said.
"They say he's a real monster." another stated.
"He's always chasing girls... Human girls!" a third said.
"Caused so much trouble in the human world they sent him here.... kinda like reform school." the first student said.

"Or maybe you just haven't had much to compare him to yet. You just need to experience something better... like me!" Saizo said to Moka with a grin. "So... when should I pick you up?" he asked, looming over the girl.

"Eep!" she shrieked. "Sorry! I'm hanging with Shinji now!" she said, grabbing Shinji's arm and pulling him away from Saizo.

"Are you now? Well then... enjoy him... while he lasts!" Saizo said with a weak growl.


Stopping under the stairs in the adjacent hallway, Shinji and Moka caught their breath.

"Whoo! That was scary, huh? Are you alright, Shinji-kun?" Moka asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Shinji replied. "But... Moka-chan? Why... why are you being so nice to me? I mean I'm.... just an average guy." he asked the girl.

"Oh no! You're hardly average to me, Shinji-kun!" Moka proclaimed to him.

"I'm not?" he asked.

"No.... not after you... let me suck your blood!" she said with a blush and giggle.

"Huh?" he asked, not really understanding why that was a factor, even though she was a vampire.

"And you should be proud! Your blood is awesome! Way more delicious than any I've drunk out of transfusion bags! The flavor, the balance, the aroma, the body...." she started listing, before Shinji interrupted her.

"What am I, your food supply?" Shinji gasped off-handedly.

"Well.... to tell the truth... Shinji... y-you were my first." Moka said with a small blush.

"Your... first?" Shinji gasped, blushing slightly as she said that.

"Yes. You're the first person I really sucked blood from! And a girl never forgets her first time!" she said as a warm blush overran her cheeks.

A blush that makes Shinji blush as well.

"M-Moka-chan?" he said, his heart beating wildly. He had no way to know her heart was beating just as wildly as his.

"Stop it! I'm embarrassed!" she said, giving him a light tap that sent him into the wall, cracking it and him as well. "Come on! Let's go explore the school some more!" she said.

Ouch.... she's so strong! He thought as he peeled himself from the wall.


Eventually, the pair came to the school dorms.

However, the dorms themselves were dark, grim, creepy, with bars over virtually all the windows, and reminded Shinji of the dilapidated and decrepit apartment building Rei used to live in.

Must have had the same architect and construction crew. Shinji thought as he stared at the building. But I guess if Rei can live in a place like this... I can stand it for... three years? He gasped when he looked at his class schedule, room assignment, and school program.

"It's heaven!" Moka sighed. "Have you ever seen a building with such personality?"

"Are we looking at the same place?" Shinji asked.

"Oh yes! This place is a monster's dream!" she gushed.

Damn it! That's right! This is a school for monsters! He thought.

"By the way, what type of monster are you?" Moka asked.

And she thinks I'm a monster, too. He thought again, before saying, "Uh... well, I'm..."

"Oh! That's right! It's against the rules to reveal your true forms. Please forget I asked." she interjected.

"Okay." he said with a soft smile, as well as relief. "Uh... Moka?" he asked.

"Yes, Shinji-kun?"

"We're not supposed to reveal our true forms to anyone... but... are you really a vampire?" he asked casually.

"Oh, you know I am! I may look human, but... take a look at this." she said, pulling her collar open to reveal not only her lovely assets, but most importantly her silver crucifix and Rosario bead. "When I take off this 'Rosario', I Get Really Scary!!" she stated, smiling brightly at him.

"Rosario?" Shinji asked.

"It's a crucifix with a Rosario bead in the middle. It locks up my vampiric powers. I don't like causing trouble anyway, so I'm happy to wear it and keep my powers in check!" she explained.

Shinji just stared at her.

She's so serious about this. But she's so cute and nice.... so different from me. He thought with a sad sigh, wondering if he should tell her about himself and his life. But... she's really not human.

"Of course... even with my powers locked up, a girl still needs blood." she said as she moved in towards Shinji, a look of 'need' in her bright green eyes.

Shinji's internal deliberation was cut short by his own thoughts of worthlessness.

She needs it to survive. He thought as he turned his neck, exposing his veins for her, as she quickly latched onto his neck. "Aaahhhhhhh!" he hissed as she bit into his neck.


After Shinji had recovered and walked up to where his room was, on the opposite end of the dorms from the girls side, he went looking for his room... only to find Saizo.

"Well, well, well. If it ain't the lady-killer himself." Saizo said.

"Huh?" Shinji gasped as Saizo grabbed his collar and slammed him against the wall.

"Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?" he said, growling at Shinji. "What's your true nature anyway?"

"My... what? I... can't tell.... you.... that!" Shinji gasped. "The rules say..."

"Oh really?" Saizo said as he released Shinji's collar, and slammed his fist into the wall, shattering it with one blow.

A blow that caused several other students to emerge from their rooms in curiosity.

"You think I care about the damned rules? But tell you what.... I don't care what you are. Don't let me catch you hanging around Moka again. You even speak to her... you're dust!" he said as he walked away.

Shinji picked himself up from the ground and just stared at the departing bully.

The other students just stared at Shinji, seeing that he wasn't even shaken by what had just happened. That told them all one thing: that Saizo's threat held no sway over Shinji.

Of course that meant one of two other things: that either Shinji was stronger than Saizo and just didn't want to show it... or he had faced stronger than Saizo before and was thus unafraid.


Morning came and found Shinji pacing out near the graveyard, his backpack over his shoulder.

What should I do? If I don't leave... Saizo will kill me. Then again, it's not like I haven't faced bigger and stronger than him. Of course I don't have my Eva.... not that it gave me much protection when I was fighting. He thought, absently touching his chest where he remembered getting shot by the Fifth Angel. True Eva 01 had been shot in the chest, but the phantom pain had felt so real because of his high synch ratio. Then again... if I leave... I'll be abandoning Moka. Why does that bother me so much? I abandoned everyone in Tokyo-3. Of course, everyone there was only using me. Moka's not like that. Yeah right! She's using me for my blood. But... it's different, I know it is. But why is it..

"SHINJI-KUN!" Moka shouted as she jumped on to Shinji's back, hugging his neck tightly. "Come on or we'll be late to class!"

It was then that Moka noticed something was off.

"Uh.. Shinji-kun? What's wrong?" she asked.

"Moka, I... I was thinking about leaving." he said in a somber tone.

"Leaving?" she gasped.

"I just... I don't know. Maybe I'd be better off in a human school."

At this, Moka snapped.

"NO! You Can't Go To A Human School!" she cried, grabbing onto his shirt.

"What? Why?" he asked, confused at the sudden change in her mood.

"I went to Middle School with humans.... and I was so lonely." she said with a mild mesh of anger and sadness in her voice. "They all said, 'Monsters don't exist, except in stories.' I felt like a freak. I started to think that... maybe it would be better if I really didn't exist. I thought it would never be any different.... until I met you."

"Me?" he asked, the girl shaking her head.

"And when you told me that you like vampires. For the first time, I know that I'm not really alone!" she explained.

That's so sad. She was so alone when she was.... in.... Middle School? Shinji thought as a memory suddenly flashed within his mind. "Did you say... Middle School?"

"Yes." Moka answered.

"Was this... Akihisa Ikeda Middle School?" he asked.

"Huh? How did you know where I used to go?" Moka asked.

"Because I went there before I came to Tokyo-3." Shinji replied.

Moka gasped when she suddenly remembered something. In her class, often sitting in the back of the room, was a timid and lonely boy... a rather unremarkable boy, with brown hair and blue eyes. Her memory was a little fuzzy before, but as she stared at Shinji, her memory became crystal clear.


"Are you alright?" the brown-haired boy asked the girl as she sat alone in the courtyard during lunch.

"What? Oh... I'm fine." Moka said to the boy, her image of him as fuzzy as a faded painting.

"Did you... want to be alone?" he asked.

"Uh... no." she said with a blush.

The boy sat down next to her and took out his lunch.

"You're not eating?" he asked.

"I... I forgot my lunch today." she said.

"Oh. Would you like some of mine?"

"Oh, thank you, but... what will you eat?" Moka asked.

"Oh. I'm not that hungry." the boy said.

"I'm... not that hungry either. Just... thirsty."

"Oh. Well... all I have is... tomato juice?" he gasped, not remembering he had packed that.

"Oh! Can I have that?" Moka asked.

"Sure." the boy said as he handed the can to Moka.

"Thank you." Moka said as she touched the boy's hand, accepting the can.

But the second their hands touched, the boy's obscure image suddenly cleared and became visible.


Moka gasped when she realized who the boy had been.

"It... it was you!" Moka gasped at Shinji.

"Me?" Shinji asked, confused.

"You.... you were the boy who shared your lunch with me!" she gasped, her hands covering her mouth in shock. "You gave me your tomato juice!"

"Toma–to.... oh, my, god! I Do Know You!" he gasped as the same memory passed through his mind.

Tears filled Moka's eyes as she lunged forward and enveloped Shinji in a tight, almost-bone crushing hug, his backpack falling to the ground, as his hands instinctively wrapped around her body.

"I was so happy that day!" she gushed. "I thought... for the first time that I actually had a friend!" she then stopped and turned serious for a moment. "But... the next day... you didn't come back to school. You just... left. What happened?" she asked, pulling back from him for a moment.

"I received a telegraph from my father telling me to come to Tokyo-3. My guardian shipped me off right when I got it. I... I had no say in the matter." he said with a slightly guilty look on his face.

And now we're here at Yokai. It's fate, it has to be! Moka thought as she hugged the boy again. "You Can't Leave, Shinji-kun! Not Again! Please Don't Go!" she cried, holding him tightly as she cried into his chest.

Shinji was conflicted.

On the one hand he couldn't stay in this monster school, lest he get killed. But on the other... he had already run out on Moka right as they were on the verge of becoming friends. And now... here they were... back together after more than eight months.

I can't do this. I can't leave her. Even after everything that's happened. And... now that I think about it... I don't have any other place to go. Shinji thought as he wrapped his arms tightly around Moka. "Alright, Moka-chan. I'll stay."

That was when Saizo arrived and kicked Shinji hard in the back.

"AHH!" Shinji shouted in pain.

"SHINJI!" Moka cried as he tumbled down on top of her.

"What did I tell you, punk?" Saizo said as he pushed Moka aside and pulled Shinji up from the ground by his collar. "I told you to never talk to her again!" he growled, his tongue suddenly elongating to wrap around Shinji's neck. He then whipped his tongue about and hurled Shinji into a nearby tombstone.

"ARGGHHH!!!!" Shinji groaned as he crashed through it.

"SHINJI!" Moka shouted.

"Where are you going, cutie?" Saizo smirked as he grabbed Moka's wrist.

"Let me go!" she shouted at Saizo.

"Can't! You're a lot prettier than any other human I used to play with. Your beauty is on a whole other level, it just turns me on and I can't control myself!" he said as his body suddenly started to grow and bulge, shredding out of his shirt and blazer, his features contorting into his true nature. "Guess you've never seen an Orc up close, huh babe?"

Moka screamed in terror as she saw Saizo change into his orc form, slightly humanoid, pointed ears, his skin becoming a pale brown and almost like armor. His hands grew in size and sported spiked claws at the nails, his back gaining spikes and ridged plating, as if the bones were trying to puncture the skin itself. His body was now more muscular, as if someone were blowing up his arms and body like a balloon.

"SHINJI!!!!" she shouted in terror.

"Come on, baby. Wanna make out? Wanna French?" he asked as his tongue lashed out of his mouth and curved around her head, the tip nearly touching her cheek.

"Someone... help...." she whimpered.

"STOP!" a voice shouted.

The pair looked over and saw Shinji rising up from the crushed tombstone.

"Huh?" Saizo gasped.

"Shinji!" Moka shouted.

"Leave.... Her.... Alone!" Shinji hissed, his bloody fists clenching tightly as he glared angrily at the orc.

"You kidding me? I told you to get lost, punk? Or do I hafta beat some sense into you again?" Saizo asked.

"I don't care what you do to me, but you're not touching Moka!" Shinji said.

"Oh? And why is that?" Saizo asked.

"Because... I can't just run away and leave her alone. She's my friend... and I really like her."

Moka broke into a happy cry as he said that, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Even if I get hurt, I won't abandon her! Do your worst, Saizo!" Shinji declared.

"You got it!" Saizo cackled as he threw his hand forward to punch Shinji.

However, Shinji managed to dodge Saizo's huge fist and rushed towards Moka.

"Shinji?" Moka gasped as Shinji pulled her away from the now angry orc.

"Moka, get out of here!"

"What?" she gasped.

"Just go!"

"I can't leave you!"

"If you don't..."


"ARGH!!!" Shinji shouted as Saizo's fist knocked a large piece of a broken tree directly at Shinji, striking him from behind.

However, as Shinji was struck, he was knocked half-conscious and flew past Moka. But as he did his hand reached out and grasped the Rosario around Moka's neck, tearing it off her choker.

"Wha... the Rosario! It came off!" she gasped as she felt her power was suddenly unleashed.

Saizo was nearly thrown to the ground as a sudden power exploded from Moka like a bomb. Shinji was thrown against a nearby tree. Saizo's sight was obscured as Moka suddenly transformed. Her greenish eyes turned red with yellow slits in them, her long pinkish hair turned pure silver, her body seemed to grow and enhance, becoming slightly taller, more defined and shapely (particularly around her bust and hips) But the biggest change was the pair of fangs now obviously protruding from her mouth that before been smaller and well hidden behind her lips.

"What? This Power! It's Intense!" Saizo gasped.

"M-Moka?" Shinji gasped as he lay against a nearby tree, sitting up to watch what was happening.

"This unearthly power! So the legends are true! The most fearsome of creatures... the Super S-Class Monster... The Vampire!" Saizo gasped, fear going up his spine.

Both Shinji and Saizo gasped as they saw Moka walk with a sultry sway towards the orc.

"What's the matter, little boy?" Moka asked in a different voice, which was deeper and more raspy. "I thought you wanted to make out. Come on, and show me how much of a monster you really are... and give me a kiss?"

Saizo roared as he lunged forward and threw his monstrous fist forward, slamming hard into Moka as Shinji watched helplessly.

However.... Moka didn't move. Instead, she grabbed Saizo's claw and twisted it around, causing him to shriek in pain.

"Typical monster. All size. You need to... Learn Your Place!" she said calmly as she leaped into the air and threw a forceful kick that sent the Orc hurtling backwards through trees and rocks, before slamming into a large rocky hill and exploding out the other side.

"Okay... I'll behave..." Saizo whined as his entire body was racked with unimaginable pain.

Satisfied with herself, Moka walked over to the still injured Shinji, who looked at the terrifyingly beautiful woman with a strange mixture of awe and fear, as if unsure what to make of her.

Her energy... it's so cold... so powerful... like she's another person. Which one... is the real Moka? He thought as the silver-haired woman walked over to him and knelt down next to him.

This naturally gave Shinji an unintentional look at her full assets, forcing him to look into her cold, red eyes.

"M-Moka?" Shinji asked weakly.

She smiled as she lifted her hand up and ran her fingers through his hair gently.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you." she said, stroking his hair gently. "Because you tried to protect me... at least the other me.... and because your blood tastes so good to me." she said as she gently pried the Rosario from his fingers. "Until we meet again, Shinji... just keep babysitting Moka... kay?" she said as she replaced the crucifix around her neck.

The second she did, Shinji felt the powerful aura around her disappear. The instant it did, Moka turned back into her former pink-haired, green-eyed girlish self.

"Moka?!" Shinji gasped as the girl passed out, falling into Shinji's lap with her head resting against his shoulder.

"Shin-ji..." she sighed softly.

Shinji just smiled as he let her rest against him. It's... over... he thought happily.


The next day found Shinji, mostly recovered, tearing up his half-written Letter of Withdrawal from Yokai, right as Moka appeared behind him and hugged him around the neck.

"Shinji-Kun! G'Morning! Whatcha Doing?!!" she chirped happily.

"AHH!" he gasped, watching the letter fly away. Though his yell was more from pain than surprise.

Shinji smiled though. Whatever his life had been before, it was no different now, but the only thing that made it worth living, especially in this monster school, was that he had found someone that he wouldn't find anywhere else. He had been reunited with an old friend, however brief their first meeting had been, and he wasn't going to run from this.

Shinji looked over at Moka and noticed her somber mood.

"Moka-chan? Is something wrong?" Shinji asked.

"Sh-Shinji... Th-th-thanks f-f-for... Geez! I get so nervous around you!" Moka said as her heart began beating rapidly.

Shinji blushed as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes. Because... I keep wanting to suck your blood!" she smiled cutely at him.

"Ohhhhh..... alright." he relented. Even though I don't have much left.


"AAHHH!" Shinji cried out, though the pain from her felt less than the pain his body still had.

Across the way, a strange figure watched.

"Heh. You're a little young for this place, sonny. But... if all things turn out well... this school could be in for some major changes. Right... Mr Aono?" the bus driver asked the person behind him, barely turning around to the young man with blood-red, yellow slitted eyes staring through the darkness.


Author's Notes:

This is my first attempt at writing a Rosario+Vampire/Evangelion crossover. I put it in the Rosario+Vampire section because the story is going to take place at Yokai. I don't think Shinji is going to go back to Tokyo-3, so I figured this was safer.

Also, the pairing is going to be Shinji/Moka only. He'll have friends, but they won't have romantic feelings like they had for Tsukune. (Maybe?) At any rate, I have also decided on a definite Tsukune/Kurumu pairing. And if you can't guess, I've turned Tsukune into a vampire like Moka, but the explanation will be for much later. So... Until my next update, which is going to be a long way off as I have other stories to write and update, enjoy this first chapter of Shinji's adventures in the monster school.

And just so everyone knows, the Angel's attacks were about every three weeks or so, at least that was what Misato once said, so I used that as a referent for this story.

And in case no one recognized it, Akihisa Ikeda is the name of the creator of the Rosario+Vampire manga.

Also, this is my 100th story, so Hooray For Me!

And also, Yes! Shinji's experiences fighting the Angels will make him a stronger more cool-headed student than Tsukune. Though... now Tsukune is a... well, you get the idea. But I hope everyone enjoys this and will leave me lots of reviews.