by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Rosario+Vampire or its characters.

Summary: Shinji decides to tell Moka everything about his life and what he really is. And things change at NERV and SEELE.

Idea by 'The Canadian Empire'.


Chapter 3
Painful Truth

"Like I said... Know Your Place!" Silver Moka screamed as she threw a fearsome kick towards the monster, breaking it's dozens of teeth as it flew through the air and landed hard against a large tree stump. "Tell me that we're the same and then try and take advantage of me. Punk!"

The quartet just looked at Moka in awe as she once again defeated another monstrous foe. The 11-year old witch Yukari Sendo (dressed in a witches hat and cape) was cheering animatedly for the female vampire. Kurumu and Tsukune were just watching as the defeated substitute science teacher (who was an actual Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde beast, sans the formula) settled into the dust. And Shinji was just smiling while holding his still dislocated left arm.

Silver Moka walked up to Shinji and gripped his left arm, popping it back into place easily.

"Thanks." Shinji groaned, rotating his arm to make sure it still worked.

"I should probably be upset with you for this, Shinji." Silver Moka said. "Taking on a teacher with a dangerous split-personality like that wasn't smart."

"He was trying to rape you!" Shinji snapped at her.

"I know." she huffed. "Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful you arrived in time to pull my Rosario off, and while it was gutsy of you, it was also suicidal! What made you take him on like that?"

The others looked at Shinji, waiting for his explanation.

"He just... reminded me of my father." Shinji replied softly.

Moka blinked in shock.

His father? Moka thought. But.. the anger... the look in his eyes was one of pure rage. How could... it suddenly dawned on Moka that she didn't know much about Shinji's life after he left school all those months ago. "I think we need to talk."

Shinji looked at the silver-haired vampire. "What do you mean?"

"The anger in your eyes when you attacked Professor Janus. And you said he reminded you of your father." she asked. "What happened?"

Shinji sighed, knowing where this was going.

"Moka... there's something I have to tell you."

The other three leaned in closer, wanting to hear this. Shinji just looked at them, and grimaced a bit.

"Tomorrow. After school. Where we first met. I'll tell you then." Shinji whispered to her.

"I'll remind the other Moka." she said, taking the Rosario and once again becoming Pink Moka.


Shinji leaned against the twisted tree where he and Moka had run into each other. He looked out over the dark and twisted world under the reddish sky and felt oddly at ease. Maybe it was because this world represented how Shinji felt. He pushed the thoughts out of his mind as a pink-haired girl approached him.

"Sorry I'm late. It took forever to lose Yukari. She's so clingy." Moka said as she tried to catch her breath.

"I know." Shinji chuckled as he lead Moka into the forest where a small bench was. It was old and somewhat rusted, but strong enough to hold them.

They sat down and Shinji took in a deep breath.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Moka asked.

"Moka... I'm human." he said, looking at her so that she could see his eyes.

The green-eyed girl gasped slightly as he said that.

That isn't what I was expecting. But... I guess it does explain a lot. She thought. "And... about what happened yesterday?" she asked.

Shinji didn't look at her as he started to explain.

"I was about four years old when my mother, Yui Ikari, died in an experiment being preformed at her work place. She brought me along for some reason. Said that it was important. Right after the experiment ended, and my mother was declared dead, my father, Gendo, abandoned me to the care of a teacher whom I'd never met before. I waited for hours in the pouring rain for this man I didn't know to come and pick me up. When he finally arrived, he was only slightly nicer than my own father. For the next ten years he took care of me, but... we didn't really connect on any level. Just existed. Then one day I received a letter from my father, telling me to come back to Tokyo-3. The letter just had one word on it. It said, 'Come'. Nothing else. I mean, can you believe that? After ten years of no phone calls, no emails, nothing really, he just sends me a letter and orders me to come to him."

"But you did. Why?" Moka asked.

"Because there was a part of me that... actually wanted to be a family again. Guess I was just fooling myself. Anyway, the letter also included a picture of a beautiful woman named Misato Katsuragi, who would later become my commanding officer and guardian. When I arrived in the city, the whole place was deserted. No one around, telephone lines down. Like a ghost town. Which might have explained why I saw a girl with blue hair in a school uniform standing right out in the middle of the street where she hadn't been before. When I looked again, she was gone. It was right then that the military showed up and started shooting at this gigantic greenish monster called an Angel. They weren't having much effect on the creature, it kept swatting the planes away, one almost landed right on me. The monster then saw me and headed towards me, which was right when Ms Katsuragi arrived to pick me up. She nearly ran me over when she got there. Anyway, she took me to NERV, the paramilitary organization which my father ran. Misato took me to meet Dr Ritsuko Akagi, NERV's rather attractive chief scientist, and both of them showed me the Evangelion, Unit 01, a gigantic robot that looked like some kind of demonic monster. They then told me that I was going to pilot it." he said with a laugh. "I mean, can you believe that? They wanted me to pilot a giant robot that I'd never seen before, against a monster I didn't know even existed, for an organization I'd never heard of, run by a man who abandoned me years ago. Can you believe that?"

Moka said nothing, just let him talk. Though she was slightly upset that he had been part of a group that was fighting monsters. Though, she'd never heard of these 'Angels' before.

"Both Misato and Ritsuko then told me to get inside the Eva in order to pilot it. Even my father did. I asked him why he had called me back, and he said it was because he had a use for me. I was upset at hearing them. But... when I refused to pilot because I couldn't, he brought out this injured girl named Rei Ayanami on a stretcher, the same girl I'd seen on the street earlier. Said that she was going to pilot it instead of me, even though she was injured. When the Angel reached the base, it shook the whole place, which was a shock considering how massive the entire Geofront was, and Rei got even more injured from that. I... agreed to pilot the robot so that she didn't have to. They put me in this white tube that was flooded with this liquid called LCL. It was breathable, but... it kinda tasted like blood."

Moka's interest kinda peaked at that.

"They sent me up to fight the Angel, but... well, I didn't know how to do anything and I was nearly killed. Everything the Angel did to the Eva, it felt like it was doing it to me. I could feel everything that happened to it. Like... it was me. I don't remember much about what happened after that. I don't even remember how I beat the Angel. When I woke up I was in the hospital. Misato came by later and agreed to take me in. I would have been fine on my own, but... Misato insisted."

"What was she like?" Moka asked, curious.

"She was... different. When we were at NERV she was so serious. Demanding. Almost... obsessed. She knew how to do things in a very military way, even crazy ways. Her plans worked, but... it was like she would never back down from a fight no matter what. I kind of got the impression she wanted to pilot the Eva's herself against the Angels. But when she was at home, she... she was a completely different person. She drunk can after can of beer, she couldn't cook to save her life, she was a total slob, paraded around the apartment in her underwear most of the time, and had a pet penguin who mooched just about everything off of you everyday. She was like a teenager at times."

Moka just continued to listen, knowing that all this was important, given how he was talking about it. She knew that it was just the beginning.

"Anyway, after the first battle, I started school and met a couple of guys named Kensuke Aida and Toji Suzuhara. Kensuke was a military otaku who was so obsessed with weapons and giant robots. When he first found out that I was a robot pilot, he... well, he just wouldn't leave me alone. Asking me all kinds of questions, wanting me to take pictures of the Eva's and NERV, trying to get me inside the Geofront on a regular basis. I mean... he was just obsessed. And then there was Toji, who was pretty much a sports guy. He punched me when we first met. He blamed me because his little sister got hurt during the first battle with the Angel, and took his aggression out on me. I guess he had a right to, since I didn't know how to do anything when I first got in that thing. It was shortly I met them that I was sent into battle against another Angel. I had some better training, but it nearly killed me again. It grabbed me and tossed me out of the city and towards the bunkers were the people were hiding. It was there that Toji and Kensuke had gotten out of the bunker to watch the fight. I almost ended up crushing them as a result. The Angel attacked and I had no choice but to pull them into the Eva to protect them. Misato ordered me to retreat, but I couldn't. That close to the bunkers the Angel would have killed too many people. I... I don't know what really happened. I think I went a little crazy, fighting that Angel. I... I disobeyed Misato's order and attacked... I killed the Angel but... it felt so painful. Misato put me in the brig for two days because I disobeyed her orders. When I got out, I... I actually ran away from the apartment. I needed to get away from there and clear my head. I was just so confused at why Misato said I had a poor attitude about what I was doing."

"Poor attitude?" Moka asked.

Shinji looked at her with a small degree of shame and answered, "I'd convinced myself that we were fighting a war, and that my personal safety wasn't important. All that mattered was killing the Angels and protecting the human race. Misato thought that that was reckless, and that I didn't deserve to be there with an attitude like that. When NERV security found me, Misato had them take me to the train station so that I could leave Tokyo-3. I should have left. I don't know why I chose to miss the train, but I did. Misato actually seemed glad of that when she came to pick me up. I think she was trying to stop me from leaving."

Moka listened intently to everything Shinji was saying. He continued talking about the rest of his battles, from his sortie against the Fifth Angel that nearly boiled him alive in his entry plug when it shot his Eva in the chest. She noticed that he absently rubbed his chest as he talked about it. He didn't tell Moka about the rather embarrassing incident involving Rei when he went to deliver her new NERV ID. Or about her slapping him. She heard the hesitance in his voice as he talked about Operation Yashima, which was an elaborate plan to sniper the Angel with Unit 01, while Unit 00 protected it with a large shield. Misato's plan nearly got Rei killed, and Shinji had to pull open the superheated entry plug open with his hands in order to make sure Rei was alright. He burnt his hands, but was glad that she was alright. After that, Shinji told Moka about the JetAlone robot incident that nearly resulted in a nuclear explosion, then going to the Over-The-Rainbow super carrier to meet the Second Child, an arrogant German girl named Asuka Langley Sohryu.

"Asuka was... difficult, I guess." he said, not trying to sound mean. "The first thing she did was slap me for looking at her underwear when the wind blew her skirt up. I mean, who wears a loose-fitting sundress on the deck of a very windy ship? She slapped me, Toji and Kensuke for looking. Like it was intentional. She started insulting me left and right, going on and on about how great she was, how she was the number one pilot. It was ridiculous. We were fighting to save mankind, and she was talking about how great she was. Like she'd actually done anything important. Anyway, while we were heading back to Japan, we were attacked by another Angel as Asuka was showing off her Unit 02 to me. She pulled me into the entry plug with her, even made me wear one of her plugsuits that she had a spare of. It was embarrassing. Then she takes her Unit 02 and hopscotches across the other battleships in the fleet like they were stepping stones. She just... I mean she did it intentionally and I don't know how much damaged she caused. It was like she didn't care. We nearly died when we got tossed into the ocean, since the Eva's couldn't swim and we were up against an Angel that could. Misato helped us defeat it by sinking two of the Battleships so that it would be right there when the Angel passed by and...well, it worked but it was kinda hard to get out of that plugsuit when we got to the docks. Especially with Kensuke videotaping everything."

Moka couldn't image what these skintight plugsuits might have looked like to cause such shame.

"Anyway, Asuka was later enrolled in our class, which caused all kinds of problems. I mean, she just wouldn't let up with the attitude, thinking that she was superior to everyone just because she was an Eva pilot. And she declared it every chance she got. It's like she loved the spotlight. Well, things got worse when the Seventh Angel showed up and Asuka actually tried to take it on herself. She just rushed ahead, no back-up, no support, no real plan, just took her lance and cut the Angel in two."

Sounds like something I'd do. Silver Moka thought.

"Of course, it was only after that that we found out that the Angel was supposed to split in two. That was it's special ability. It double-teamed Asuka, and then double-teamed me. It was humiliating. But Asuka's arrogance didn't let up. She blamed me for the whole thing, even though she didn't follow procedure or listen to anything Misato said. Then Misato got this crazy idea to double-team the Angel, and had me and Asuka do, what she called, synchronization training. She... she had Asuka moved into our apartment and had us do special training so that we actually moved, talked and even thought the same thing. It took nearly two weeks, and the teasing we got from Toji and Kensuke and even Hikari was... some times I just wanted it to end. We beat the Angel, but... well..."

"Well what?" Moka asked.

"Things didn't change much between us." Shinji said. "Asuka spent most of her time chasing this guy, Ryoji Kaji, who was at least twice her age, saying how immature guys her own age were. I mean even if she did go to college and was trained for years to pilot Eva, it didn't give her the right to talk down to everyone around her. Well, her attitude didn't improve much, especially when she couldn't go to Okinawa with the rest of our class on a special trip, because we were fighting a war. Then she gets picked to go into a volcano to capture an Angel that was asleep, and... she near died when the Angel woke up and attacked her inside the volcano. I couldn't do much to help her, but somehow, we won that fight when Asuka used the coolant system that was keeping her from roasting alive in her Eva to kill it."

Moka kept listening to Shinji as he explained about the spider-like Angel attacking the city when all the power in the entire city of Tokyo-3 and the Geofront went out, and they needed to mobilize all three Eva's in order to preform a complicated attack on the Angel that was pouring acid into their base. What caught Moka's attention was Shinji's discussion with Asuka about why they were really doing this, fighting 'Gods Messengers'. She noted how he mentioned Asuka calling him an idiot more than once.

Shinji told her about the Tenth Angel, and how Misato's plan to catch the Angel was pretty much suicide. Shinji was the first one to reach the descending Angel, catch it and keep it from destroying the whole city. He had done the hard part, and the way he talked made it seem as if no one had even noticed. The incident when the Eleventh Angel attacked, based on Misato's initial report, had little to do with the pilots, but Moka felt that Shinji was keeping something back. He didn't tell her about the Naked Synch Test, for obvious reasons.

He then told Moka the real reason that Misato fought the Angels. That they were responsible for the death of her father, on an expedition to Antarctica that actually caused the event called Second Impact. It was shocking to hear that, but it did explain why Misato hated the Angels. And why she would have wanted to pilot the Eva's against them. But because she couldn't, she had to fight by proxy, using Shinji and the other pilots.

It was the Twelfth Angel battle that seemed to shake him, though. Shinji had gotten a higher synch ratio than Asuka and Rei, and that actually made him feel good. More confident. Of course, Asuka was upset at that and had used it to goad him into directly attacking the Angel, which had resulted in him getting swallowed by the shadow-like Angel and being trapped inside it for nearly half a day.

There was something in the way Shinji talked about what happened after that that made Moka think there was something else going on.

"When I thought that I was going to die, when my last breath finally gave out... I thought... I could have sworn that... I saw my mother." he said.

Moka just listened to him as he talked.

"It was like... the closer I got to dying... the closer I was to her." he said with tears. "I just... I never told anyone at NERV about what happened. Misato said that, Unit 01, it went berserk when it broke out of the Angel and... well, I felt worse because of what happened. Asuka and Rei didn't say much about it, but... I guess it didn't matter. Not compared to what happened next."

Moka felt a sense of dread coming off of Shinji as he seemed to be reaching the end of his story.

"A new pilot had been chosen to pilot a new Evangelion that was being sent from China. They were supposed to test it before it could be used for active combat. But... something happened. An Angel somehow took over the Eva, possessed it, like a parasite. It... it started attacking everything around it, including the Eva's that were sent out to stop it. Rei and Asuka were the first to fall... and then, it was just me. Misato and Ritsuko were injured during the activation test, so it was my... I mean the commander... who was in charge of the operation. He ordered me to kill it, but I didn't want to because of the pilot's life that was at risk. I... I wanted to help the pilot, but the commander ordered the activation of the Dummy Plug. It was basically a remote override that could be used to control the Eva's if the pilot was dead or unconscious. I..."

Moka felt his sadness and anger as he spoke.

"...he forced me, forced my Eva, to attack and destroy the other Eva. I screamed so much, begging for him to stop, even as he used my Eva, me, to rip the other Eva to pieces with the pilot inside it. He..."

Moka wrapped her arms around Shinji from behind, trying to comfort him as his tears just streamed from his eyes.

"The pilot was Toji." he said, causing Moka to gasp. "He... no one told me that he was the pilot. They just thought I knew. NERV recruited him without telling me. I guess they figured that was the reason I didn't want to fight the Eva. I... I was so furious at the commander for what he did! He knew and he didn't care! He used me, to cripple Toji!" he said, taking several deep breaths before he continued on with his story. "After that I just left. I left everything and everyone I knew in Tokyo-3, because I couldn't handle it anymore. I... I was just so sick of everything that had happened. I took the first bus I could find and just left... and ended up here. With you." he said, turning back to Moka, who seemed to be on the verge of crying herself.

"Oh, Shinji! I'm so sorry!" Moka said, lunging in and hugging him tightly, trying to comfort him after everything he had just told her. Everyone used him, manipulated him, forced him to fight for them like he was just a weapon. It's... it's inhuman!

However, Moka wasn't the only one who thought so.

Several feet away, hidden in the brush, a trio of friends were anxiously listening to what Shinji had just told Moka.

"That's... that's so horrible!" Yukari said, crying softly at hearing Shinji's story.

"I knew human's were bad, but that's just... sick and insane!" Kurumu said. "How can someone, especially a father, use their own son like a weapon?" she wondered aloud, even as she nestled into Tsukune's chest for comfort. It was truly the most depressing story she had ever heard.

"I don't know, Kurumu-chan. But at least we know why Shinji seems so... dark." Tsukune said as he held the succubus closer.

"His mother dies in front of him. His father abandons him. No one cares for or supports him. They don't even tell him what's happening until he gets there. His own friends and co-workers, even his guardian, use him. Throw him into a war he was never trained or prepared for. It's a miracle he hasn't become some kind of psychotic murderer." Yukari said, wiping her eyes with a tissue she had magically created.

At hearing those words, Tsukune thought back to his own recent experience with darkness.


"BACK YOU DAMNED WRAITH!" The Bus Driver shouted as he leapt into the air and kicked the shadow-like creature away from the heavily bleeding Tsukune.

"Stand aside." a soft, deep voice said, as a tall, hooded figure stepped onto the field.

The wraith screeched as it attacked once again, The Chairman merely throwing out his hands as a barrier of light enveloped the wraith. It screamed as it dissipated and vanished like smoke.

"Well, that was exciting." The Chairman said as he walked over to the Bus Driver and the unmoving young man. "His injuries are deep. Can you help him?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing." The Bus Driver said, puffing on his cigar while Tsukune's heart beat began to slow.

"What about a blood transfusion?" Chairman asked.

"That could be tricky. We don't have any human blood here." Driver said.

"What about that other student? Shinji, I believe his name is?"

"Not the same blood type." Driver said, then his eyes lit up. "Although... I do have a pack of... other blood."

"What 'other' blood?"

"Issa Shuzen's." he smirked.

"You Can't Be Serious! How the hell did you get that?" he gasped.

"You don't want to know." he said as he picked up the injured boy and walked over to the bus. He walked up to the rear left side of the bus and kicked the bumper. The second he did, a panel/table dropped down from the bus itself and the Driver placed Tsukune on it.

The Chairman came over and saw that inside the back end of the bus were dozens of bagged blood packs kept inside a cooling unit to maintain their freshness. There was a small computer set up as well, and even several medical tools and syringes.

"Seriously, how did you get all this?" The Chairman asked.

Looking back to his old friend, the Driver sighed as he pulled out several blood packs from the storage unit. "You can thank Akasha Bloodriver for all this."

Moka's mother gave The Driver packs of blood from Moka's father? He thought with incredulous shock, even as Driver hooked up the blood packs to the boy.

"This will save the boy." Driver said as he connected the blood, then began cleaning and bandaging the large wound across his chest. "But... there is a problem."

"You mean because you're using vampire blood for a transfusion, he will become a vampire." Chairman said as pulled a golden crucifix and whispered a few incantations while waving his hand over it.

"Yes. And no." Driver said.

"Yes and no? What are you saying?" Chairman said, finished with his spell. "That he's going to turn into some kind of psychotic murderer?"

"No, no, no, no, no. He'll be like that Akashiya girl, but slightly different. He won't be as strong as her, but he won't have the same weaknesses."

"Hmm. Becasue Moka was born a vampire, not turned or transformed. An interesting trade. And, comparatively, just how strong will he be?"

"Well... I'd say about 85-90% of Moka's full strength, when he goes full vamp."

"But he will not be vulnerable to water."

"Right. It's vampire blood mixed in with what he's already got inside him. He lost a lot thanks to that wraith, but not all of it."

"So it's a best guess as to his strength."


While the pair were talking, and the blood was pumping into Tsukune's body, the boy in question actually found himself listening to their conversation.

I'm going to be a vampire. He thought, oddly accepting of this new situation. But will I be a good vampire... or a bad one? I... hope I'm good.

Tsukune's acceptance of this new situation was due mostly to the changes the blood was making to his body while it flow through his system. Some of the blood was actually getting into his brain and slightly altering his perceptions of what he knew and accepted of the world.

Than again, near-death experiences sometimes helped you come to terms with certain things quicker than you normally would have otherwise.


Tsukune, Kurumu and Yukari continued eavesdropping on the pair, when something happened.

That's got to be the either the best story I've ever heard, of the biggest bunk of bull ever told! Silver Moka thought to Pink Moka.

I don't think he's lying about this! Pink Moka thought back.

What makes you say that?

Shinji-kun's given us far too many details to simply have made it up. He's smart, but he doesn't seem to be that creative. I believe him. Pink Moka thought. He's brave and compassionate, and he doesn't want other people getting hurt. That's why he's not afraid of the other monsters here. He's faced so many other much bigger monsters.

Hmm. Maybe. He's got guts, that's for sure. And his blood is delicious. Still... there is one way to know for sure. Silver Moka said.

What do you mean? Pink Moka asked.

The Blood Memory Technique!

What? I don't know that! Pink Moka said. Father never taught it to me!

He taught it to me! But to use it, I need to be free.

Pink Moka sighed, knowing her other side was right. Very well. "Shinji-kun?" she said.

"Yes, Moka-chan?" Shinji replied.

"Remove my Rosario." she said.

"What? Why?" he asked.

"My other self wants to talk to you."

"Oh. Okay."

Shinji gripped the Rosario and, thinking desperately yet casually, pulled the Rosario off.

All at once the area was flooded with incredible force and power, as Silver Moka returned to the world. She breathed in the air as she looked over at Shinji.

"The reason I have come here is because I wish to confirm everything you said." Silver Moka said.

"Confirm it? How?" he asked.

"My father taught me a technique that will allow me to read your memories. Through your blood." she said.

"You... want to read my memories... through my blood?" he gasped.

"Yes. What you told my other self was an interesting story, but I don't take things at face value. I want to know the truth."

Shinji seemed upset at that. It was as if she was telling him she didn't believe him. Which she didn't judging from what she had just said. He sighed, knowing that if he didn't let her drink his blood and see his memories, she would think he was a liar. However, if he did let her see his memories...

"Alright." he said, offering his neck to the sexy silver/white haired vampire girl.

She smiled, opening her mouth to reveal her fangs.

"But..." he said, causing her to pause before she teeth touched his skin. " won't like what you see. Just so you know." he warned.

"Right." she said curtly, and sunk her fangs into his neck, causing him to wince painfully since her fangs were longer and sharper than Pink Moka's.

Her eyes glowed brightly as she drank up his blood, the Blood Memory technique her father had taught her working to decipher each memory that Shinji had.

It was nearly a fully minute, when Silver Moka released Shinji and stumbled backwards. Shinji fell to the ground, groaning at how much blood he had just lost in that one drinking. He looked almost pale, like Rei, as he stared up at the dark red sky of the Yokai world.

However, Silver Moka looked like she was about to freak out. Her eyes were wide open as they could possibly be, bloodshot and throbbing. Her breath was deep and ragged, almost gasping. Her entire body shook like she was experiencing her own personal earthquake.

And then she screamed.

A blood-curdling scream, like a fearsome wild beast being devoured by a demon, echoed throughout the forest and the entire school, sending chills up the spines of virtually everyone who heard it. Some students, and even a couple of faculty members, actually fainted.

Tsukune, Kurumu and Yukari, being the closest students, had to cover their ears to keep them from bleeding when Moka let loose her scream. They burst from the brush to see what was wrong as soon as the screaming had stopped, and all froze when they saw the look of death in Moka's eyes, the Killer Intent rolling off her threatening to suffocate them all like water.

It was Tsukune who dared to speak, only because his being a vampire made it easier for him to bear being within her KI radius.

"Moka! What's wrong?" he asked tentatively.

"I'm Gonna Kill All Those #$%*&!" she shouted, which shocked the trio.

"Kill who? You mean... the people at NERV? The ones who used Shinji?" Tsukune asked.

"YES!" She snapped. "I'm gonna make sure every single one of those punks, including that redheaded whore-bitch and that goddamned bastard-father, Knows Their Place!" she hissed, slamming her foot hard into the ground, causing an earthquake that knocked the trio off their feet. "Right Under My Foot As I Ground Them Into Powder!"

Tsukune and the others shakily got back to their feet, the two girls going over to Shinji as Tsukune approached a furious Moka.

"Moka... what's wrong?" Tsukune asked.

She turned to him, glaring at him like she was going to rip his head off.

"I saw it. All of it." she growled, trying to reign in her emotions. "Every memory Shinji had of his experiences in Tokyo-3! I felt everything. Every battle. Every pain. Every insult and order... everything that Shinji went through while he was there." she said in a near whisper.

It was then that Tsukune realized what she was saying. And why she was acting like this.

The Blood Memory Technique. But... I thought only experienced vampires could use it safely. He thought.

And that was true. While the BM Technique enabled a vampire to read the memories of a person that they drank blood from, which was useful in interrogations and such, it was ill-advised for anyone other than an experienced master vampire to use the technique. The reason was that any vampire who did ran the risk of having the victims emotions and sensations overlaid onto their own, as if they were experiencing everything that had happened to the other person, happen to them.

This was the first time Moka had actually used the technique on anyone. As such she didn't know how to properly shield herself from the emotional stress of Shinji's experiences. Which meant that the way she was acting was a direct result of her personality responding to Shinji's rather terrible life.

She even saw the shower incident with Rei, Rei slapping him, all of Misato's blatant sexual teasings, even the kiss that Asuka tricked him into, which she threw back in his face like it was the biggest mistake of her life.

And even though Shinji had told her about his life, told her that she wouldn't like what she was going to see, having experienced it for herself as if she had lived it, the silver/white haired vampire girl was on the verge of tears herself as she fell to her knees.

How... how can someone live through all that... and not fly into a murderous rage? How can they not become a monster, after being forced to fight monsters... for a monster? No real friends, no family. They all used him. So alone. Oh Shinji! Silver Moka thought as a tear fell from her eye. A tear. My first... real tear. She thought to herself as her arms wrapped across her chest, hugging her body tightly.

Tsukune didn't dare to touch Moka as he saw tears fall from her eyes. It was Kurumu who called the male vampire back to his senses.

"Tsukune-kun!" the busty succubus called out.

"Huh? What?" the young man replied.

"We have to get Shinji to the Infirmary! He's lost a lot of blood!" Yukari called out.

"Right." Tsukune said as he raced over and gently picked up Shinji's almost lifeless body. Damn! Moka nearly drained him dry. Hang in there, buddy!

The trio turned to head back to the school to get their friend to the nurse, only to have Moka stand right in front of them.

"No." Moka said, halting them.

"What?" Kurumu gasped.

"Moka-san, please!" Yukari said. "We need to get Shinji to the Infirmary!"

"I'll take him." she said firmly as she took Shinji from Tsukune's arms, turned around, and leapt away towards the school.

The force of her liftoff kicked up dirt and rocks, knocking Yukari back onto her rear end, and made the others wonder if their friend would survive the trip at all.


Shinji woke up in the Infirmary two days later. His blood had been fully restored, as had the color to his face and skin. He was feeling better as he opened his eyes and looked up to see the Infirmary ceiling.

This seems... familiar. He thought, remembering how many times he had ended up in NERV's hospital.

He tried to sit up and felt a weight on his chest. He turned his head and saw a bright pink mane of hair resting against his chest.

Moka? He gasped, his breathing causing the pink-haired vampire to stir and turn her eyes to his.

"Shinji." she said softly, her entire body moving in order to hug him tightly around his neck. "You're alright!"

"I'm fine. But... what happened?" Shinji asked, feeling the girl's body crush against his own as she held him in a tight grip.

"You... I saw everything, Shinji-kun. I saw everything that happened to you." Moka said, crying tears of mixed happiness and sadness as she stroked his hair, even as his face was crushed to her chest, rubbing against her Rosario.

Shinji suddenly remember what she was talking about.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, Moka-chan." he said, hugging her back.

The pair held each other for several quiet minutes, until Moka moved back from Shinji and looked into his eyes lovingly. She leaned in to Shinji, her mouth parted. At first Shinji thought that she wanted to suck his blood again, and turned his head to present his neck. He was surprised, of course, when Moka turned his face back to her and pressed her lips to his.

She's... she's kissing me! Moka-chan's kissing me! He mentally gasped at first, before giving in to the kiss and pulling the girl tightly to him.

About three minutes into the kiss was when Tsukune, Kurumu and Yukari all chose to walk into the Infirmary to check on their friends, and caught said friends in mid-French.

"Oh wow!" Yukari gasped.

"I see you're feeling better." Tsukune blushed a little.

"If I didn't have my own boyfriend, I'd be so jealous!" Kurumu smirked as she held Tsukune's arm tightly.

Tsukune turned to Kurumu. "So I'm your boyfriend, am I?" he asked.

"Of course! Aren't you?" Kurumu asked, a slightly worried look on her face.

"Well, we never did make it official." he said, leaning in to rub his nose against hers.

"Then, yes! I want you to be my boyfriend!" she said, pulling him close rubbing his chest with her hands. "You are my Destined One, after all!"

"Good, because I like you too, Kurumu-chan." he said as he softly kissed Kurumu on the lips.

Oh my! The busty succubus gasped as she felt her heart pound rapidly in her chest as his lips touched her own.

"Hey! No fair! I wanna get kissed too!" Yukari screamed, breaking the tender moment. "Tsukune! Kiss Me!" she cried out, puckering up her lips to the vampire boy.

"Oh no you don't, you flat-chest fishwife!" Kurumu shouted, pushing the preteen witch away from her Mate of Fate.

"Quit hogging Tsukune-kun, you pair of walking airbags!" Yukari shouted, waving her wand around threateningly.

Shinji and Moka just smiled at their friends antics, the pink-haired girl sitting in the young man's lap, turning to stare into his eyes.

"Shinji-kun?" Moka asked, tentatively.

"Yes, Moka-chan?" Shinji replied.

"I...I care for you. Both sides of me care for you." she stated, caressing the sides of his face even as a blush overtook her. "I know your life. All of it. I also know you hated it. So... no matter what, I will protect you." she declared.

Shinji just looked into her eyes, which looked on the verge of tears. He leaned in and pressed his forehead to hers, hugging the girl gently as he did. He didn't even mind that this was exactly the same thing that Rei had once told him. But while that had been for the sake of piloting the Eva, this right here was for the sake of himself.

He just smiled and held the pink-haired girl to him, knowing that despite having to deal with all kinds of monsters, he was actually looking forward to this life far more now then one he had had in Tokyo-3. He had good friends here, a beautiful girl who cared for him (both sides of her, apparently) and a future that was free of the damaging psychological pain he had gone through before.

He didn't even bother to wonder what was going on at NERV. It was obvious that the world, or at least the human world, hadn't been destroyed, so his role in NERV must not have been as important as he had been lead to believe. All thoughts on his life in Tokyo-3 were pushed to the back of his mind as he focused on his new life, here, with a beautiful girl who actually cared about him, even if it was at a school full of monsters.

(NERV HQ, present time)

It had taken weeks to get out of the chaos that had all but consumed NERV after the 14th Angel's attack. While time meant nothing to The Angels, the Fourteenth Angel had waited over two hours for the 'Legendary Purple Angel Slayer' to show up, and nothing.

Finally giving up due to lack of activity, the Angel blasted a hole down into Terminal Dogma and freed the Second Angel, Lilith, who in turn freed the First Angel, Adam, who had been surgically implanted into Gendo's left arm. While everyone had been somewhat horrified at seeing Gendo's arm explode off from his elbow, they were even more shocked when it was revealed that he'd had an Angel literally grafted to his body.

But Lilith didn't stop there. She used her powers to free both Yui Ikari from Unit 01, and Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu from Unit 02 before leaving with her family.

The chaos that this single incident caused echoed throughout the entire human world. What most would consider a 'global-stink' took nearly two months of investigations, inquiries, interrogations and a massive amount of explanations that exposed all of NERV's secrets. Everything from the clones of Rei Ayanami, to the Second Angel being kept in the basement, to the LCL that turned out to be actual Angel blood, to the Eva's being clones of the Angels themselves, to SEELE planning to destroy the world via a Third Impact.

The only saving grace was that all of this could be laid at SEELE's feet, which had created NERV as the public face to hide their real agenda. What made it easier to blame the secret society, was the fact that Gendo had recorded all of his meetings with SEELE. While this had saved him from a public lynching, his wife was less than happy at all that had happened.

Gendo's balls would never recover from that nut-stomping fiasco.

But while the 'happy reunion' was going on, the whole of NERV went through a major overhaul. Sub-commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki, Dr Ritsuko Akagi, and agent Ryoji Kaji had taken most of the blame for what happened, being involved almost right from the start of NERV's inception, and with full knowledge of Gendo's plans, so they were at a U.N. Maximum Security prison facility where they were routinely questioned about every little detail, no matter how small, concerning NERV, SEELE, The Evas, The Angels, Instrumentality, etc.

Ratting out SEELE was the easy part, with the U.N. launching a full-scale, global search for the old men who were trying to achieve immortality by genociding what was left of the world.

However, that actually proved to be the interesting point of agreement for everyone.

Namely: Shinji Ikari.

Both the U.N. and SEELE agreed that everything could have gone to pot had Shinji actually stayed at NERV and fought the Fourteenth Angel. His lack of presence, thanks to all the psychological trauma he had endured, had forced all of NERV's secrets to the surface. The U.N. agreed that Shinji was nothing but a pawn in this whole affair, but SEELE, however, was placing sole blame on the Ikari boy for screwing up their scenario.

Word somehow reached the surviving members of NERV that SEELE and their few remaining loyal forces were on the hunt for Shinji to make him suffer. Even as they themselves were being hunted.

"We Have To Find Him!" Asuka Langley Sohryu shouted, even as her mother stood behind her trying to keep her hot-blooded daughter calm.

After being reunited with her mother, Asuka's personality had shifted, on an almost global scale, and she had finally admitted to herself that she was in love with Shinji. She had pushed him away when he had offered her friendship. He had been kind, supportive, and even impressed by her, and she had treated him like a doormat. Her entire attitude had been an absolute abomination and she was openly ashamed of it. She didn't even insult or belittle Rei when she found out about her origins. The reason was simple: Rei had been a tool to be used and discarded like she was nothing. It was another thing that had actually hurt Asuka: the simple realization that she had only been fighting for herself while Shinji and Rei had been fighting for the entire planet's survival.

"We will Asuka." Misato Katsuragi said. "We owe Shinji at least that much."

Misato's guilt at manipulating and using Shinji to get her revenge on the Angels had worn heavy on the woman. She had actually compared herself to Shinji's father, who had blatantly manipulated the boy for his own ends. And she had helped in that. Misato had been manipulated as well as all of NERV, but that didn't make the guilt go away. In fact, it only made it worse. She had forced him into the pilot seat with no training. (He could have been killed) She had teased him mercilessly with her sexual inhibitions, running around the apartment in her skimpy clothes like they were lovers or something (Which could have gotten her arrested, now that she thought about it) She had pushed him to his breaking point time and again instead of praising him for victory and just coming back alive.

Yes, Misato owed Shinji so much for the hell he had been put through.

"At least?" Yui Ikari asked, wiping her hands of the blood that previously belonged to her husband. (Gendo was still alive. Yui wasn't finished with him yet.) "At Least? Just about every person in this god-dammed organization, hell, this entire planet, owes my son for saving their ungrateful necks!"

Yui had been instated as NERV's commanding officer following her return and Gendo's arrest, and the kindly visage she had been known for had been replaced by the enraged and vengeful mother that only wanted to protect her son. After everything that had happened to Shinji, which she had been fully aware of thanks to her synching with him, Yui wanted nothing more than to turn the entire planet on its head and pound it into the ground like a stake for what it had done to her sweet boy.

The last feelings she had received from Shinji were of pain, anguish, fear and horror at what had happened when the Dummy Plug had taken control of Eva 01 and ripped Eva 03 to pieces, with Shinji's friend inside it. Yui was still taking that action out of Gendo's hid.

"We'll find him, Yui. Somehow." Kyoko said to her old friend.

Standing behind her daughter, comforting hands resting on the shoulders of the girl she hadn't been able to hold for an entire decade, Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu was more than aware of the feelings her Asuka held for Yui's son. Even if she had been in denial about it, she couldn't hide her feelings from her mother.

But Kyoko was particularly disturbed at how Asuka had turned out. Namely, skipping her entire childhood and growing up so fast that she actually tried to seduce Ryoji Kaji. Having seen what the children had been forced to endure, what they had lost and been denied, it was Kyoko's and Yui's responsibility to fix the mistakes that Gendo and others had created. Lord knew they (Gendo and others) wouldn't.

"But where shall we start? We do not know where Ikari-kun has disappeared to." Rei Ayanami said.

When Rei's origins had been revealed to the world, the only fear the girl had was not being able to see Shinji again. For some reason, when Shinji had left NERV, Rei felt her emotions of sadness well up inside her. After being knocked around by the Fourteenth Angel, she realized just how important Shinji was to NERV, and to her, despite what Gendo had told her. She recalled fondly Shinji's many attempts to befriend her, and how wonderful it had felt to smile for him. How warm he had made her feel. Shinji hadn't wanted to use her, like Gendo did, he wanted her to live.

After NERV's secrets had been exposed, Rei had been awaiting her ultimate demise, when a reprieve came from Yui Ikari herself. Yui was aware of the feelings that Shinji had for the girl, and had taken her on as her ward/daughter. Though the reasons were not exactly clear, it was of little concern to Rei. For the first time in her life, Rei actually found her selfish desires well up in her. She wanted to see Shinji again. She missed him.

"Don't worry, Rei." Yui said. "The world is too small for my son to hide. Especially from those who care for him."

"We just have to hope we find him before SEELE does." Misato said. "Then again, it took Section-2 at least two days to find him when he ran away that first time."

"Those guys were nothing but a bunch of thugs in black suits. Now that the entire division has been liquidated, we might have a better chance at locating Shinji before SEELE does." Asuka huffed.

"We will, Asuka-chan. Don't worry." Kyoko said to her daughter. "And when we do, we will fix all the mistakes we've made in all our lives."

Her words bounced off the walls of Central Dogma, the whole group falling silent as their thoughts rested on the one person who had inadvertently saved the entire world. Ironically, by running away.


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"When we find Shinji, I'm gonna show him just how much love a Sohryu woman is capable of!" Asuka declared.

"Then you will have to get in line, Ms Sohryu. I want a shot at Shinji-kun as well." Rei said.

"What? You? You're practically his sister!" Asuka shouted.

"Practically. Not completely." Rei stated.

"That's Practically Incest!" the redhead shouted.

"That did not stop him from groping my naked breast, in my apartment, when we were alone." Rei stated with a neutral expression. "Long before you ever arrived in Japan." Even though Shinji-kun did not know that at the time.

"WHAT?" Asuka screamed, her mother holding her back from clawing the albino's eyes out.


"The New Students"

"Alright, everyone! We have a group of new students starting today. So please make them welcome." the teacher said as the quartet walked in.

"Hello, I'm Moka Akashiya." the super cute pink-haired girl said.

"I am Kurumu Kurono." the blue-haired girl with the large chest said.

"I am Mizore Shirayuki." the purple-haired girl with the lollipop in her mouth said.

"And I am Yukari Sendo." the preteen girl in the witches hat and cape said.

The guys were instantly drooling over the hot new arrivals. The girls were shooting daggers at them, especially Hikari and Asuka. The teacher gave them their seating assignments and they moved to sit down. As it turned out, the seats all surrounded one Shinji Ikari.

As they did, Moka tripped and fell forward, only to have Shinji dart out and catch her.

"Are you alright?" Shinji asked, cradling the girl in his arms.

"Oh, yes. You're so helpful" Moka stuttered as she stared into Shinji's eyes, before taking the seat on his right.

"You're welcome." Shinji said with a blush.

Not one to be upstaged, Kurumu, who was on Shinji's left, growled at Moka.

"Back off, Akashiya! This one's mine!" she shouted, giving Shinji a breast-facial, which practically suffocated him.

All the guys in class were now dropping like flies at seeing Shinji get the royal treatment.

"You're gonna suffocate him!' Moka shouted, pulling Shinji away from the succubus.

"I am going to enjoy stalking you." Mizore said to Shinji as she sat behind him while the pair argued.

"Why does Shinji get all the hot girls?" Toji whined.

"It's because he's an Eva pilot. Gotta be." Kensuke moaned.

At hearing and seeing this, Asuka Langley Sohryu got out of her seat and stormed over to the busty succubus.

"Get your big, honking airbags off of him!" she snapped, pulling Kurumu away from Shinji. "Keep your distance, slut! Shinji's my doormat, not yours!"

"Doormat? I was thinking of using him more like a futon." Kurumu said aloud, making several of the boys gasp. "And I sleep naked." she said huskily, giving Shinji a wink.

Several of the boys dropped off like cockroaches at hearing that. Some even twitched.

"That's it! You're dead!" Asuka shouted and lunged at the succubus, Hikari having to hold her back.

"Bring it on, you harpy!" Kurumu shouted, herself being held back by Moka.

"Both of you stop it!" Shinji shouted, jumping in between them to stop them, and inadvertently placing his hands upon their breasts.

You could feel the air get sucked out of the room as everyone looked at Shinji copping a feel on two different but beautiful girls.

"Oh Shinji!" Kurumu swooned at his touch.

"BAKA!" Asuka snarled, an angry tick on her forehead.

"Wow. Kurumu's bigger and softer than Asuka." Shinji thought aloud.

"WHAT?" Asuka roared and then tried to kill Shinji.

It was then that Rei approached the young man.

"Ikari-kun, are their breasts as soft as mine?" Rei asked, which stunned everyone.

"He's copped Ayanami too?" Toji whined, which got him a whack from Hikari.

"He's so lucky!" Kensuke whimpered as he took out his video camera.

"Actually... Kurumu's is a little softer than yours, but Asuka's is still harder." Shinji said.

"She's getting turned on?" Kensuke asked, video taping the whole thing.

This earned the otaku a punch from the German redhead.

"I'm next! I'm next!" Yukari shouted, also wanting to get felt up by a boy.

This earned her a pity-stare from some of the girls.



Rei approached Mizore.

"Yes?" Mizore said.

"You plan to stalk Ikari-kun?" Rei asked.

"Yes." the snow woman said.

"May I join you?" Rei asked.

Mizore smiled. "Sure thing. We can take shifts stalking him."

"That is acceptable." the albino said.

"I call night shift!" Mizore happily volunteered.

Rei's eye twitched at that. I will have to extend my observation to include the mens shower at NERV. She thought.