Chapter 1 :

Speaker's Remorse

A/N: Here is the edited version of chapter 1. Again this is my first story so go easy on me.


Her eyes were raw with unshed tears.

What has she gotten herself into?

She wanted Booth in a way that she had never wanted another man.

This went deeper than simply craving sex with an obviously attractive and physically potent male specimen.

She wanted Booth.

She wouldn't say loved Booth because she felt that love is just a combination of chemicals in the brain that cause a sense of euphoria.

Angela, her dad, Caroline, and even the completely infuriating Sweets have tried to convince her for years that something deeper was developing between the partners.

This never would have happened if Sweets hadn't made then play that stupid game.

However honest it may have been, Bones never meant to blurt out that she wanted to have a progeny that way.

After four years, you would think that Booth would be used to the fact that she has absolutely zero social skills.

Bones knew that they were well on their way to becoming a couple until Cam showed up.

She didn't hold it against Cam at all.

She liked Cam a lot as a matter of fact.

Any chance they may have had even when Booth ended things between him and Cam was eradicated once Booth drew that damn infuriating line thanks to Howard Epps.

Bones was perfectly well aware that if she were to walk down that proverbial road, she would never be the same.

She really wasn't the slightest bit sure whether or not she was ok with that. She knew once she had heard Booth explain making love to her, that sex with Booth would never be just sex...... it would be making love.

The more pertinent question is whether or not she was ready for that.

Temperance Brennan was someone who's emotions were always swirling very close to the surface.

The only person that she would ever let see just how emotional she could be was the very person she was confused about.

Seeley Booth was the most infuriating, annoying, cocky, opinionated, traditional, overly protective ........ kind hearted, gorgeous, warm, loving, and supportive man in the world.

And she knew that she was in danger of falling hard....... and never being able to recover.

The only question bouncing around in her overly analytical mind was is she willing to risk it all?

The very man that she was fretting over just walked into her office like nothing had changed between them.

He gave her his usual charming, gut melting grin, and said "Hey Bones, any news on our victim?"

She could have kicked him.

All morning she had worried about this moment.

He drove her to work this morning but he was on the phone the whole way with Rebecca dealing with issues with Booth's desire to spend more time with Parker.

Yet here he was acting like the conversation in Sweets' office yesterday never happened.


He was still in awe of what happened between him and his partner yesterday.

Damn when that woman decided she wanted something, she didn't shy away, half-ass it, or seem to fret over how it came across.

You would think after four years of being Bones' partner he would be able to sense when she was going to say something potentially life altering.

And what she said in Sweets' office yesterday was just that...... life altering and it had hit him out of the blue.

He was looking forward to talking to Bones about this in detail when he drove her to work today, but then Rebecca called him back to talk to him about the fact that he wanted to spend more time with his son.

He called her the day before to talk with her but she was in court and couldn't talk to him.

"I want a baby."

Those four words said so blase, and seemingly without provocation, were still thundering in his brain.

He was just going to pretend that she never said anything, but he knew how his partner was.

She could give the most ornery pitbull a run for its money when she got an idea stuck in her head.

She'd clamp on and not let go until he gave way.

Not that she had to fight him too hard ever on anything.

He knew he was putty in her very capable hands.

He just hope she never found out to what degree.

He would give her what she wanted.... He couldn't look in those breathtakingly gorgeous eyes and not want to give her the world.

All he has ever wanted was for her to be happy.

He knew that her loved her and he wanted her to have a piece of him with her always.

Even through the hallucinations (Stewie ..... really? a slightly homicidal cartoon baby? Sweets would have a field day if he ever found out) and the fear of what might be causing them he knew that much.