This fan fiction is a hurt/comfort love story between Naruto and Hinata. The story starts at the time period of around when he is 12, instead of all his friends being beaten when they fight the sound 5. they beat them barely and come home. Sasuke is brought back. (I know they weren't beaten but they still all passed out…)

Naruto feels he is weak and not strong enough to defend his precious people. So he runs away and starts a whole new type of training. To master the six sages!. Completely original to myself, it just popped into my head. now enjoy! This chapter was revised… again…



Chapter 1 runaway blond

It was a cold, wet and windy day in Konoha. The sky was damp and dismal looking as the rain fell from the heavens down to what seemed like a wet and dull wasteland of emptiness that he called home. The wind furiously batted at the signs, lampposts and other non-pinned down objects.

Naruto had just come back from the mission himself, Choji, Kiba, Akamaru, Rock lee, Neji and Shikamaru had gone to go retrieve Sasuke.

Naruto was angered as he thought about how normal and casual Sasuke had reacted to being brought back. Sasuke showed no gratefulness, no gratitude or even just a plain nice comment. All he got was "hey Baka, and the others… yeah you other misfits… your names escape from me… who are all of you anyway? I mean I remember you from the academy… but for the life of me I don't even know why I'm asking… I mean I don't care…"

This angered Naruto but he let it slide because Tsunade had said that Sasuke was going through a tough time, and that the ANBU had made him forget the incidence of Itachi making him look weak and the memory that Naruto beat him on the hospital rooftop.

All he knew is that 'pressure' had made him leave and that it was just hormones. Naruto laughed at that because he even believed it! "Who's the Baka now Baka" he thought to himself and chuckled inwardly.

As Naruto was heading back to his apartment he noticed a lot of people had suddenly started to appear out of nowhere. They looked at him, Eyes full of hate and fear, but mostly hate. Naruto suddenly felt less comfortable being watched by all these people and wondered if he had done anything wrong.

As Naruto turned a corner one very muscular bold man approached him. "Turn around you filthy bastard fox or ill cut you up right where you stand!" Naruto knew he could take him on easily but he thought to himself "even though I can beat him I would only makes things worse by fighting, it would only fuel the villages hate for me"

As soon as Naruto had backed off. The villages for just plain hate and disgust started to throw bits of fruit and vegetables at him, shouting "get out of this district monster!" and other rants about him being a defilement of god.

Naruto felt very angered and upset by their actions but he decided to jump over a couple of rooftops to escape the randomly thrown foods and drinks that people felt they 'had' to throw at him. Naruto tried to let the anger go and quickly told himself "they will see things my way one day. That is what I believe."

As Naruto finally arrived at his apartment he noticed there was graffiti on his windows and walls and that his house had been broken into. He rushed to the broken down door and entered with a very pissed off look. He looked around the room, he found his bed slashed up and the materials inside chucked around his room, he found all his food in the toilet and someone had clearly taken a dump after pouring all the food down the toilet. Naruto had a look of absolute insanity and rage on his face that told anyone who saw it to either run in fear or try to die in a dignified position. As he turned to the bath he saw there were bloody pieces of gone of fish and meat all over it. He turned around and took a survey of the rest of his house and found out there was lots more graffiti and rotten eggs thrown around his room.

Naruto was fuming with rage but quickly calmed down as he made mass shadow clones to help wash off the graffiti on the wall as well as disposing of the rotten meat and of course he had to man handle the little brown fish in the toilet. He thankfully thanked whatever god was out there that it wasn't that smelly or that it wasn't diarrhea…

After he was finished his house was tidy and the awful smells went so he took pride in his hard work. Then he realized he would need more food and he would need a new mattress, covers, a quilt and pillows ect…

So he set off from his house and went to the nearest furniture store that he knew about. He entered and he noted Sakura and Ino were there looking for a new bed for Sakura and a new chair for Ino.

He approached them slowly while he shouted his usual speech of yelling out there names, waving and making himself known. Sakura paused and glared at him. Naruto stood where he was as he knew that if he took another step or two she would charge forward and he would have to pay for any breakings or damages. Ino moved her arms in a swishing way as if to say 'go now before it's too late!' Sakura carried on glaring at him as she took in a deep breath and it begun…

"Naruto!! I am looking for new furniture and would not like to be disturbed by a useless loser that won't leave me alone for 10 minutes!!" Sakura exclaimed as she stared daggers at Naruto.

Ino was still swishing her arms but even harder and vigorously now. Ino whispered loud enough for Naruto and Sakura to hear but no one else "she's on her period run now!"

Sakura swung round and glared at Ino "what was that Ino pig!" Ino looked scared and nervously took her hands up defensively "nothing, nothing at all" Sakura stared back at Naruto

At this point Naruto was trying not to look hurt so he just forced a nervous laugh "I'm not following you I came here to buy a new mattress and some quilts, covers and pillows because so…

Naruto couldn't finish his sentence before Sakura shouted at him a little bit more angrily (she had no idea why… but we do) "Naruto you are a failure stop trying to act all kind around me I don't like you that way I know it may hurt but deal with it!" Ino's mouth flew open as she stared not half believing what her best friend had just said. She knew she didn't think that way about Naruto. She had defended him on many occasions when people had called him a failure. And that he and she were like brother and sister

Naruto looked hurt at her words but found enough courage to look her in the eyes and try not to start crying. "Sakura... I'm not in love with you… I got over that a while ago. I see you as a sister and I was just trying to say a friendly hello before I went on my way"

Sakura who was still in a bad mood just looked at him anger still in her eyes "Baka, finally! I mean seriously who would want you? And if you have nothing more to say to me then go… Uzumaki trash…

Naruto couldn't hold it in any more as tears ran down his face he just turned away and began to walk out of the shop. Ino looked worried and gob smacked that Sakura could just have a go at him like that. Sakura looked up and saw him crying and walking out of the shop. "Naruto-kun?... I'm.. I'm… I didn't mean it wait!"

But it was too late Naruto had ran out of the room tears streaming in his eyes. he jumped over several houses as fast as he could and tried to lose their sights and make it so they couldn't follow.

Sakura ran out the room as tears started to form around here eyes as she pleaded him to come back as she shouted his name over and over saying she was sorry and that she meant none of it.

Naruto couldn't hear it through his own sobs had made it so he couldn't hear anything but himself. He settled next to a tree and calmed down. "Wake up you dammed fox I want to talk to you…"

Huh uhh… what? Oh hey young pup what is it you want to discuss?

"it's just that… there right I am weak I am a loser and I can't fight to keep my friends… if it weren't for Lee, Neji, Kiba and the rest Sasuke would have been in that bastard snakes hands by now and I would be dead and used as a rag doll for his mutant experiments…"

Hmmm well it would seem that you wouldn't be strong enough to take down all 5 elite Jonin and then bring Sasuke back but that is really a bit much don't ya think?

"I haveto become the greatest, strongest ninja alive so that I can protect my village. If I can't keep one friend on my own then how can I save and protect a whole village as a Hokage hmmm?" Naruto said as he raised an eyebrow at the fox, expecting no retaliation.

Good point young pup… it seems you care dearly about your village and its residence. Well some anyway…

"I will change their point of view on me and I will help them see the new light that I am" Naruto said determined and ready for anything

Well young pup there are things I can teach you. Let's see your 12 now… I guess if you want me to I can take you on a journey around the world for 4 years to look for the most experienced trainers I know and I can train you myself when you become strong enough and have enough chakra then I will teach you some parts of the demon sage. As you know or don't know there are six realms equaling to six sages. In this realm you have your 'toad sages' in hell you have 'demon sages' in heaven you have 'angel sages' in Oblivion you have 'golem sages' in Versertanies you have 'pelican sages' and last but not least you have Coalchen which has 'pyro sages'.

Naruto looked dumbfounded by all of this "so in my lifetime I can only learn two of these six sages you are saying? The hell and earth sage types? (Earth meaning planet earth)

Well there are ways for me to teleport you to different realms but we need to train you first so in the meantime yes there are only 2 sage types you can learn at this moment. Although you need to at least triple your chakra until you can start demon training but it seems that in about a couple of weeks of immense training you can get started on toad sage.

"Sweet!! So shall we leave? I want to come back but not until I am strong enough." Naruto said with a sad smile as he stood up.

Yes, let's set off on our road ahead young pup.

"Hold on I have one more thing I have to do before I leave this village…" Naruto said in an even sadder tone with an even sadder smile.

What's that pup?

"I have to leave a note for all my friends to tell them I'm not mad at anyone and that I am leaving to become stronger so I may protect my village and someday become Hokage!" Naruto said in a serious tone as he punched the air with his fist. Determination and confidence spread across his face.

At a boy young pup, of course remember to pack lightly. Try not to bring too many memories. It will not only slow us down physically but mentally too.

"Yeah sure I'm just going to take my team's picture" Naruto said with another sad smile. Although it was a little happier.

Don't you want to say goodbye to HER? Hmmm? It would seem wise young pup.

"How did you know?..." Naruto said as he paled slightly.

I am a part of you I know all your thoughts, actions and implications

"Come on… how could a member of the greatest clan in Konoha even look at me… I am just Uzumaki filth… and that is one of the reasons I am going on this trip… not just to protect the village… but to protect her… Hyuuga Hinata." Naruto said as he smiled happily. Although behind the happy smile was a serious face that meant business.

Young pup it would be a mistake if you thought that… trust me I can tell she wants you and she wants you bad… more than you know little pup.

"What! How can you think that!! Hinata has never even looked at me that way before! Do not soil her name damn fox!!" Naruto inwardly shouted, angry that the fox could make Hinata seem like a demon lover.

Uhhhh… whatever I'm sorry now let's get out of here before that annoying pink haired girl and that scrumptious blond douzy get here. Eheheh…

"Yeah we shoul… hey what!! Damn perverted fox I oughta!!

We really don't have time I can sense there are 3 people coming this way… 2 Genin's and a Chunin… hmmmm. The pink and the blond Genin and the lazy Chunin… hmmmm doesn't seem to hard young pup. But the lazy one can stop you in your tracks, the blond one can take over your mind and the pink one would clobber you unconscious.. So I guess they are trouble after all… hmmmm.

"crap I got to run!" Naruto said as he stuck the note on his door and ran without stopping towards the north-east wall and quickly pounced over it like it was nothing.

Stupid boy! There were Chunin lookouts! Damn shit here 3 of them come… there about 18-23 year olds and they seem to know basic Jutsus but there leader could be trouble… watch out young pup.

Naruto ran as fast as he could but made around 30 shadow clones and made them run off in separate locations. "Stupid bastards seriously! There still chasseing me when they could be calling for back up! Ha Baka's!"

Hahaha! I know I guess I over looked there appearances these guys are stupid! they've split up chasseing 3 clones!

"Hahaha! Hey fox… I can feel your chakra inside of me what's going on?" Naruto said a little afraid that he might lose the ability to think rationally

I'm giving you my chakra so you can outrun these assholes before they call for tracking squads. Make about 200 clones and have them run in random directions in a straight line.

"Yeah I get it so then when the tracking teams show up they will have to follow all 200 leads to find where I am and by then the tracks would have faded and gone" Naruto said happily and excitedly.

That's the plan young pup. Keep running I can feel the trackers showing up. This may be a problem. They have that Shino that can get insects to scout and randomly attack one of your clones until they find the one that doesn't vanish into smoke and then he will have a permanent location on us. And second we have Kiba who can sniff us out even if we aren't caught by the bugs… and then to top it all off we got Neji who uses Byakugan so he can tell which one is the real Naruto. Lucky for us we aren't in his Byakugan range yet.

"oh well that's just dandy" Naruto was leaping though the deep forest now as tall trees whizzed past him as he sped through the forest like it was a walk in the park for him.

Keep going this way you're losing them completely. Make about another 200 clones just to be sure and then take a right at 30 degrees so that we don't look like were running in a straight line.

"No problem" Naruto used the following hand seals and shouted out "Kage bunshin no-Jutsu!" 200 Naruto clones appeared and ran into the forest in random straight line directions to fool there pursuers.



Sakura, Ino and Shikamaru had found the note Naruto had left not so long ago and had already joined the pursuit without orders from the Hokage or any of the Jonin or elite Jonin. Sakura had tears streaming freely down her face and a look as if she was going to fall to her knees and begin to howl with sadness but she had bigger worries now than to cry for her brothers sadness and confusion as she had to be strong for him otherwise she wouldn't get to see him again and that worried her more.

"Sakura… are you ok? You need to slow down or the pursuit won't last very long." Shikamaru said with a concerned face which was very rare

"I can't stop… he has so much chakra and energy the best we can do is not stop running 100% until we catch up to him…" Sakura said as she started to cry a bit more now as fresh full force tears began to pour down here already damp face.

Ino just looked depressed, concerned and sad all at the same time as she thought about what else could have made Naruto want to leave so badly.

"I'm sure he will be fine Sakura-Chan we just need to keep running and working hard and thinking about him and that will make him return to us." Ino said as she comforted her best friend

"I know he said he would return but… I will make him stronger myself. I will do everything within my power to help him and make him stronger!" Sakura said in a sad voice that lacked confidence, but you could tell when Sakura was confident when you saw her eyes. Eyes full of determination and life.

Shikamaru was back to his normal lazy lay about self, he took confidence and comfort in Sakura's words. "Yeah I mean come on this is Naruto were talking about he will come back to us"

Sakura was still crying but she wiped here eyes anyway with a look of confidence and meaning on her face looked up to the oncoming figures that were Neji, Kiba and Shino.

"Hey you three pick up the pace! Are you even trying to get Naruto back?" Ino shouted angrily at the three.

All 3 half looked round to look at Sakura, Ino and Shikamaru. "Hey you three we are starting to run out of chakra, we've used too much already on sending out insects, using scent tracking and using Byakugan there's no way we can go on like this." Kiba said as he slumped slightly

Just then a muscular figure appeared 500ft away from them and halted them to stop. When they reached him they recognized him for Naruto's pervy sage… yeah that's right Jiraiya-sensei!.

They all stopped on the same branch as him and walked closer to him to hear what he had to say.

"Stop chasseing Naruto he needs to do this. Yes it may endanger his life but come on this is Naruto we are talking about. Tsunade has agreed that we let him do this. Naruto in my eyes is strong enough to handle all that he needs to do before he can return. You should all take notice of Naruto's new found charisma and be happy that he has to work harder so he can become Hokage and protect all of you some day." Jiraiya said making all of the six smile weakly.

There were lots of looks of sorrow anxiety and anger from the bunch. When suddenly Sakura burst out "what if he gets hurt huh? What if he dies? Would no… could you live with yourself? and I don't know about you but I'm not going to stop looking for him until I find him. Then I'm gonna break his legs so he can't run and then I'm gonna keep him locked in a bedroom strapped to a bed for the rest of his life!" Sakura shouted angrily. She wasn't angry with Naruto, Jiraiya or anyone… other than herself. She felt angered that she had said those words to Naruto when he needed a friend.

Jiraiya shook his head. "Sakura I know you see Naruto as flesh and blood but this is something that will help fulfill his destiny and well… I can't say any further…"

They all looked confused for a moment "what destiny?" Neji finally spoke up.

"Well I can't go into great deal about it now but when the day comes I will speak about it." Jiraiya said in a cold tone and a serious face.

They all turned round sadly and shamefully they started to head back home until Sakura and Jiraiya were left.

"Please… come back soon Naruto-kun and please… come back safe and well."

With that they departed while the sun started to rise in the direction they were heading.



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