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Alexis sat outside the Autobot base, a smile upon her lips as she observed the stars. She was humming, just a little song, created solely for her own enjoyment. A shooting star passed overhead, making her eyes sparkle in pleasure. She hummed a little louder, lost in the serenity of the moment, unaware that she was being observed. Alexis felt before she heard a transformer, as the ground rumbled, announcing one of her giant friends. The girl turned her head to see her favorite of the group coming towards her: Starscream. She smiled up at him as he came closer.

"What were you doing?" he asked quietly, not wanting to disturb in the tranquility of the moment.

"Humming." she replied serenely, as the seeker sat down.

"What's that?"

He offered Alexis a hand that she eagerly accepted, crawling onto the waiting palm, before he slowly and gently lifted her up to his chest. Warmth emanated from his hidden spark to stroke soothingly at her slightly chilled skin.

Alexis got comfortable, snuggling into the hand that held her, before answering, "It's a form of singing."

"What were you humming?"

"Oh… just something I made up." she answered, sighing contentedly.

"Can you sing it for me?" Starscream coaxed, looking down at the girl.

She sat up and her eyes locked with his, a light blush across her face, "…alright."

Twinkle twinkle little Starscream,

How I wonder where you could be.

Far above the world you fly,

Like a comet in the sky.

Twinkle twinkle little Starscream,

How I wonder where you could be.

Starscream sat in silence, his spark swelling with a curious feeling. The little song had utterly blown him away. Granted it was not the most creative song, nor was it the best well sung; but to the jet, it had the ability to halt the universe.

The girl shrugged, casting her eyes downward as her blush deepened, " I know, it's not amazing but, you did ask to hear it."

"Alexis… it was beautiful."

She glanced back up and saw the love and adoration in his orange eyes. Her own eyes widened in surprise, he was being serious, "You liked it?"

The former Decepticon nodded, smiling slightly, "I did."

Alexis smiled, her emerald eyes sparkling as brightly as the stars overhead, "I'm glad."

Overhead, a star shot by.