The Dark Hinata

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Chapter 1


Naruto's waiting near the Ichiraku, waiting for someone to be exact. He looks up to the sky and he sees the starts shining and the moon is full, Naruto then looks down to see his shadow that grows large because of the light of the moon and the leafs just falling down on it, like if they were holding Naruto to make sure he would not leave. "I sure got here earlier…..Hinata hasn't arrive yet."

Naruto then looks up to the sky again remembering what happen a few hours ago after he returned from his mission. Hinata rush over to him and ask him out for a date. Naruto was confused for the way how Hinata asked for a date, she was virtually hesitating, her face was completely red and her legs just would not stop quivering.

In the end Naruto agreed and Hinata's face completely changed with a bright smile on her face and her face becoming redder. Sometimes Naruto wonders if red are Hinata's favorite color.

After agreeing on meeting near the Ichiraku to eat some Ramen , after that they would walk to the park or something of the kind.

To be truthful Naruto wished that he could go out on a date with Sakura, but ever since he saved Sasuke from Orochimaru she's been more close to him than ever before. sometimes when Naruto sees Sakura and Sasuke so close like that it makes Naruto wish that he did not saved Sasuke from Orochimaru. Sometimes.

But its not like he did not like Hinata, not at all, she is a very sweet and kind person but Naruto gets the feeling that she is uncomfortable to be next to him. "If that is the case then why did she ask me out on a date?"

Naruto remembers the first time anyone ask him out, it was Sakura three years ago but she only wanted to talk about Sasuke, so basically it was not a date. Now three years later someone else asks him out for a date, it is not Sakura but she is as also good. "Well….Hinata is not a bad girl….." Naruto started to rub his cheek with a finger nervously. "She might be a little weird but she is ok."

Naruto then realized that his heart was beating fast when he was thinking about Hinata. "W-w-what is happening to me here? Why am I acting like this? Am I feeling this because of Hinata? What is the matter with me? Don't I like Sakura?"

Naruto starts to shake his head violently. "Ok, Naruto Uzumaki, calm your self, you finally have a date, a real official one, so keep your feet on the ground and don't mess this up! Don't mess this up or……or……or there won't be any Ramen for you for the next two mouths! ……" Naruto almost palled when he realized what he's saying to himself. "What am I saying?"

"Naruto- kun?"

Naruto almost jumped to the air when he heard Hinata calling him from behind. He only hoped that Hinata did not heard what he said.

He turns around to see Hinata, wearing a long purple skirt, a light pink shirt with a flower stuck on her hair. Naruto notices that her long hair is all bright and clean, she must have taken a bath. "H-Hello, Naruto-kun….."

"Wow, she looks so gorgeous……" Naruto thought, this is practically the first time in three years that he sees her without that jacket of hers. "She got her self ready while I did not even change cloths. She must think I am a beggar or something."

"Naruto-kun? Is something wrong?" Hinata asked quite nervously, she tried so hard to make herself beautiful for Naruto. She did not want to look repulsive on her first date. "D-do I look awful?"

"No, no, no! You look just fine!" Naruto immediately responded. "It's just……I am just not used to see you like that. You look fantastic!"

Hinata blushed with that compliment. "T-thank you, Naruto-kun."

"Wow, she looks so cute when she blushes, this is the first time I see Hinata without her jacket. She really has a big chest, not as big as Grandma Tsunade but just fine." Naruto thought, then he slaps himself on the face to clear his mind of the naughty thoughts he's having. "S!!! What the heck am I thinking?!?! I've been hanging around with the Pervy Sage for too long!"

"Naruto-kun, something wrong?"

"No, nothing!!! It's just that……I thought I saw one of Shino's bugs." Naruto lied. "So, shall we go eat or something?"

"Yes please." Hinata smiled sweetly.


Naruto and Hinata ate some Ramen at the Ichiraku, Naruto was amaze to see how much Hinata can eat Ramen, she eats as much as him. They spend most of the time talking about their missions, about their team mates and some other stuff, Naruto even talked about all the mess ups that Jiraiya made.


"ATCHOOO!!!" Jiraiya sneezed very loud. "Hum, someone is talking about me, I hot it is some hot girl. HEHEHE!"


Naruto kind of liked talking to Hinata, he felt like he could talk freely with her, he felt like she understands him, he felt so open. Naruto only wished that he could have this kind of conversation with Hinata when they were young, it would certainly do him good.


After their meals were done Naruto and Hinata went for a walk.

"Thanks for the lovely meal Naruto-kun, I have such a great time."

"Hey, no problemo. All cool." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head with one hand. "So…where do you want to go now?"

Hinata blushed when Naruto asked that and she started to circle her fingers. "Well……I wanted to show you something at the park, I believe you would like it."

"Really? Then let's go to the park then." Naruto then holds Hinata's hands and leads her to the park. He always was the edgy one.

Hinata felt her heart beating rapidly when Naruto hold her hand so tenderly like that and guide her to the park. In a moment like this Hinata would have fainted but for some reason she did not. She always dreamed of having some passionate moments like this with Naruto but this is special, this is the real deal. This is the most romantic instant on Hinata's life and she does not want to wreck it for anything in the world. She only wished that this moment could last forever.


"So where too?" Naruto asked when they arrived to the park.

"Oh, it's this way." Hinata led Naruto to another part of the park. Once they got there Naruto noticed a fountain, a fountain which had the structure of a waterfall.

"Wow, cool!" Naruto said in amaze, he had heard that a fountain was going to be built here in the park but he didn't know they built it so fast. "This reminds me of the waterfall where I found that beautiful girl dancing on it."

Hinata blushed when Naruto suddenly mentioned that. She immediately turns her back on him so he would not see her blush.

"I only whished I could see her again, she was so pretty." Naruto hoped without realizing that girl he's talking about is a few feet behind him. "So Hinata, how did you know about the fountain?" Naruto picks up a coin from his pocket and throws it to the fountain with the wish of finding the waterfall girl again.

Hinata started to circle her fingers nervously again. "Well…..I….I…I talked with Sakura and she told me that you might like to see the faountain…… I mean fountain."

"What!??!?" Naruto shirked very excitedly. "Sakura talked about something I like?"

"W-why yes, she did." Hinata responded, not liking very well the way Naruto reacted to Sakura's name.

"Say, say, say, did she mention something else about me? Huh? Did she? Did she?" Naruto asked all excited, acting like a child waiting to receive his toy for his birthday.

Hinata felt like her heart was about to break into million pieces, she even has difficulty on holding her tears. She had hopes, dreams that she gained enough confidence, enough esteem, enough care to make Naruto like her but only now Hinata sees that his heart will always belong to Sakura no matter what she does. Once again Hinata feels the one emotion that she hates to experience, rejection. "I see……"

Naruto blinked in confusion with Hinata's response, not only by her response but also by the way she spoke. She seemed so sad. "Hinata? Hinata what is the matter?"

Hinata did not respond, the one thing she does is turn to Naruto when she felt that he was walking towards her and then she wraps her arms around him. This was all so sudden that both of them fell into the fountain.

"BLUUUER!!!" Naruto spited water out his mouth. "Hinata, what was that for?"

"Oh I am so sorry!" Hinata laughed falsely, she made on purpose to jump on the fountain so that Naruto could not see her tears, now that she found out she never gain his love there is not point of showing it now. The water easily disguises the tears on her eyes. "Oh, look at me, I am all wet. I guess I better be going home now. Thank you for the lovely time Naruto-kun." Hinata immediately jumps out of the fountain and runs away.

"W-What? Hinata wait!" Naruto called as he tried to go after her but he only end up tripping and falling to the water again.

After managing to get out of the fountain Naruto looks to the path where Hinata ran off to. "Why did she run away like that? Did I mess things up?" Naruto sighed very sadly and looks up again. "Was it just me or did I saw tears in Hinata's eyes when she throw herself at me?"


Unknown to Naruto that he was being watched by a small party that's been watching from a tree.

The leader of the small party is a tall man with long white hair, a black mustache, a long magicians cape, white shirt, wizards cloves and boots and dark blue pants, she seems to be at least fifty years old. "I see that we found our specimen. He certainly became a big man, isn't that right, Miss Malana?"

"Yes, my lord." Malana responded, a woman with pale skin with also long white hair and her long dress is also white. "Do you wish to start your studies now, my lord Atlas Travel?"

"No, not yet." The man now known as Atlas responded.

"Why is that my lord?" a man with a long coat, detective hat and round glasses asked.

"Because, my old friend Urno, a new specimen has shown his face and it is a very inquisitive specimen indeed." Atlas responded. "It would be a waist not to study her as well."

"Hinata Hyuuga, I see……So you wish to chance your strategy, my lord?" the man now known as Urno asked.

"Yes. First we shall take Hinata and then we force Naruto to come to us. Maika, Yanjo!" Atlas called and two ninjas appeared from behind him.

Maika is a ninja girl with short purple hair and a scar on her right cheek. Yanjo is a ninja guy with red hair and dark sinister eyes. Both of them seem to be at least twenty years old and they are wearing similar ninja clouts except that Maika is wearing silvered gloves. Neither of them is wearing any headbands so it is difficult to know from which village they are from.

"I have a mission for you. Kidnap the girl known as Hinata and then bring her to the location I told you about." Atlas ordered, he never shows any emotion when he speaks.

"She is from the Hyuuga family, my lord. It will take some time to pass through all their defenses. But it is not impossible." Maika guaranteed.

"Take all the time that you require but bring to me the girl as fast as you can."

Yanjo chuckled sinisterly. "Can we kill so people on the process, my lord?"

"Only if necessary Yanjo, only if necessary." Atlas responded in a warning tone to Yanjo. "Now go!"

"Yes sir!"


After the date Naruto returns to his home, deep inside he feels ghastly about making Hinata cry, he just can not understand why she acted that way and why was she crying.

It's already the middle of the night and Naruto could not sleep, his mind was completely focused on Hinata.

Naruto could not take it anymore and got out of his bed to walk around the house. "What is wrong with me? Why am I so upset because Hinata cried? Why does it bother me so much? Hinata is just a friend right? It is Sakura who I like!"

Naruto is so lost in his thoughts that he did not even realize that he is starting to walk up the wall. "I mean, is a very good friend but sometime I get the feeling that she doesn't like to be near me, she always turns her face away when I look at her and her face completely turns red, and she is a little uncanny."

Naruto continues to talk to himself and he did not even notice that he is now walking up the ceiling. "But then again……she is the only one who never called me and idiot like everyone else does. She is very kind and sweet and for I see she was the one who always believed in me since the begining. I remember this one time when I was a kid, I messed up a Transformation Jutsu in class and everyone laughed at me, all except Hinata, in fact Hinata never laughed at me when everyone else did. In the Chunin test she even offered assistance so I could pass, in the end I refused, I did not want her to get caught because of me. I still remember the time when I defeated Kiba, even if I had defeated her teammate Hinata offered a healing cream, heck I still have some of it with me." Naruto could not help but to chuckle at that last part, then his eyes grow soft. "And how could I forget the kind word she said to me right before I fought her cousin Neji. I admit that I was not a hundred percent sure that I was able to defeat Neji even with the training that the Pervy Sage gave me at that time but thanks to the conversation I had with her I regain my trust. If it wasn't for Hinata I would have never defeated Neji."

Naruto's mind returns back to the fight that Hinata had with Neji, the very first time that Naruto saw Hinata fight. No one believed that Hinata was a capable match for Neji. Every one believed that she was going to lose, or be killed. Hinata might have lost but she put all her heart and soul in that match, something that no one else saw, something that no one else bothered to see, that is why Naruto supported and cheered for her, just because she was facing a very skillful and popular guy does not mean that Hinata is supposed to be over looked.

"I guess we underdogs look out for each other." Naruto laughed at that one and then realized something. "Huh? What am I doing on the ceiling?"

Naruto returns back to the ground and sits down on the couch. "So what am I saying? Do I like Hinata the same way I like Sakura? Have I also fallen for Hinata? Have I? But I've loved Sakura for so long, if I go to Hinata won't that mean that I am betraying Sakura?" Naruto then slaps himself on the forehead. "What am I talking about here? This is stupid. Sakura always like Sasuke and she is with him now, so why am I talking about betrayal here? Am I just finding excuses so that I can be with Sakura? And I have to admit, Hinata and I have a lot in common, like Ramen."

Naruto gets up from the couch and returns back to his bed. "Still I can not decide. Should I choose Sakura or Hinata? I hate to admit it but I need advise here, but from whom?" Naruto rests down on his bed and looking up the ceiling. "Master Iruka is out of the question, he is out on a mission and he won't be back for a few weeks. Maybe master Kakashi?........maybe not, he might give me some strange ideas that he gets from those novels that he likes to read, heck I am still trying to find out what he has behind that mask. Grandma Tsunade is absolutely out of the question, if I talk to her she would extremely call me a brat again. Master Guys is also out of the question because he would give me some speech about youth." Naruto sighs in defeat when he realized that there is only one person he could go to. "It will have to be the Pervy Sage."


The next day arrived and Jiraiya walked around the streets of the Leaf village, humming happily. "Now that I got myself a new binocular it will be more fun for me to do my research." He then starts to chuckle excitedly. "I wonder if the hot springs is already open at this time? HEHEHEHEHE!"

"Pervy Sage!!!"

Jiraiya growled when he heard that, there is only one person in the entire leaf Village who calls him that. "STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!!!" he shouted as he turns to Naruto.

"I want to talk to you about something really important." Naruto said firmly and seriously, completely ignoring Jiraiya's shouts.

Jiraiya looks at Naruto very inquisitively; it is very rare to see Naruto like this. "Yeah? What is it?"

"Lets talk some place else."


Naruto and Jiraiya walked to another part of the village where there aren't many people around and both of them sited next to a tree.

"So what is it?" Jiraiya asked as he opens a bottle of sake.

"Isn't too early to drink sake?" Naruto asked with his eyes wide open in shock.

"Nope." Jiraiya responded and drank some sake from the bottle. "Don't tell me that you just wanted to ask me that."

"No. it's just….its a friend of mine! He has a problem, a big problem. A friend of mine has a problem because of two women." Naruto said, he decided to go indirectly on this matter; he did not want to risk having Jiraiya making fun of him as well. "You see my friend have always liked this pretty girl even if she likes another guy who is a complete heel, but lately he's been founding himself falling in love with a second girl who is the complete opposite of the first girl, a girl who he meet ever since he was a kid. Even when they were kids the second girl always helped my friend when he was in difficult situations, offered some medicines for his wounds, lighten up his spirits when he was feeling down, cooked some delicious meals for him and many more, little by little my friends has become very found of the second girl but my friend like the First girl for so long that he does not know who to chose. And he is not very certain if the second girl actually likes him because she always get so nervous around him, her face completely turns red and she faints all the time. But just last night my friend went on a date with the second girl, he was having a terrific time until he mentioned the first girl, so the second girl throws herself at my friend, making both of them fall into a fountain and then the second girl ran away with tears on her eyes, my friend got a little upset to see the second girl so sad like that. So what do you think my friend should do?"

Jiraiya smirked, he knows very well that Naruto is talking about himself but decided to tag along with this gag. "So, your friend has two loves that are not very equal but he is not certain which one he like the most, is that it?"

"I guess you can say that."

"Well, at my first impression about your friend is that he is a first class idiot."

Naruto almost snapped when Jiraiya said that but he tried very hard to control himself even if he was fuming. "Now….why do you…… say that?" he asked as calm as he could, but very difficultly.

"Because all the things that the second girl has done for your friend, the cooking, the caring and all the other stuff. It wasn't because she kind or anything at all. The second girl was love confessing to your friend."

Naruto's expression changes completely, shocked with the news. He feels like someone gave him a big slap on his face, awakening him to reality. The revelation is so deep that Naruto could not stop his knees from shaking. "L-L-Love confessions?"

"You got it! Women like to express their feelings with stuff that they know what to do and they want us men to take the first step on recognizing their feelings. A little mind games they like to play."

"But Hinata always get……I mean, the second girl always faints or looks uncomfortable when she is around my friend, how can she be in lov….."

"Not everyone is hyper active like you Naruto. Some women are very shy. And for what you told me the second girl is very shy. Incredibly shy. But the second girl also notices that your friend likes the first girl and that makes everything worse for her because she is afraid of rejection. Still the second girl found enough courage and heart to you're your friend out for a date but When your friend mentioned the first girl it made things even far more worse for her because she feels that no matter how hard she tries she will never gain his heart. The second girl loved your friend for a very long time but your friend is blind and stupid and completely obsessed with the first girl that he completely ignores the second girl's feelings. Or your friend is really dumb or he is heartless."

Naruto looks down, this was defiantly a shocker for him. Hinata likes him and he never even noticed that. He doesn't know if he should be amaze or happy, still his heart is beating rapidly and his body is trembling, Naruto even starts to breathe profoundly. Naruto puts on hand on his chest and takes a deep breath to see if he could calm himself. All the times that Hinata assisted him, helped him was her way to get his attention to make him realize that she likes him and he always ignored that because he wanted the love of another woman. All his life Naruto wanted someone to notice him, to care for him, now that finally discovers that there is one woman who always treasured him he spits her on the face. "Hinata……"

"Huh? You said something Naruto?"

As a response Naruto gets up to his feet. "I need to go, Pervy Sage. There is something really important that I must do!"

Naruto did not wait for a response and starts to run away with one destination in mind. Jiraiya just chuckled at Naruto's reaction. "This boy is really dumb about women. I have a feeling he won't go far.


Ever since she returned back from her date Hinata lock herself in her room, not talking to anyone or even sleeping, her pain is too big for her want to speak about it or even to slumber.

Things were going so well on her date but in the end she experience the one feeling she hates the most, Rejection. She is already rejected by her family and her own father and now she experienced that rejection from the man whose love she desires the most.

It is like rejection is a curse for Hinata.

Hinata then looks around her room, her mirrors, her closets, her television and so on is all destroyed, destroyed by her. After she lock herself in her room she started to beat and destroy everything she could get her hands on, destroying it with her Juken, releasing all her pain in those attacks.

This scared Hinata a lot, she never in her life gave into anger. It is like another personality took control on Hinata, releasing an obscurity that has been locked inside her for so long. What ever it was Hinata did not like it.

Suddenly an explosion occurs in a wall in Hinata's room, the impact was so big that made her crash against the wall.

After grunting in pain she looks up to see Maika and Yanjo standing next to her. "Who-who are you people?"

Maika kneels down next to Hinata. "Our master wishes to speak with you. That is all you need to know." She then presses two fingers on her neck, making Hinata faint.

"Perfect. Bring her along and let's get out of here before anyone off the Hyuuga family comes along." Yanjo ordered. "We won't stand a chance if we face the entire family."

"Your right, lets go!"


Naruto jumps from building to building in direction of the Hyuuga residence, cursing himself as he did, after the discovery he made today all he wants is to make peace with Hinata, he does not want the one person who ever truly loved him to hate him. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID, STUPID! I'm so stupid! All my life I wanted some to notice me, to accept me, Master Iruka and my teammates were the first ones who ever treated me like family, like one of their own but Hinata is the one who always loved me and I never noticed or even care? I'm no better than the people who always left me alone in my childhood."

Naruto stopped on his tacks when he suddenly heard an explosion that came from the horizon. He stares at the direction where the explosion occurred and saw smoke coming on the same place where he is going, the Hyuuga residence.

"Oh no……Hinata!!!!" Naruto waist no time and continues to rush towards the Hyuuga residence.

To be continued…...

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