*-*-*Differences or Similarities*-*-*

*-*-*Chapter 1*-*-*

*-*-*By: MikaylAGomeZ09*-*-*


Summary: Alex and Justin are different in almost every way. But don't family members have similarities as well?

Disclaimer: I don't own WOWP.


"Alex, get back here!" Justin yelled as he followed Alex down the stairs to the sub station.

"Make me. You invaded my privacy. And I've told you not to go into my room without knocking first, or without having permission." Alex replied as she continued to stomp down the stairs.

"Alex, what was I supposed to do? Mom and Dad took Max to grandma's farm and they left me in charge. Not knowing why my little sister's door was shut when I knew that her boyfriend was over didn't go over very well in my mind." Justin said catching up with Alex and grabbing her arm to spin her around to face him.

"Let me go Justin!" Alex exclaimed, only to make Justin hold on tighter.

"Listen to me Alex. Dean isn't a good guy. You could have gotten hurt, both physically and emotionally. I wasn't about to let that happen." Justin explained.

"Justin, I'm 17! And I'll be 18 in a few weeks; I can do whatever I want with Dean. He's been my boyfriend for almost 3 years!" Alex exclaimed.

"Excuse me, but could I possibly have a refill?" a customer asked the siblings.

"One second, please, sir." Justin said politely.

"Sure." The customer said.

"Kitchen, now, Alex." Justin said before heading over to get the refill on the customer's drink.

Not really having a choice, Alex stomped towards the kitchen, only to be stopped by Dean.

"We weren't done Russo. Where are you going in such a hurry?" Dean asked.

"Into the kitchen to get yelled at by my annoying older brother." Alex said with a roll of her eyes.

"Well, when you're done, meet me in your room; I've got some surprises in store for you." Dean said rubbing his hands together.

"Dean, I think you should leave. Justin won't want you over since my parents aren't home." Alex said softly.

"No one and I repeat no one, says no to me and then sends me home." Dean said threateningly.

"What's going on here?" Justin asked walking over and folding his arms across his chest.

"I was telling Dean that it was time for him to go home." Alex said with more confidence this time.

"And I politely declined." Dean said giving his charming smile.

"When my sister tells a guy to go home, she means it. Now get out of here willingly before I kick you out, permanently!" Justin exclaimed.

"You can't kick me out permanently. You don't own the sub station!" Dean replied as he grabbed Alex's arm and pulled her toward him.

"Let me go Dean." Alex said, almost begging.

"No. You're coming with me Russo." Dean said forcefully while he pulled Alex along with him.

"Hey Dean…" Justin said tapping Dean on the shoulder and making him turn around before Justin punched him in the face, forcing Dean to let go of Alex's arm, "news flash for you Dean," Justin continued while squatting next to Dean, " the Waverly Sub Station is owned by the Russo family. Meaning that when my parents are out of town, and they leave me in charge, I am the owner. Now get your pathetic excuse for a human being out of my sight and stay away from my sister." Justin spat before standing up and turning to Alex and pulling her into a comforting hug. "Are you okay?" he asked tilting Alex's head up so that he could look into her eyes.

"No." Alex whispered.

"Okay, um I'm sorry, but the Sub Station will be closing early today. So if you could all possibly pay for your meals, we will get you to go boxes and cups and you can take them home." Justin said to all of the customers.

"Justin, you don't have to send the customers home and close the Sub Station." Alex said looking up at Justin with shock in her eyes.

"Yes I do. You need me, and I can't help you if I'm working." Justin said softly. "So go upstairs and wait in the living room, I'll be there in about 20 minutes or so." He finished.

"Okay." Alex said as she slowly made her way up the stairs.

"I am so sorry for the inconvenience today; I hope this don't make you want to stop coming here." Justin said as he helped the customers with getting them to go cups and boxes.

20 minutes later, just as he had said, Justin walked up the stairs to see Alex holding her knees to her body and just staring at the blank screen on the TV.

"Alex, I am so sorry for bursting into your room earlier, but you have to understand that when mom and dad aren't here, I feel even more protective of you and I didn't want to see you get hurt; especially by him. So do you get what was going through my mind when I came upstairs to get you and your bedroom door was shut, and locked?" Justin asked as he sat down next to his sister.

Not really trusting her voice, Alex nodded, but didn't look at her brother.

"Are you going to be okay?" Justin asked, getting a shrug of the shoulders in response. "Alex, I need you to talk to me. Nodding or shaking your head and just shrugging your shoulders aren't going to be enough." Justin commented turning Alex's head with his finger.

"I almost gave him everything and if you hadn't of busted into my room…" Alex started, "I would have regretted making the biggest mistake of my life." She finished.

"Really?" Justin asked, trying not to sound too happy about that.

"Yeah. So I guess what I'm saying is… thanks for coming to get me when you did." Alex said before leaning and had giving Justin a little peck on the lips before standing up and turning away from Justin, only to have him grab her hand and pull her back down.


*-*-*End Chapter 1*-*-*

(A/N: I hope you all liked chapter 1. I think I might just write one more chapter and make this a two shot, but I don't know yet.)