Chapter 1:The Beginning Of Sackboys Adventure

The adventure all started out with one sack, one of their names were sackboy.

"Well today I have to go on a adventure, I will explore little big planet, today it begins." said sackboy.

"To the pod controller." said sackboy, "the level is called!" The Beginning (the first level in little big planet). "Start now!" "Ok in this level I learn how to grab and stuff, and jump," "I already know this stuff this should be easy!" "So this is to dodge objects."

"They never told me that there is a big giant monster,!" "Ahhh!" "Its coming right at me!" "Run!." "Wait a minute there is a button on his back so if I jump on it I can kill it!" "Alright time to die evil beast!" "I've got to quickly out run it," "jump off a tall object, then in for the kill." "There is my tall object all I need to do is jump off of it then my plan finally work" "Here I go!" "Ahhhhgg!!!" "Yes," "I made it!" "Time to hit the button!" !Beep! "I did it," "!Yes!" "Now I should be heading to the finish!" "Done!"

"End of level choose the next level" said Voice Person "Well to my next destination" said sackboy " "Maybe I should make my self more attractive and look cool and stuff Instead of being naked," Lets see what I have a pair of shiny glasses, a hat, a chain, a shirt & pants, you know what let me wear this!" "So now to go on a level Story mode, Quick Play, Community Levels, or little big store." " ill go on community levels and check it out my hmm.. lets see little big middle school!!" "Ok!" "Here we go!!!"

"Lets see I can go to… Nerd, Bully, Fake sick, or Special Ed." "Umm. lets see let me go to……… Special Ed even though I'm in little big high school,!" "And I'm not special Ed so.." "Hello welcome to SPECIAL Ed Class first my name is Mrs. Sackmore" said the teacher, "so first who are you" I'm Sackboy the 18 year old," "I'm just visiting," said sackboy. "Ok kids today I'm leaving so let Mr. Sackboy teach you today about speech," " !Bye!" said Mrs. Sackmore.

"Umm" I'm leaving see you later" said sackboy.. 2 minutes later… "good I'm out of there" "ahhhg here come more monsters,!" "Good there's the finish let me stop this maddness!" "Good im done with that," "It's about time that was weird" "Well time to find something else so im going to go to story mode" "Skulldozer" "Lets try that" "Ok" "So this is a race huh?" "So lets see what this is about" 3..2..1..Go!

"Hmm.. not to baaaadddddd!!!" "Ahh!!" A big…giant….skull on a wheel!!" "Ahh!!" "How am I going to kill.. this….thing…!!"