Chapter 4

Well no what the heck do I do? You know what ill go check the playstation store to see what's new! Hmmm there is new water! I'll start creating to see what I can do. That's sad I have to buy it? Oh man. Fac34w32 wants to join you. Nah I'm gonna play a level about a boss. Ok now this is ok I'm ready to fight the sack boss. Bring it on sack boss you won't do anything so bring it! " AZZ YOU WISH" said the robot I'm not scared I will simply jump on your head. (SQUEZE) Let me go sack bot! (SMASH) "THERE" Ok I'll jump on your head 3 times to kill you. (HUH) There is no button I'm dead meat! Oh no I'm gonna try to create a way to kill him!

"Face34w32 wants his friends to join you" Sure I guess I need a little help. They joined. (ZZZRRRSSSS) Ehhh well all three people died in the beginning of the game I'll kill you for that sackbot! What is the plan guys. " Why don't you go to the back of him and jump on his button." There's a button on the back how stupid am I. Ok I slid under him now where's the button? " Open up his tank Sackboy" Ok I did now this is the button right? (BEEP) Ok two more times.

Oh my gosh he's got a sharp blade now what a flamethr…. Nooo he's got one ok bring it on! Oww that hurt what is happening! There is water and darkness what happened, there is no light where's the sackbot hey there's a light and it's the sackbot! I'm doomed well I can't give up now I got to swim over him and fast! Oh man now if I can just… I got him! (BEEP) One more time (BEEP) (BOOM) What the how'd I die? We've got one life left lets jump him! (AHH) We've got the sackbot and he's dead too now… another boss no! Well guys we've still got 1 life let's make it count! Put your costumes on it's the end of the SACKBOT!

Put your toughest gear and armors were taking him down! (Haa) Take him down this is the end life or death! We will slide under him and get him well I guess I made it (beep) ya you lost and we won (POOF) goodbye friends I'm going to sack heaven thank you for all of your help I was a good sack I had a lot of fun on little big planet exploring and stuff creating and playing, I guess it's time for me to go see you guys I'll miss you and never forget you. I hate to leave now goodbye

- Sackboy's story