A/N: Just wanted to do something Harry/Axel. I'm a humongous fan, never mind how cracked that is. It doesn't necessarily make any sense. I may do an actual fic later instead of drabbles. Maybe.

Title: Candy Hearts

Rating: M for mature. May contain sexual situations, course language, and suggestive dialogue. xD Violence.

Character(s)- Axel Palmer, Harry Warden

Summary: Curiosity killed the cat, Axel is glad that he isn't a cat.

He'd gotten on a bus because it had seemed to him at the time that all great adventures began with that first step. You simply went down to the corner, waited the big city public transportation bus, walked through its door, and you were off on a whirlwind rollercoaster of pure delight. The only inhibitor to this thrill packed adventure was the troll shaped guardian to the doors of the big metal machine. The driver whose hand would shoot out at once, who would glare and gesture angrily if you could not offer up some sacrifice for your use of his leviathan. He'd never had anything worthy enough to give over in exchange for transportation into the city. This was the winter that he'd turned fourteen however, and he'd managed to convince his aunt and uncle that he was entitled to a penny or two in allowance.

So this time, when his dirty boots had stepped up over the metal steps and into the mouth of the beast, he'd had cold hard cash ready and in hand. When he was quickly gestured through without a word of congratulations, he felt a deep sense of relief and pride. He'd been accepted, he could officially count himself as mature. A mark of his childhood was gone forever; he was no longer a currency challenged eight year old, begging for a ride for charity. He was a man and he was on a mission. He was in charge and he could handle whatever decided to come his way.

"I don't get visitors, why'd they let you in?"

"Because I asked nicely?"

"Ah, I see." He paused and offered a small, ironic smile. "Why'd they really let you in, kid?"

He looked at his feet and felt his face turn red. He was extremely ashamed to admit his lie, still he whispered, "I told them that my name was….Jonathon Warden…I'm your only living relative."

"My son?" He shook his head slowly, "My nephew." A more decided nod and the man across from him leaned backwards in his chair, precariously balancing on two legs. His eyes were focused and intense, something that would be seen less and less as time went on. "Well, nephew, tell me, what's your real name?"

He was surprised that the man had not already guessed it, "Axel… Palmer."

The eyes that had previously been curious and almost warm cut his way with a sharp distrust and immediate dislike. Axel was sorry that he'd admitted his identity right away; still he leaned forward and tried to think of an earnest reply to win the man over. "I just wanted to…meet you, face to face. I don't want anything from you, and I don't want to blame you for anything. I just wanted to meet you, call it curiosity."

"Curiosity killed the cat," Harry Warden, the man that had, years before, terrorized Valentine Bluff, did not back down. Axel couldn't say that he had expected him to be the sort of character that would, and he wasn't especially offended at the notion that he wasn't welcome.

"I think I can handle the consequences, sir." The older man nodded after a long pause, his gray green eyes seeming to see right through him. As always, the tips of the younger boy's ears were turning red from embarrassment at the careful scrutiny he was receiving.

Harry Warden looked up and raised one finger to gesture to the nurse and security guard that he was finished with his visitor, and then he turned to give parting words. "We'll see." He had barely made the door when he turned as almost an after thought and added, "Visiting hours are Wednesdays three to five, nephew."