Title: Astrology
Rating: K+
Pairing: CloudxTifa
Word Count: 316
Warning's: No spoilers
Summary: Once upon a time she wished on stars, now she wishes on him
Dedication: Qwi-Xux for introducing me to the world of LJ. Thanks!
A/N: Nothing to report yet, really. I did get back from my England trip though! Erm. One tiny thing is that even though it's technically considered a General FFVII LJ50 prompt table, the majority of the pairings here will be Cloti with a smackeral every now and then of the other parings.

"Do you believe in the stars?"

Tifa lowered her eyes and adjusted her apron.

"I did once," she pursed her lips, laying out the cutlery neatly beside the sink. "Before she died, Mother took me out all the time and we'd stare at the stars together. All night. Father used to get so mad," Tifa chuckled lightly. "But there would always be a warm plate of breakfast for us when we returned."

"She used to tell me the stars were there to remind us of hope. That even in the darkness, when the moon disappears, these tiny beacons of light still remain and can make all the difference. " Tifa straightened and blinked at the ninja. "Why?"

"No reason." Yuffie shrugged, pushing her elbows off the counter and swiveling in her chair. "Except, according to some old geezer up north, there's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight. Dunno. Thought maybe you, Cloud and the kids might wanna go." She looked hopefully at Tifa.

Tifa paused. Once upon a time, she wished on stars but now it seemed a distant blur, unattached from her current reality. If she closed her eyes, she could still feel the heat, smell the acrid cinders and see the burning town, flecked with red embers, as the fires consumed it whole.

But then he came back.

And though she may not believe in fate or wishing upon stars anymore, she believed in Cloud. Even when he was guilt ridden and haunted by his ghosts, he was still her hero. There was no shame in needing reminders and perhaps tonight, she could show him what he meant to her.

Drying her hands on a nearby towel, Tifa flashed a small smile to her friend. "I think I will. Marlene would love it. I'll phone Cloud right now."

Because he was her star.