A/N: Drabble tag to 4.21 - aka, what could've happened not long after Sam walked out the door. I have not seen 4.22 yet, so any similarities to any scene are purely coincidental. Also taggish sort of thing to 2.21... you'll see.


The street was muddy and the sky dark as the rain poured down. Dean watched from a second-story window as Sam staggered forward.


"You question your choice."

Castiel's voice punctured the silence just as the knife severed Sam's spine.

"Dean? Damnit, boy, are you okay?"

"Do you think the cost was worth it?"

He closed his eyes, feeling the phantom weight of his brother's body slumped against him and sticky blood drying on his hands as he knelt in the mud.

And when he opened his eyes to see Bobby crouched over him, he knew his answer.