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Warnings: Mobiumshipping, lemon


The white wolf sighed as he looked up at the nocturne sky and saw the full moon shining proudly. Weren't they far away enough from the town now? No one was going to find them there. He turned at both of his sides and saw the other two black wolves that were traveling with him "Aren't we far enough Atemu?" He asked the red-eyed wolf.

The three stopped walking, and looked back, not seeing anything but trees "I think we are safe here Yugi, but I still get a little nervous. Humans hunt wolves crazily in mating season"

Yugi nodded, his eyes half closed lazily "I know, but this place is beautiful; up in the heel, being covered by the light of the moon, surrounded by trees. I think it's perfect"

The other dark wolf with amethyst eyes as Yugi's, sniffed the air and looked around him, making sure no one was near them for at least some kilometers. "It's all clear, no one is around" He assured Atemu.

Atemu nodded "Very well" He turned at Yugi "Since Yami is never wrong when it comes to territory then I guess I have no problem" Atemu approached Yugi and nuzzled him under his muzzle. Yugi moaned and closed his eyes.

Atemu looked at Yami straight in the eyes, as to indicating him to wait for him to be finished. Yami nodded, understanding the message and sat down, giving enough space to the other two.

Atemu nipped Yugi's neck, earning a small whimper when blood flowed from the small wound. Atemu licked it away as in apology and hiked on Yugi's back "Tell me if you want to stop" He whispered in his ear; Yugi shivered at the hot breath and nodded.

Atemu growled and pushed inside Yugi to the hilt, staying still waiting for Yugi to adjust at the new feeling. Yugi stayed still, waiting for the pain to subside; he knew it took all of Atemu's self control to not move. The pain was gone and Yugi moved, showing Atemu he was ready; he pulled all the way out until the tip remained inside, and then gave a hard thrust. Atemu moaned at the tightness of Yugi's walls around him, and felt more encouraged by the feeling to keep thrusting inside.

From where he sat Yami licked his lips at the scene before him, it was a very arousing sight, and he already felt turning hard.

Yugi whimpered lightly when Atemu's thrusts turned more hard and rough, even though he felt highly pleasured, he still felt a bit of pain; it was normal though. Atemu uses to be savage.

Yugi cried when the thrusts turned faster and harder, sending his mind up to heaven feeling how pleasure took over his body quickly, been expectant, now that he was going to make love with Yami as well. He moved back against Atemu and moaned in ecstasy, feeling how with every thrust Atemu gave to him, their love grew more and more.

Atemu had his eyes shot close, being completely focused in pleasuring the small wolf beneath him; being happy at the mere thought that probably after their lovemaking, Yugi would have his children, as well as Yami's.

Out of a sudden, Yugi howled, at feeling Atemu hit that sensitive spot. He cried, moaned, shrieked and screamed, every time Atemu thrust inside of him. And soon, with a long howl, Yugi released. Atemu at feeling Yugi's walls clench around him suddenly, released as well, howling up at the nocturne sky.

Both wolves panted heavily, and Atemu came out from Yugi carefully doing his best to not hurt him. Atemu walked next to Yami and nudged at the white wolf. Yami nodded and licked Atemu behind his ear, approaching the tired form of Yugi. Atemu sat down where Yami was a moment ago and sighed deeply.

"Are you ok?" Asked Yami kindly at Yugi.

Yugi looked up at him and nodded with a tired smile "I have enough strength for you to take me" He assured.

Yami returned the smile and licked Yugi under his muzzle in comfort. He then hiked on Yugi's back as Atemu did "Hope you're ready" He said earning a nod as an answer; he knew Atemu liked to be rough.

Yugi whimpered and closed his eyes when Yami pushed gently and slowly inside him; Yami was usually gentle and tender when it came to love making. Yami stood still for a moment, waiting for Yugi to adjust again, and when he did, Yugi pushed back a little causing Yami growl.

Knowing Yugi was fully prepared, Yami began to move with strength inside of him, being content when he heard a gasp from surprise come from the smaller. His thrusts turned from hard, to hard and fast; he was impatient, because after seeing how Atemu took Yugi he was painfully hard.

Yami growled when he felt his end come way too soon, and he wanted this moment to last, so he tried to hold it back for a bit longer, at least until Yugi released.

As Yami kept thrusting with all his heart inside Yugi, there was a moment where Yugi began to push back against Yami, making the thrusts turn even deeper if possible.

Both wolves groaned and growled at the wonderful feeling, Yami of the beautiful tightness, and Yugi of the amazing feeling of being completed. And then, when Yami wasn't able to hold it any longer, thankfully, Yugi released with a keen howl. At feeling suddenly Yugi's walls around him even tighter Yami released as well, letting out a strong howl.

Both collapsed, Yugi to the soft grass beneath him, and Yami on top of him. Both panted heavily, trying to recover they breath; Yami came out from Yugi, and the younger winced at the bit of pain, he was already sore.

Yami laid next to him, and watched how Atemu approached and laid at the other side of Yugi. Both dark wolves, licked and nuzzled his tired body.

Yugi smiled and half closed his eyes "Will surely be parents soon, won't we?" He asked at the other two.

Atemu smiled down at him warmly "Hopefully we will Yugi. But even if we don't, we can always try again" He reassured.

Yugi smiled "Good. Um, do you think it will be safe if we sleep here?"

Yami nodded "It will be ok, if someone comes close I'll sense it and I'll wake you up"

Felling relieved, Yugi smiled and licked both's cheeks "I love you both" he mumbled.

"And we love you too" Replied Yami, as he watched how Yugi fell asleep.

Atemu and Yami smiled at each other, and soon fell asleep as well.


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