It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon one day. The wind was blowing gently, the birds were singing. The day was perfect for a date at the park.

"Where is she? She was supposed to be here 25 minutes ago!" complained a teenage boy. The boy was around 6'6", 18 years old, very muscular, and had spiky, jet black hair. He stood around waiting for his girlfriend to arrive at the park.

"I'm so late! Oh kami, I hope Gohan's not mad at me!" panicked a girl. She was obviously running late for something. Something very important. She got there, but she was out of breath, too.

"Gohan! Gohan!" she screamed out to the boy. The boy, named Gohan, turned around to her in response, and not to happy with her. "Videl, how come you're late? You were supposed to be here a half hour ago!" Gohan said in an angry tone. "I'm sorry. I woke up late, and the train was late and-"Videl was cut off by Gohan. Gohan grabbed her arm, pulled her in close to him, and held on to her arm tightly.

"Listen here, Videl. Never be late again. Got that?" Gohan spat out. "Yeah, I do." Videl said as Gohan let go of her arm. Videl rubbed it to sooth some pain, but to no avail. Videl stood and thought for a quick second. 'Man, what did I ever see in him?'

Fin chapter 1