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Chapter One

Famous Last Words

Spring Break. It's the week where everything is possible and anything can happen. It's a glorious five days free from all lectures, exams, and early morning classes. The majority of the population's college students were hitting the beaches and partying it up, celebrating their temporary freedom and making memories that will hopefully not come back to haunt them. Seeing as how I live on the beach, I decided to try something a little different.

So that's why I was trapped in a van with seven other people traveling from the airport to the hotel where we would only get to stay for one night. I was one of a grand total of sixteen students who would be hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains. We were going to get in touch with nature and enjoy the peacefulness the outdoors had to offer… if we didn't kill each other first.

Driving our van was Tyler Crowley, the self-proclaimed player who was without a doubt one of the worst drivers to ever get behind the wheel. Having been banned from the majority of night clubs on the West Coast, he decided Spring Break on the beach just wouldn't cut it.

Riding shotgun was Lauren Mallory, the bitch. I normally strive to find the good in everybody, but I gave up on Lauren when she ran into me with her car and then got angry because I left fingerprints on her shiny new paint job. She was also notorious for breaking up relationships, including one of my own. Luckily Jake had enough decency not to cheat on me even though Lauren was a more than willing partner.

In the middle seat were Royce King and Rosalie Hale, the rich kids and our school's golden couple. Rosalie wasn't my biggest fan for reasons I have yet to learn. We had actually been pretty good friends once upon a time. Whatever it was, it obviously wasn't jealously, because when it came to looks, no one was more gorgeous than Rosalie. She was the perfect arm candy for the future vice president of King Enterprises.

I sat on the back seat. On my right was Mike Newton with a very chatty Jessica Stanley planted in his lap. They were the jock and the cheerleader. Contrary to popular stereotypes, Mike wasn't a meathead, and Jessica wasn't a bimbo. They do like to talk about themselves quite a bit, but they were overall decent people.

On my left was Jacob Black, the ex boyfriend. We were still in the awkward stage of post relationship in which I couldn't decide whether I wanted to be his friend or kill him. Most of the time it was the latter. He was sitting with one arm flung across the seat behind me and his head leaning against the window. How he was sleeping with all the noise and the constant van swerving was beyond me. I poked him a few times… nothing. That boy could sleep through anything.

That left me, Isabella Swan, sitting in the middle. After overloading my schedule every semester since Freshmen year, I was just three credit hours away from graduating. I've read more books than my high school library possessed and I was tired of reading about other people's good times. I needed to have an adventure of my own.

Suddenly Jacob's heavy arm fell off the seat and around my shoulders, pulling me into his warm chest.

"Ugh, Jake!" I tried to push myself away. It was moments like these that I cursed my small arms. His other arm wrapped around me and he buried his face in my hair. I did the only thing a mature woman like myself could do; I bit him.

"Ow! Bells!" Jacob let go of me and rubbed his side. "Save it for the bedroom baby."

Prick. "Keep your paws to yourself Black." The schmuck rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the window.

"So Bella, I was telling Mike that we should go to a few of the shops before we set out tomorrow. You in?" Jessica asked in her normal chipper voice.

"If one of those shops sells dinner, then absolutely." One last delicious meal before five days of camp food sounded nice.

"We're here!" Tyler shouted from the front seat.

"Thank God," I heard Rosalie grumble.

Lauren took a small silver compact from her purse to fix her lipstick and powder her nose. "There's no need to yell Tyler. We're not deaf," she snapped.

Ignoring her, Tyler followed the other van and pulled into the parking lot. The passengers from the other vehicle were already unloading their luggage. Looking at them, I couldn't understand how we all came to be on the same trip.

There was Eric Yorkie, the cute nerd. I think he came on the trip to get rock samples for some brilliant experiment he was working on.

The quiet guy and the bookworm, Ben Cheney and Angela Weber were standing off to the side. They were a really nice couple, both always polite and kind.

Seth Clearwater, the sweetheart, was taking in the sights with a wide smile on his face. He was an easy guy to like. I'm pretty sure he was a Freshmen this year. His sister was also on the trip.

Leah Clearwater was the badass. Seriously everyone knew not to mess with her. She was one tough chick. However, I knew something many people didn't. She was hopelessly in love with Sam Uley, the born leader, who was also on the trip along with her cousin, the model, Emily Young. As strong as she seemed, Leah was still terrified that Sam would fall for her cousin and never return her feelings.

Rounding up our group was Tanya Denali, the bimbo. Don't get me wrong, the girl had impressive book smarts, but she didn't have the common sense that God gave a billy goat. We were in Tennessee; I'm allowed to use phrases like that. Tanya was also a sex addict in search of a mountain man.

I followed Mike and Jessica out of the van. Mike, pretending to be a gentleman, took my hand to help me out while Jake and Tyler unloaded all of our packs. Mine was easy to find. It was clearly labeled "Property of the Chief of Police".

The hotel had a certain charm to it. It looked like something from an cute little village. Much to Rosalie and Royce's dismay, we were renting a couple of suites to share for the night. Sam wanted us to participate in some team bonding before heading into the woods.

That should be interesting.

"I'm going to get our keys," Sam announced and headed inside to the lobby. The bell jingled loudly as the door closed behind him.

It wasn't long before I heard the bell again. I turned around to see if it was Sam.

Definitely not Sam.

Dark boots. Worn jeans. Tight green tee shirt. Hello abs. Black leather jacket. A gorgeous mess of bronze hair. The muscles on that man were mouth watering, and though he had the face of an angel, my thoughts of him were anything but pure. He clearly wasn't the type of boy you bring home to meet the folks. There was only one thing I could think to say, but someone beat me to it.

"Damn." It seems Lauren and I were on the same page. A few of the other girls turned to see what she was looking at.

"I'm moving to Tennessee," said Tanya, her eyes never leaving him. Who's with me?"

"I am," Jessica and Lauren answered simultaneously.

At that moment, Hot Guy's head turned in our direction. Normally I would have had the decency to look away, but when his harsh glaring eyes met mine, I was frozen.

"Let's go check out our room," said Jake, snapping me out of my trance by grabbing my ass. "I hear the beds are big."

"Get. Away. From. Me." I growled. I looked back towards the door but Hot Guy was gone. Stupid Jacob. I guess it was for the best. He looked too dangerous. I was always more of to the safe and sweet type.

The bell jingled and Sam jogged over to the group, passing out the keys.

The suites were pretty generic. There were a couple of couches and eight beds all together. I immediately dropped my bag next to a couch. I've always been overly affectionate in my sleep, and the last thing I needed was to wake up with my legs wrapped around one of these people. It's happened before; quite a few times with Jake and once with Leah Clearwater. We don't talk about it.

"Ready to go?" Jessica asked. She had somehow already changed her outfit. I hoped she realized how hard it would be to lug her wardrobe up a mountain.

We all went out, but we didn't all stick together. Royce and Rosalie went their own way as expected. Nobody really knew why they were even on the trip to begin with. Camping and hiking seemed so beneath them.

The rest of the guys found a sports bar. Tanya went with them in search of her spring break fling. Jessica, Emily, and Lauren wasted no time scouting out the cute boutiques that the tourist town had to offer. That left me with Angela and Leah.

"What are you looking at?" Leah snapped, causing some poor boy to sprint in the opposite direction.

"Leah, relax. It's Spring Break," said Angela with a pleasant smile.

"Spring Break my ass. Instead of beach bums like the rest of the country, we're hiking up mountains and sleeping in the woods," she griped.

I had to laugh at her bitterness. "Why did you come then?" Other than to keep an eye on a certain cousin.

"Seth asked me to," she grumbled. "I owed him. The kid's bailed me out more times than I count."

"What about you Angela? I never knew you liked camping." None of us girls really seemed like the outdoorsy type.

She shrugged. "I needed to get outside. I've been trapped in labs all semester." Angela and Ben were the future doctors of the group. "What about you Bella?"

"My life is boring," I confessed. "How can I write about thrills and adventures if I never have any?" Famous last words anyone?

AN: Hey guys! This will be the shortest chapter. It was really just to introduce you to everybody. A few more familiar faces will pop up as we move along. There will definitely be more Edward. Also, Jacob may get on some nerves in the beginning, but I promies he's not the villain. If you don't like this type of story, then check out my other work in progress Bella Swan: Kidnapper. Thanks for reading.